How to Create QRIS Business Funds: Benefits, and Requirements

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How to make QRIS business funds is actually quite easy to do, however, it turns out that there are still many who do not know how.

Even though by making QRIS, someone can get various facilities and benefits to support daily life activities in business. QRIS itself is included in the non-cash payment method deliberately developed by BI. In this case, QRIS uses a QR Code scan system.

Apart from official banks, QRIS can also be used in various digital wallets. Using QRIS makes it very easy for someone to do activities. For example, someone when eating does not carry a wallet. The person can immediately use QRIS to make the payment process. Provided that the place to eat provides a QR Code.

How to Create a QRIS Business Fund

The payment method using QRIS is still relatively new. The reason is, the government has just authorized this method in 2019. So that at this time someone is rapidly using this method because it feels very easy for someone to pay. Before using QRIS business funds, users must first create an account. There are several steps that must be done when creating QRIS. For more details, here are some ways to create QRIS funds to serve as a reference for users:

  • Open the funds app and select the menu in the business menu section. If it’s not there try looking at the bottom.
  • After that, select “register now”
  • Fill in all the required information starting from the business name, operating hours, what products will be sold, and so on.
  • Once done, click continue.
  • After that, prospective users are asked to fill in the address. This includes sub-district, province, postal code etc. After that, click continue.
  • Next, a confirmation page will appear covering all the information that has been filled in earlier. Make sure everything is filled in correctly and honestly to facilitate all further activities.
  • If you are sure, click to confirm.
  • Wait a few moments for the fund to verify the data that has been sent. Then if the verification is successful, the user will immediately generate a fund QRIS code.

Advantages of Using QRIS Business Funds

After knowing how to create a business fund QRIS, it’s time to know the benefits and advantages if someone decides to create a QRIS. For more details, below are some of the benefits that will be obtained when someone uses QRIS and business:

1. Fast Transactions

The first benefit when business owners use QRIS business funds is that transactions will be faster. This is because consumers no longer need to carry physical money to shop. In addition, sellers do not need to bother looking for change. By making payments using this method, the payment process will be fast and effective. As long as consumers have a stable internet connection. Consumers simply scan the code then enter the amount of money to be paid.

2. Easy Buying and Selling Process

Business owners do not need to create and register many merchants to provide payments. Business owners only need to create one to accept apk payments from QRIS. Just one code, sellers can get payments from various methods. As long as business owners know how to make QRIS business funds, then buying and selling affairs become easy. In addition, the appearance of the store will look simpler and more elegant. So that when viewed the place will be more comfortable.

3. Preventing the Circulation of Counterfeit Money

It is undeniable that everything in life requires money. This makes irresponsible people often make counterfeit money. Of course, this activity is very detrimental to many people including business owners. It turns out that business owners can avoid this by accepting payments from consumers using digital money. Many business owners use the QRIS funds method because it avoids all forms of fraud from consumers.

4. Transaction Security Guaranteed

By using QRIS funds, security in transactions will be safer. This is because the method of payment is the same as transferring between bank accounts. Each transaction usually requires an approval code or pin from the consumer first. When there is a transaction method that is deemed unnatural, consumers will usually report the case to the service provider. This is done because in these services all activities in transactions are recorded online and clearly.

5. Assist Business Owners in Recording Transactions

As explained earlier, in QRIS every transaction will automatically be recorded online. Business owners will be facilitated in the recording process. So that QRIS is useful for completing complete data. History or transaction data is also easily accessible in real-time. Thus, business financial management will be more efficient and effective. Business owners can also monitor. All activities and financial history easily.

6. Variety of Payment Methods

In making payments, business owners will usually provide various options. One of them is using QRIS. That payment method is often used by consumers. This is because not everyone has cash. It is undeniable that many people are switching from cash payments to digital payments. With the help of this QRIS method, consumers will find it easy and more comfortable to use QRIS in the buying and selling process.

Requirements for Creating QRIS Business Funds

After knowing how to make QRIS business funds and its benefits, it’s good to know the requirements. By completing the requirements set by the new user, you can create a QRIS. For more details, here are some requirements that must be completed:

1. Have a Business Fund and Business Stall

This requirement is mandatory for users. How will you create a business fund QRIS if you don’t have a fund account. In addition, someone will also have difficulty making QRIS business funds if that person does not have a business or stall.

2. Account Upgraded to Premium

This second requirement is mandatory. One of the requirements for upgrading a fund account is to upload an identity photo, namely KTP. In order to speed up the verification process, the ID card photo should not be blurry and must be clearly read by the system. Don’t worry, if the photo is not blurry, the verification process will be fast. Usually it only takes a day and night for the verification process.

After success, users can continue to make QRIS business funds. That’s how to make QRIS business funds, benefits, and requirements that must be met by prospective users. It is undeniable that today many people do not have cash. This is because people prefer to use digital money.

Many people use digital money because it is considered more effective and of course easy. In addition, business owners also prefer to use QRIS because it is easier to see financial history records. How to make QRIS business funds is also easy to do and does not require a relatively long time. How about it? Are you interested in trying to make a business fund QRIS to smooth the business?

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