How to Shop Using DANA in Various Marketplaces

Cara Belanja Menggunakan DANA di Berbagai Marketplace

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How to shop using DANA is very easy to practice. You can use it to shop in the marketplace. All shopping activities can be done using only a smartphone.

Nowadays, many people prefer to shop in the marketplace rather than offline stores. This reason is what encourages many people to download the digital wallet application.

You can also use the application to pay tax bills, credit cards, PDAM, electricity and many others. Then, you can pay at offline merchants such as KFC, Solaria or Ramayana.

Take a Peek at How to Shop Using DANA in Different Marketplaces

For those of you who like to shop online in the marketplace, you must listen to the following information. This is important to note in order to simplify the payment process when shopping.

1. Shopee

How to shop using DANA at Shopee can follow the following steps. Please open the Shopee application first, then check out.

The next step is to make an order, then choose how to pay by bank transfer. Select the bank name and press confirm. Wait a few moments until the payment code appears.

Open the DANA application, select send to account. Click on the bank name that has been selected at checkout. Enter the payment code that has appeared in the Shopee app.

Enter the amount according to the payment bill, press continue and send. Then, you choose confirmation, enter the digital wallet account pin and the payment transaction is complete.

2. Tokopedia

The next way to shop using DANA is applied to Tokopedia. So far, many people have asked about how to pay at Tokopedia using DANA.

This is because both types of applications are increasingly being used by the public. The way is that you have to enter the Tokopedia application first, then choose the item to be purchased.

The next step is to go to the payment page. You click the delivery menu, then click the “choose payment” menu. In the payment method column, please click “see all”, select Mandiri virtual account, then click “pay”.

Copy the virtual account, then open the DANA app. In the transfer column, choose e-commerce service. The next step is to choose Tokopedia, type in your virtual account number and the amount, then click confirm.

Another way to shop using DANA is through bank transfers from Danamon, BRI, BNI and CIMB Niaga. Please choose the product and payment method via Mandiri Virtual Account.

Next, click pay, then copy the virtual account number. After that, enter the DANA application and select send to bank. The next step is to choose Bank Mandiri and enter the virtual account number.

The next step is you click “add new bank”, then confirm. Don’t forget to check the bill details before entering the DANA pin. If the transaction is successful, the item is automatically paid.

3. Blibli

The next way to shop using DANA is at Blibli. If you have never connected a DANA account then follow these steps. Verify your cellphone number first.

Make sure the cellphone number is the same as the one used for the account. The next step is to click on the payment method, then “electronic money” and select DANA. You click “pay now” to connect the two applications.

After that, please enter the OTP verification code and PIN to continue the transaction. If the payment is successful, the account will be directly connected to Blibli.

If you have previously connected Blibli with DANA, then you can do the following steps. Open the Blibli application first, then select the item.

The next way to shop using DANA is to choose a payment method. Then, successively select “electronic money”, then DANA and click “pay now”. After that, confirm the transaction amount.

If the data is correct, please click “pay” and enter the pin. The online shopping payment process at Blibli has been completed. You just have to wait for the goods to arrive at home.

4. Sociolla

You must know how to shop using DANA at Sociolla below. Please open the Sociolla application first. After that, look for the desired product and click “buy now”.

Next is to press the checkout button, then select shipping and click proceed to payment. After that, select Bank Permata virtual account and tap “place order”.

Copy the virtual account number, then open the DANA app. Click the “see all” menu, select e-commerce, then Sociolla. Finally, enter your Bank Permata virtual account number and write down the amount you need to pay.

5. Lazada

Shopping using DANA can also be done at Lazada. You first open the Lazada application, then make an order. The payment method chosen is DANA.

Enter your cellphone number and check the OTP code sent via SMS. Enter the OTP code and click the verification button. The next step is to enter the pin.

Please click “see other payment methods”. After that, you select DANA and confirm the order. Wait for a while until the payment process is complete.

Many marketplaces serve payments using DANA accounts. Therefore, you must know how to shop using DANA to facilitate shopping activities in the marketplace.

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