How to Turn Off SMS Banking BRI in 2 Steps

cara mematikan sms banking bri

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BRI sms banking facility does facilitate its users to be able to transact without having to go to the platform machine. But how to turn off BRI sms banking is often sought by some users for various reasons.

The thing that makes users want to stop the service could be because they want to save credit, or not to be wasteful. Because as already known SMS banking does charge credit on its transaction activities.

How to Turn Off Bri Sms Banking

Before knowing how to turn off BRI SMS banking, it needs to be preceded by understanding this special service from BRI. BRI Bank is indeed committed to always maximizing in contributing to providing the best service for all its users.

SMS Banking may seem old-fashioned, but this feature is needed in order to know every transaction history only with a smartphone. Moreover, the service does not require the use of quota, unlike I-banking and mobile banking, the characteristics of SMS Banking are.

  • This service is provided only in a fundamental way, which is to complement the banking needs of its users, meaning that the service is very limited.
  • Every transaction to be made through this service requires the respective code to be sent to the SMS Banking service provider.
  • When a transaction occurs, the user will get a notification via SMS which will generally use credit automatically.
  • For each service, users are required to type a message and send it to the right recipient. Unlike internet services, which are only used by touching the menu.

How to turn off BRI SMS Banking: Getting to Know SMS Banking Features and Fees

SMS Banking allows users to use any “old school” cellphone or Android because it only requires SMS. The service will also not encounter obstacles like other services that use the internet but still with enough features, namely.

  • SMS notifications that provide reminders when transactions occur.
  • Transfer service to BRI by typing the code TRF, if to a different bank the code typed is TRT.
  • The amount of transfer is limited based on the type of savings product of the user, for example Simpedes type savings that only transfer a maximum of 20 million to fellow BRI and 10 million to inter-bank.
  • Service to check account balances by registering your cellphone number first.
  • Bill payments and also various purchases, for example monthly payments for electricity, PDAM water, BPJS, buy credit for PLN prepaid or cellphone credit, and so on.
  • Feature to change PIN without the need to visit a bank branch office.

Because how to use this service does not require internet data, then to use the service users will pay through credit. The credit fee charged depends on the type of provider that the user uses.

In general, each provider charges a service fee ranging from 250 rupiah to 1,100. The range applies to all financial and non-financial transactions.

However, for special financial transactions such as inter-bank fund transfers, users will be charged additional fees. The service fee is still in the range above, however, there will be a fee when the transaction is 6,500 rupiah.

How to Register BRI SMS Banking Officially According to Procedures

Like services via mobile devices in general, users need to register first to enjoy the service. In this service, registration can be done independently through an ATM or assisted by CS by coming to the office.

The requirements set for SMS Banking registration are relatively easy, namely having a savings account with an active ATM card. In addition to savings owners, this service can also be owned by BRI users who have Giro.

1. Register SMS Banking via ATM

Some users may object if they have to come to the BRI office and even have to queue to get the service. If you can, you will certainly prefer to register on the platform machine because it can be done at any time, here are the steps.

  • After entering the initial display of the platform machine, select the Other Transactions menu and then select Other.
  • Then several other options will appear, select the Registration option then press Mobile Banking.
  • Enter the number used then press True then enter the number combination as the login PIN then tap True.
  • Re-enter the combination that has been entered previously, then tap the correct option again, then it will be displayed that the transaction has been successful.
  • Users can check whether the service is running well by trying one of the features mentioned above.

2. Register for SMS Banking at the BRI Office

In addition to registering yourself through the platform machine, users can of course also register for SMS Banking by coming to the bank. Some documents, namely KTP and platform card, should be brought because they may be needed.

Unlike the previous method, the registration is done independently by prospective users of the service. With this method, users only need to come and convey their purpose to the customer service on duty.

Those who enroll through the office directly will be able to enjoy all SMS Banking features in financial transactions. Whereas registration through the platform machine may have incomplete features, but you can re-register to enjoy the full features.

How to turn off BRI’s SMS Banking

SMS notifications received by users are indeed very helpful in knowing and monitoring banking activities. However, some also feel annoyed when the notification appears too often and continues to cut credit.

1. Contact the Call Center

The first method does not need to be done by going to the nearest ATM machine or bank office. Prospective users only need to prepare documents and also credit around 20-30 thousand just to call, here are the steps.

  • First prepare the account number of the BRI bank owned, then open the telephone feature of the device used.
  • Type in the numbers 14017 or 1500017 then press call and wait until it is answered by an automatic answering machine.
  • Follow the instructions from the answering machine to be connected directly to CS BRI.
  • If you have been connected to CS then say that the user wants to deactivate the SMS Banking service.
  • Provide the data as requested and also follow the complete directions until CS provides information that the deactivation has been successful.

2. Visit the ATM

If users are not willing to spend tens of thousands of credit to call CS, then that means users have to go outside the house. A free way to turn off this service is by utilizing cash machines in public places.

  • Insert the card along with the access PIN as usual until the main display of the machine is displayed and then press the last option, Other Transactions.
  • Continue by selecting the Select Other option so that you can choose the next menu, namely Registration.
  • The menu will display various other options, so select the appropriate option, namely SMS Banking, then press the Stop command.
  • Enter the SMS Banking access PIN number combination and wait for the termination information or notification to appear on the machine screen.


Notifications that are sometimes annoying are what makes users look for how to turn off BRI sms banking and then practice it. This is of course reasonable to do considering that in addition to disturbing these notifications can also make the credit run out quickly.

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