Bibit Trading App, Features and Advantages

Aplikasi Trading Bibit, Fitur dan Kelebihannya

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Bibit’s trading app previously went viral and came to the public’s attention after its release with its various interesting features. Especially now that the trend of investing online is increasingly in demand because it provides convenience and security guarantees.

For beginners, of course, trading is not random because there are many trading tools and terms that are not understood. The Seedling app comes with a user-friendly interface and support for beginners to learn trading more easily.

It’s no wonder this app is booming and becoming the best alternative choice for young people to save their investment funds. With this app, beginners will have no trouble starting to invest or trade stocks.

What is the Bibit Trading App?

Bibit is an application released by PT Bibit Tumbuh Bersama, providing a portal for buying and selling various investment instruments such as mutual funds, stocks and so on. This financial technology company sells investment products online from various investment management companies.

The trading app has been licensed by the Financial Services Authority and has been legally operating since late 2018 as a mutual fund selling agent. Bibit was previously reported to have received investment support from angel investor Christopher Angkara for initial operations.

Here Are the Features of Bibit Trading App

The Bibit app is widely used by investors to save money on mutual funds, stocks and other products. This is because Bibit has a large selection of interesting features, to make it clearer, see the following features.

1. Robo Advisor

Robo Advisor is one of the main features of the Bibit trading app and is one of the advantages of this app. The Robo Advisor feature is an artificial intelligence to make the risk profile and portfolio work more optimally.

The Robo Advisor feature will also help you build a good portfolio by recommending the best investment products. Therefore, the Robo Advisor feature is very useful for those of you who are beginners in investing or trading.

2. Investment Tutorial

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to bother looking for how to invest in this Seedling trading application. Because when you first enter the application you will get a tutorial on the steps to use the application.

3. Savings Routine

In this app you can set a regular schedule for saving money with the Nabung Rutin feature. Where you will receive notifications in the form of alerts to save funds on each product that has previously been invested.

4. Gift Card

With this feature you can give various gifts to parents, relatives or friends in the form of rekasadana gifts. For example, for a friend who has a birthday, you can give a gift of certain investment assets to make his birthday more memorable.

5. Tips for You

In addition to being supported by a user-friendly display, the Bibit trading application also really cares about its users who are still beginners in the world of trading. This is evidenced by the Tips for You feature in the app.

Where in this feature you can get various interesting tips about the world of trading in the form of articles. So you don’t need to look for other references to get various information that must be known before trading.

6. Cashback and Community

If you have a friend who has just started investing through Seedlings, you can send them a referral code. If your friend enters the referral code, both you and your friend will get Rp 25,000 cashback on your mutual fund balance.

You can also join the Bibit user community through the Telegram app. You can do this by clicking on the Join Bibit Community tab in Telegram so that you can meet other Bibit users to share your experience using Bibit.

7. Support

The support feature is a feature that you can use to ask about the Bibit trading app or other investment questions. You don’t need to worry anymore if you have any difficulties in using the app or investing.

8. Sharia Preference

This feature is specifically provided for those of you who want to invest in sharia products only. By activating the Sharia Preference feature on the Profile menu, you will automatically find only sharia investment products.

Excellence of Seedling Trading Application Specially Designed for Users

This trading application has many advantages, starting from the application which is specially designed for beginners, the existence of a robo advisor and free transaction fees.

In addition, this application also provides the best support services for free for 24 hours to answer all user questions.

Supported by complete contemporary payment methods such as Gopay, Jago, Linkaja, Shopeepay and virtual accounts. Bibit is currently the highest rated and downloaded mutual fund app in Indonesia.

Another advantage of using this app is that you can get 100 percent of your mutual fund profits because they are not taxable. That way trading on the Bibit trading application can be maximized to get profits.

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