Ajaib Trading Apps: Pro & Cons for New Traders

Aplikasi Trading Ajaib, Kelebihan dan Tips Trading Pemula

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Ajaib trading application can provide a lot of convenience for those of you who want to start trading activities. With its complete range of features and simple appearance this application is very friendly to be used by trading beginners.

Especially now that the stock market can be one of the promising prospects for profit with a choice of different time periods. Trading itself is the best option to be able to get profits in a short time in contrast to long-term investment.

Although actually buying and selling shares with this trading concept is not really recommended for novice investors. Because trading requires high skill and foresight to understand fluctuations in stock prices and capital markets.

Ajaib Trading Application Facilitates Your Investments

Ajaib is an application specifically designed to facilitate digital investment in stocks, mutual funds and so on. Through the application, users can easily get access to digital investments.

Even users can also get convenience in getting important information related to the world of investment. This information can make it easier for investors to invest and profit from trading activities.

The Ajaib trading application was released by the Ajaib Group company which also houses 2 other companies, namely Ajaib securities and Ajaib Mutual Funds. Initially this investment application only offered online mutual fund investment services but later expanded.

Ajaib continued to expand after being acquired by Primasia Unggul Sekuritas which later changed its name to Ajaib Sekuritas. After that Ajaib began to provide a complete range of services such as online stock instrument trading.

Of course, as one of the largest securities companies in Indonesia, Ajaib Sekuritas has been registered and operates under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority. So that all activities can be guaranteed safety from investment to trading.

Excellence of Ajaib Trading Application

The advantages possessed by the Ajaib application are continuously updated every month along with various feature updates released by the application. For more details, see the following some of the advantages of the Magic application.

1. Simple and Easy Registration Process

As mentioned earlier, the account registration process in the Ajaib trading application is very easy supported by a simple display. Everything can be done online from start to finish, you can become an investor by only preparing a few files.

In addition, the online verification process is also carried out quickly, can even be completed in a matter of hours. So the desire to invest digitally in this Ajaib service will not be constrained by the registration process, unlike other applications that require a lot of files to start trading.

2. Informative Platform Suitable for Beginners

In addition, this investment or trading service is designed to be more informative and easy to use, perfect for beginners. In fact, beginner investors can learn a lot about the investment world through the platform supported with learning features or beginner trading tips.

3. Wide Range of Products Available

The Magic Trading application also offers a range of investment products that can be selected and tailored to the needs of investors. Various investment tools also make it easy for users to diversify their portfolio so as to optimize investment returns and risks.

4. No Minimum Investment Amount

Another advantage of the Ajaib application is that you can invest starting with a very small capital of Rp. 10,000. That way there is no reason for you to delay investing due to limited funds or unstable expenses.

5. Ajaib Sekuritas Fees

Ajaib Sekuritas fees are also very affordable and tend to be cheap which makes this application attractive to investors. For daily transactions of less than IDR 150 million, the fee or fee charged is only 0.1 percent per transaction.

Meanwhile, for transaction values from Rp. 150 million to Rp. 1.5 billion, a fee of 0.09 percent per transaction is charged. Finally, for transaction values above Rp. 1.5 billion, a fee of 0.08 percent per transaction is charged.

However, the Ajaib securities fee does not include fees (KPEI, KSEI, and IDX) which are 0.0043 percent, 0.1 percent income tax and 10 percent VAT. Even so, the cost of trading or investing in this application is still very affordable.

Tips for Trading in the Magic Trading Application

To start trading for beginners it is highly recommended to start with a small nominal, especially with the Ajaib application you can start with Rp. 10,000. This is because trading can provide a fairly high risk especially for beginners.

Try to understand how to trade with small capital first and then try with large capital if you already understand the trading system. In addition, you must also study stock movements by conducting technical analysis.

Determine the target price to buy and sell by considering the risk of loss that can occur. Although it may seem difficult, with the support of this Magic trading application, it is guaranteed that beginners can get various materials to learn trading.

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