3 Ways to Cash Out (Tabungan Rencana) TRM Mandiri

Cara Mencairkan TRM Mandiri Agar Langsung Masuk

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For most people, having a Mandiri Savings Plan is considered important to prepare their financial condition. But most do not know how how to cash out the TRM Mandiri. Even though there are many ways that can be tried to cash out the TRM.

As far as the development of the digital financial world, all customers who have Tabungan Rencana Mandiri or TRM can already withdraw their balance. But only those who fulfill the conditions can carry out the disbursement process either before or after maturity.

However, there are still many customers who do not understand what Tabungan Rencana Mandiri is even though they have savings. Take it easy, because this article will review what TRM is and how to withdraw it easily.

What is Tabungan Rencana Mandiri

Tabungan Rencana Mandiri (TRM) is a term savings that is certainly flexible with a deposit each month. The deposit of course adjusts to the needs of the customer and the autodebit facility so that customers can prepare for future financial conditions.

TRM has a maximum storage period of 15 years with an initial deposit of at least Rp. 100,000. Every month, customers must deposit a fixed amount of money for later disbursement. Disbursement can be done before or after maturity.

Conditions for Disbursing Tabungan Rencana Mandiri

Before knowing how to cash out TRM mandiri, it is necessary to understand in advance what the conditions for disbursement are. These conditions must be understood so that when making the disbursement process, the process is not rejected by the system or the nearest branch office officer.

  • Registered as an authorized customer of Bank Mandiri.
  • Have a certificate of Tabungan Rencana Mandiri or TRM.
  • Have had Tabungan Rencana Mandiri for a certain period of time.
  • Individual customers are at least 18 years old with a maximum age of 69 years old when disbursing TRM.
  • Not allowed to be opened in the form of a Joint Account.

3 How to Cash Out TRM Mandiri

After knowing a glimpse of Tabungan Rencana Mandiri and the requirements to be able to make disbursements, here is a description of how to disburse it. There are three methods of disbursement that can be done, either through the application, online, or visiting a Mandiri branch office directly.

1. Withdrawing TRM Mandiri through Livin by Mandiri App

The first way to withdraw TRM Mandiri can be done through the Livin by Mandiri application directly without having to go to the nearest branch office. This method is very concise because you can do it yourself while lying down at home. Here are the easy steps:

  • Please open the Livin by Mandiri application first on the phone used for saving earlier. Make sure that the internet connection is good so that the disbursement process is not hampered.
  • Then please login to your account using your user and password as usual when you want to use other features.
  • After successfully logging into the application, you will be presented with several features. One of the features is the Customer Account List.
  • Press the feature. when you have entered the list of customer accounts, select one of the existing Mandiri Savings Plan types.
  • Through the TRM menu, it will show the total balance in it.
  • Next, select the Liquidate menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, you will be asked to choose the type of account used for disbursement of Tabungan Rencana Mandiri. Click the Continue button if you have determined the type of account.
  • The last step is to enter the Livin by Mandiri PIN to confirm the disbursement.
  • Wait a few moments until you get a notification that the disbursement has been successful.
  • Please check the account used for disbursement earlier whether the balance has entered or not.

2. Disbursing TRM Mandiri directly to the Office

The second way to cash out TRM Mandiri can be done by visiting the nearest Mandiri branch office. This method is easier for people who do not have the Livin by Mandiri application so they have to go to the office directly. Then how to cash it out?

  • Before visiting the nearest branch office, first prepare an account book and also a personal ID card.
  • When ready, visit the nearest Mandiri branch office.
  • When you arrive at the office, convey your intentions and objectives that you want to disburse your Mandiri Savings Plan.
  • Then the branch officer will guide you to take the queue number first.
  • Please wait your turn until the bank teller calls the queue number held earlier.
  • Please convey the purpose that you want to disburse TRM to the Teller.
  • If the teller asks for an account book and ID card, please provide the file.
  • Teller will immediately verify the disbursement process.
  • Wait for a few moments until the verification process is complete and the balance can be disbursed.
  • If the balance has come out, then the Mandiri Savings Plan is automatically disbursed. If it is disbursed before the due date, the bank will deduct the penalty fee and admin fee directly from the proceeds of the disbursement.

3. Disbursing TRM Mandiri via Mandiri Mobile

The last way to cash out TRM Mandiri does not need to download the Livin application or come to the office. Because this method can be done online or through Mandiri Mobile only. Then how do you do it? Check out the explanation below.

  • The first step is to open your browser and search for Mandiri Mobile in the search field.
  • When you find it, please login first.
  • Next, when you have entered the Mandiri page, select Mandiri Tabungan Rencana at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then press the dot button on the right side of the customer’s TRM account.
  • In the menu, choose “Cancel Mandiri Tabungan Rencana”.
  • Wait until you get information about the balance and also admin fees to reduce the amount of funds.
  • Next, please fill in the prefix on the certificate by adding 2 letters that are located in front of the TRM certificate letter number.
  • Fill in the certificate number.
  • Next, please select which type of account will be used as a place to receive the disbursement of the Mandiri Savings Plan balance.
  • When finished, click continue and wait until you get a successful transaction notification.
  • Please check the account to see the savings balance that has just been disbursed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mandiri Savings Plan

Although it seems easy and simple, but there are some advantages and disadvantages in doing the Independent Savings Plan. The advantages include being taught to save consistently, higher interest rates, getting insurance, and being guaranteed by LPS.

Along with these advantages, of course, there are also disadvantages. The disadvantages obtained include funds that are not liquid, so they cannot be used for sudden interests. In addition, the benefits are small for investment use.

This is the discussion on how to cash out TRM Mandiri easily whether it requires additional applications or not. Disbursements that can be done independently can use the Livin by Mandiri application. But customers can also go directly to the office.

The existence of Tabungan Rencana Mandiri will certainly have many positive effects on its customers. Customers will be taught to practice saving in a relatively long period of time. So that the savings can be used as an investment for the future.

But before saving like that, it is necessary to know the terms and conditions that apply so that the saving process is easy. Customers also need to think about financial plans in the near future, so they can better prepare.

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