How to Make Money From Snack Video and Cash Them In

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Learn How to Make Money From Video Snacks and Cash Them InYou may have been informed that you can make money from video snacks in several ways. So it’s curious to see how it’s done. But of course, the method that can be done is quite easy to do.

Indeed, many people now know that from the Snack video application, you can get side money. But it’s certainly not as easy as one might think to earn this money. But if you are curious, then this time we will describe how to do it.

Snack Video at a glance

Before listening to how to earn money, know first about the Snack video app, then know first about this app. When we think of definition, we think of an app that’s full of videos. Where there are many entertaining videos.

But other than that, please note that Snack video is either a software or a software tool. Snack video is an app that originated in Beijing, China. Therefore, the head office is also there.

Although it’s been quite a few years, Snack video itself was launched in 2011. Or if calculated until now it has been around 11 years. It is now popular in eight countries.

It’s free to download, and it’s also free to use. So naturally, if this application is often used as entertainment. Especially if you can earn money from it.

The storage specification itself is quite friendly, because it only has a download size of around 38.83 MB. As for the operating system that is suitable or supportive is android 5.0. There are also many features that you can use.

How to Make Money from Snack Videos

After knowing a glimpse of the Snack video application, this time we will describe how to get money from snack videos that can be done. Because of course this is the main discussion in this review. So be sure to listen to it.

1. Register

The first way you can earn money from the Snack video app is by registering. Because if you register, there will be a new user bonus. Although there are still musicians to be completed.

But keep in mind, too, that these missions will not appear immediately on the first day of use. This mission will also appear in the first seven days after registration. With a selection of missions that can be completed.

From missions that have been successfully completed, you will get coin rewards. From these collected coins, they can later be exchanged into money. But of course if the coins collected are in accordance with the requirements.

2. Join Creator Reward

If you feel that you have completed the daily missions, and the money you get is still not enough, then there is nothing wrong with joining the creator reward program. In other words, become a content creator in it.

But to be able to join in, there are several requirements that prospective creators must follow. Namely, before registering, make sure that the age has reached 18 years or more. In addition, registration must also have a personal account as a means of transaction.

If you have registered as a creator, the next step is to upload a video. From now on, you can create video content frequently. So that you will get a lot of money later.

3. Utilize Referral Codes

Then for the third way to make money from video snacks is by utilizing referral codes. The referral code referred to here is by inviting friends. So far, many users have made withdrawals due to referral codes.

The referral code itself can be used by old users or users who are new to using. The point is, if you manage to bring a friend, you will get a sizable reward. As long as you fulfill the requirements that must be followed.

Because when you have successfully completed this mission, you will be able to get a large reward. It is said to be quite large because this reward is up to 720. So it’s very rewarding when you can bring a friend along.

4. Watch Video

For those who don’t want to bother with the method described above, Snack video also presents a fairly easy way. Namely, users only need to view the content in it. The choice of content is quite diverse.

So, the mission to complete in this process is to watch the video in Snack video. But you also have to like the video, share the video and also follow with a minimum number of 2 per day. Quite light.

By watching these videos, you can get online entertainment at the same time. Because there, you will find a lot of funny content. This will facilitate the process of collecting money. Of course, the videos don’t feel boring.

5. Do Daily Check In

Then for the next way that can be done is to do daily Check in. Daily Check is a program that makes it easy to earn money. All you have to do is log in every day.

So if you manage to make this check every day, you will get special coins. But of course, in one day you can only get this one time. So you have to stay diligent for every day.

6. Share Video

If the user is a person who likes to make story impressions, then it can be used as an effort to earn money. Because this sixth way to make money from video snacks can be done by sharing video links. Can share it to online platforms.

So, it’s just a matter of sharing the video to many places or online platforms. Then later the coins that will be obtained will be quickly collected. The number of coins earned later depends on how many videos are shared.

How to Cash Out from Snack Video

If you already know how to easily earn money from snack videos that can be practiced, then it’s time to know how the disbursement process works. Because the disbursement process is not as easy as a bank transfer, many are a little confused.

  • So the first step is to log in to your Snack video account and go to the bonus menu.
  • Next, enter the redemption menu, and select the cash menu to cash out the coins.
  • Just adjust the number of coins to be cashed out and adjust the options provided.
  • Then adjust to the desired withdrawal method, which can be via Ovo, Shopeepay Funds, credit or bank account.
  • Then just enter the account number of the account that has been selected in the previous mode.
  • If so, then the last step is to wait for the disbursement process to be completed, for the delivery process itself will be carried out 3×24 working hours.

These are the ways to make money from video snacks that can be done to earn money. In this case, you can do all the methods outlined. If a lot has been collected, then it is only a matter of disbursement.

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