2 Ways to Transfer BCA to Blu

transfer bca ke blu

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Transfer is a very powerful and preferred way for many people to send money without having to visit a teller.  Now there are various practical ways to make BCA transfers to blu. Plus the transfer process is faster and easier to do. Transferring money through BCA to blu also provides many options. Now each person is free to determine which choice they want to make. Because everything is very possible and will not make a hassle for sure.

Interestingly, to carry out this transaction process there will be no admin fees. This is beneficial if you don’t want to spend excess funds in the transfer process. Therefore, it would be nice to listen to the following discussion:

Transfer money from BCA to BLU

The first discussion is of course related to BCA transfers to blu which has various ways. For this itself there are various options that have been accessed by each customer. And free to determine which type of transfer you want to do. Plus there is a guarantee without having to make more costs for admin payments.

All of this must be the most favored factor by many people. Because it will not damage the nominal money in the savings book.

At the same time, making the transfer is also not a hassle. While before starting the transfer process there are steps that must be prepared, for example the destination number of the blu account to be transferred. After that, see the complete discussion below:

1. Through M-banking

The first way to transfer BCA to blu is by utilizing m-banking. This is an application specifically designed to support transactions in banking. Not only for money transfers but can also support various payment transactions.

  • For the first step that must be done in choosing this method, first open BCA mobile. Then please enter a number of access codes from each user.
  • Next, select the transfer section located on the main menu page. At that time click on the interbank order in this transfer menu row.
  • The next thing is to select in the list section on the destination account number to select BCA digital.
  • Don’t forget to confirm the saving option and return to the transfer menu.
  • The next thing to do is to select the list of blu accounts. Only then enter the destination number of the blu account that you want to use for this transfer process to take place. After that, include the nominal amount of money to be transferred and finally just click the send command.
  • For this process itself to be successful, don’t forget to enter the pin from BCA mobile. Until waiting for a pop up containing a notification of the success of the process.

2. Through ATM

The next way to transfer BCA to blu is by utilizing an ATM. Usually most transfer processes do require an ATM if you don’t have mobile banking. Or applications that support the process. Meanwhile, the steps themselves are also not much different. We recommend that you refer to the following discussion:

  • The first step, of course, is to visit the nearest ATM. Don’t forget to make sure it’s an ATM owned by BCA Bank. Then please insert the ATM card in the machine provided.
  • For the sake of security, do not forget to enter the contents and PIN of the ATM, please click for other transaction menus.
  • Only then re-select to the transfer section and move to the destination number of another bank account. When you want to do this transfer process yourself, first look for the code of the digital BCA blu.
  • If it has been obtained, just enter the code from this blubca and then add it to the BCA account number.
  • After that, enter the amount of money to be sent and select yes to continue the confirmation process. Finally, when this process is complete, a paper containing information on the success of the transfer proof will also appear.

Advantages of Using BCA BLU Digital

After knowing a number of ways to transfer BCA to blu, there may be other things you want to ask. For example, related to the advantages when using this in sending money. Because indirectly users already know what the main advantages are. The first example is related to the absence of admin fees.

Sometimes someone is lazy to send money by transferring because of the large admin fees given for interbank. So this is a complicated problem. And it is worth considering users. It’s good to take this into consideration. So for that, see the various advantages of digital BCA blu.

1. Quick Account Opening

The first advantage of using the bank is the ease of the account opening process. Because everything can be done online, aka much faster and more efficient.

Not only that, it is also only conditional on identity in the form of KTP only. Then when registering this account there is no minimum balance.

This is in the form of an initial deposit that must be given to the bank. When opening the account, besides that, the minimum withdrawal balance is 0 rupiah.

2. Free Transfer and Admin Fees

Another advantage is the free monthly admin fee that is valid for 2 months after account opening. While there is a free unlimited transfer fee to BCA accounts.

So this can be an easy way to transfer BCA to blu. While the bank also provides for free transactions between banks. But the number of transactions is limited to around 20 transactions only. And this also still saves in terms of deductions to go to other banks.

3. Many Attractive Promos

Another advantage of the bank is the availability of various attractive promos. Various promos are provided relating to discounts when studying at a number of merchants.

All of that can be seen only through the promo page available. Then there will also be no penalty for the lack of balance in the customer’s savings. In addition, these promos are also usually routine. Also can be obtained by anyone because without the need for certain conditions.

4. Chance of Getting Referrals

The last advantage is that you can get referrals with a nominal value of around 250,000. Of course, for that there is a code that will be given to each customer. With the aim of inviting friends or family to join and create an account. The nominal offered is certainly of great value and will be more and more.

If you succeed in bringing in many people or potential new customers. So the benefits obtained are even greater. That’s a variety of brief language related to BCA transfers to blu.

This means that certainly these 2 easy ways are effective and are used by many people. Not only that, various advantages can also be felt directly if you have tried to become a customer. Moreover, now BCA and blu are evenly available in various regions. So it will not be difficult to find a branch office for making an account. Plus there is the convenience of various ways to make transfers.

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