How to Buy BRI Shares via Various Apps: 8 Different Ways

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There are two types of ways to buy BRI shares, namely directly and through the application. If investors want to buy directly, they can go directly to a trusted securities office. The purchase process will be directed by the officer.

However, most people who want to buy shares consider this method less effective. This is because investors feel that going to the office will waste a lot of time. Therefore, an alternative to online purchases was made.

Online purchases can be made through applications released by securities companies. So what are the applications and how to buy them? For a more complete explanation, see the following article:

1. Via Bibit App – How to Buy BRI Shares Through Popular Applications

This one application is certainly widely recognized as a platform suitable for novice investors. Therefore, if there are beginners who are interested in buying BRI shares on Bibit, please follow these steps:

  • Download Bibit on each investor’s smartphone.
  • Open the app once installed and click Register.
  • Enter the requested data about the investor.
  • Upload a photo ID file and a selfie with the personal document as evidence that can be accounted for.
  • Create or upload a signature photo in the field provided.
  • Create an application PIN and verify email.
  • Search for BRI shares in the Search.
  • Select Invest Now, then purchase a mutual fund product.
  • Enter the investment amount and read the prospectus.
  • Select I Agree to Purchase then click Pay.
  • Click the desired payment method and select the Pay again button.

2. Through D’ONE Next G App – Buy BRI Shares Through Authorized Securities Application

The second way to buy BRI shares on the list is through D’ONE Next G. The application is BRI’s official securities. The steps to buy shares on D’ONE Next G are:

  • Download the application called D’ONE Next G on the smartphone marketplace.
    Wait for the install process to complete then enter the application.
    Register if you don’t already have a D’ONE Next G account. Also prepare the documents needed to register.
    Log in to the app again if you have finished registering.
    Fill in the username and password data.
    Click the Login button, then select Quotes.
    Select the Detail Quotes button and fill in the BRI bank stock code, namely BBRI.
    Click Buy then fill in the number of lots and the nominal value of the shares you want to buy.

3. Through Ajaib App – How to Buy BRI Shares on the App

Winning the Best Online Stock Brokerage award, Ajaib is one of the best securities in Indonesia. Investors who are interested in buying BRI shares on this application can follow these steps:

  • Download Ajaib on the investor’s cell phone. The application can be downloaded on both IOS and Android types.
  • Enter the application and select Register.
  • Fill in the data in the form of email, name, and password for the Ajaib account.
  • Use the referral code if there is one then select the Register button.
  • Confirm, then login when finished.
  • Click Open Stock Account on the top left then select the desired type of stock.
  • Enter data about income, NIK, and so on on the stock registration form.
  • Transfer or move the deposit to the investor’s RDN account.
  • Search for BBRI code in the search field.
  • Continue the purchase process until it is complete.

4. Through Trimegah App – Buy BRI Shares Through Application

The Trimegah application, which is the securities of the company founded in 1990, is on the fourth list. How to buy BRI shares here is very easy. For those interested, please follow the steps below:

  • Search and download the Trimegah app on your smartphone.
  • Log in if it is already installed, then click Register Account.
  • Fill in personal data taken from NPWP, KTP, and bank account.
  • Upload a signature photo and selfie with ID card.
  • Log back into Trimegah app and login.
  • Click on e-IPO Message on the home page.
  • Select BBRI in the list of stocks then view the IPO schedule.
  • Select Order, then enter the number of lots and the share price.
  • Make a purchase and deposit funds.

5. Through IPOT – Buy BRI Shares on the Million People Stock Buying and Selling Application

Known for its fast transaction service, IPOT uses a system called Midtrans Payment Gateway. To buy shares on this platform, investors must follow these steps:

  • Download IPOT on the Play Store marketplace or similar.
  • Wait for the application installation to complete then log in.
  • Login with an existing account or register an account first.
  • Select the Simple Buy button and enter BBRI, the stock code of BRI.
  • Click the share price that the investor wants to buy in the BID section.
  • Select the share price in the OFFER section and fill in the desired number of lots.
  • Click the OK button to confirm, then check the status in the Buy Order menu.

6. Through Stockbit – The Most Complete Stock Trading App

Having registered its name with OJK, investors can practice how to buy BRI shares safely through Stockbit. The complete steps to do so are:

  • Download an application called Stockbit in the marketplace on each investor’s smartphone.
  • Open Stockbit after the install process is complete.
  • Log in to your Stockbit account if you have done the registration process.
  • Top up your balance first if you haven’t reached the minimum amount. Investors must at least buy more than 100 shares.
  • Find the stock code for BRI and click Buy.
  • Enter the price according to what the investor wants to buy then select the Buy button again.
  • Open the Stockbit app on your smartphone.

7. Through MOTS – Application for Buying and Selling BRI Shares and Other Stocks

This application is a product of Mandiri. MOTS is a secure security and does not apply a minimum transaction fee. The steps investors can take to buy shares here are:

  • Download and open the application called MOST.
  • Log in with the password and user id of the investor account. Create an account first if you haven’t already.
  • Select the three lines on the top right of the page.
  • Click on the Order option and fill in the Verification PIN.
  • Select the Buy button, then click the Search icon.
  • Enter the stock code or issuer BBRI then enter the number of lots and purchase price.
  • Select the Buy button again and confirm the purchase by clicking the OK button.

8. RTI Business – Get BRI Stock and Financial Info

How to buy BRI shares on the last list is through RTI Business. For investors who are interested in the application, just follow the steps below:

  • Download RTI Business on the Investor’s cellphone marketplace, either on the Apple Store or a similar application.
  • Wait for the installation process or install the application to complete then open it.
  • Register for an RTI Business account first or log in with an existing account.
  • Choose the type of stock that is suitable for investors.
  • Search for BBRI or BRI stock code
  • Fill in the desired number of lots and enter the purchase price.
  • Click the Buy button and confirm the purchase of shares.


That’s how to buy BRI shares through the application. As mentioned, this method is certainly more effective than having to go directly to the securities office. Investors just need to make purchases via cellphones at their respective residences.

The thing that must be considered is that the cellphone must be connected to the internet network during the purchase process. Otherwise, the application will not run at all. In addition, look for securities that are suitable and safe.

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