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Actually, BRI has now become one of the loan providers that does not require collateral. The requirements for unsecured BRI bank loans are also not complicated to be fulfilled by prospective borrowers.

This type of loan is usually termed KTA, namely Credit Without Collateral or any collateral. The existence of this kind of loan or fund provider certainly makes many prospective borrowers interested in applying for funds.

Even though there is no guarantee, of course there are special requirements that must be provided and fulfilled by prospective borrowers. Each type of KTA will usually have policies regarding their respective requirements, here is a complete explanation.

BRI Bank Loan Terms Without Collateral

There are 4 types of BRI KTA, all of which will be related primarily to the ability and financial condition of prospective borrowers. BRI’s KTA has a special mention, namely the term Briguna which means multipurpose BRI.

Apart from being related to financial conditions, Briguna types are also grouped by criteria and also types of status. The types of Briguna are Briguna General, Briguna education Briguna Karya, and also Briguna Purna, with general requirements including:

  • The age has at least reached 21 and not more than 75 years old.
  • Have all documents starting from a resident card, BRI passbook, employee appointment certificate, family card, proof of income, and so on.

Later prospective borrowers will be given several additional requirements tailored to the type of KTA. Of course BRI makes these requirements without burdening prospective borrowers, so there is no need to worry.

After knowing the general requirements, prospective borrowers must know the types of KTA provided by the bank. The types of KTA offered are expected to meet the conditions and needs of the borrowers.

Types of BRI Bank Unsecured Loans

It turns out that BRI bank loan terms without collateral are made based on market segmentation, meaning that they are tailored to the status of the user. Until now BRI has at least 4 types of KTA, each of which will suit the individual prospective borrower.

1. BRIguna Umum

Is a type of loan that as the name implies is intended for prospective borrowers who are more in the general direction. The point is that it is not charged with special requirements that are only owned by a number of candidates.

The main thing discussed is about the credit period that can be obtained in this program, which is up to 15 years. Those who are employees can apply for this program when they are still working until they retire.

2. BRIguna Karya

This second type is a product that has the most varied interest and credit period. This one loan is specifically provided for borrowers who have a fixed income for each month.

The needs that are usually financed with this type of KTA include purchasing goods, paying bills and others. Usually the amount of interest given along with the installments is fixed, with the tenor of the loan period:

The loan period of 1 year to 2 years of interest per year is around 13 percent.
In the credit period of 2 years to the longest is 5 years the interest is only charged at 13.5%.

3. BRIguna Purna

Retirees always have special services including in terms of KTA that can be used for example for health care purposes. This type of Briguna user must be a retiree who was previously a fixed income employee.

4. BRIguna Education

Funds for education are definitely not a small amount of needs, this is what makes BRI come up with providing special education loans. The constraints of funds to continue education have even become quite common.

So, with this KTA product, these obstacles have obtained a solution by utilizing Briguna Pendidikan. However, to be able to get funds from this KTA, prospective borrowers must have a fixed income.

How to Apply for BRI KTA Loan

The unsecured BRI bank loan requirements are known, then the next step is to apply for a loan through the office or web. It should be noted that before applying, you must have understood and prepared all the requirements first.

1. Applying for a Loan Through the Office

As mentioned above, if the loan is applied for, it can be through a direct office in the vicinity. Although this method is manual, prospective borrowers will have no trouble considering that the officer is definitely ready to provide direction.

  • Visit the nearest BRI office during operating hours.
  • Tell your needs to the security guard to be directed to the right officer.
  • Usually, prospective borrowers will be asked to fill out a special form, fill in the form according to the actual situation.
  • Show the required documents to the officer as a complete document.
  • Furthermore, if everything is complete, the officer will immediately process the application, after previously verifying the data that has been provided.
  • After that, there will also be a stage to test the eligibility for funds, usually this is seen from the predetermined criteria.
  • If proven eligible, there will be a loan contract that will then be signed together.
  • The final step is to disburse funds according to the agreed or approved nominal amount to the borrower’s account.

2. Applying for a Loan Through the Website

In addition to applying through the office, prospective borrowers can also apply for KTA funds through the BRI website via a PC or smartphone device. The steps that need to be taken will be guided through the explanation below.

  • Access the official website at, then immediately select the special command that says apply for a loan.
  • Next, log in to the site using an account that was previously owned, if you don’t have an account, prospective borrowers only need to register as usual.
  • Then proceed with filling out the application form.
  • After that, upload the required documents and wait for information about whether the application is accepted.

KTA Loan Repayment

This discussion is not only limited to the terms of unsecured BRI bank loans, but also about the return of funds. This will be related to understanding the repayment process and the consequences that may be borne.

Each process should always be mentioned in a contract that is displayed when applying. Generally, the funds must be repaid according to the tenor that has become the responsibility of the borrower accompanied by installments every month.

Payments agreed on a monthly basis generally also have a penalty whose nominal or percentage has been stated. Some things in the form of consequences if you experience default conditions include the following.

  • The lender is charged a fine on late principal and interest.
  • Obtaining collections through various media depending on the default that occurs, which can be in the form of telephone calls, special letters containing warnings, and visits.
  • Decreased credit score which can make it difficult for the borrower to be trusted in the next application, either the amount that may be ACC or even completely not accepted.
  • In certain conditions the lender may involve the law, in this case it can be a lawsuit with the aim of recovering funds.


Those are the types and conditions of BRI bank loans without collateral documents or valuables that can be alternative funding. If there is information that has not been listed in the discussion above, then prospective borrowers can ask it directly to BRI Bank.

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