4 Types of Latest BCA Health Insurance

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BCA Health Insurance – Everyone must crave health in his life. Both for himself and for his family.

However, health problems and diseases can come at any time. Health problems not only occur in a person entering old age, but also afflict a young person even when entering productive age.

This is because disease can be triggered by unhealthy lifestyle factors, age factors and even age factors.

The arrival of health problems is often unpredictable, making some people unprepared to bear medical expenses.

As a result, the solution taken is to borrow medical expenses even with high interest.

There are also those who sell valuable assets. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with utilizing health insurance products.

Types of BCA Health Insurance

The solution to always be ready in terms of medical expenses when you and your family get sick is to take out health insurance.

In general, health insurance is a type of product that guarantees the cost of care and treatment when someone experiences illness and accident.

Broadly speaking, this form of insurance offers coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical expenses.

There are various types of health insurance companies, including general insurance companies, social insurance companies and life insurance companies.

One of the health insurance companies in Indonesia is the BCA Bank health insurance company.

Here are the various types of health insurance offered by Bank BCA as an easy solution for the community.

1. BCA Life Optima Critical Protection

BCA Life Critical Protection Optima is a health insurance product that provides benefits to clients against Chronic Disease Diagnosis.

In addition, it also provides insurance when the patient dies as well as the additional benefit of no claim bonus.

BCA Life Critical Protection Optima offers a low premium form and telemarketing.

BCA Life Critical Optima provides protection for 10 (ten) years with premium payments for 8 (eight) years.

The advantages of BCA Life Critical Protection Optima health insurance products are to protect against the risk of death that can occur anywhere and anytime.

Provides a sense of comfort for insurance owners who are diagnosed with severe illness.

By covering the cost of diagnosis, BCA Life Critical Protection Optima health insurance is expected to provide relief from the burden of thought when the insurance recipient is struck by a critical illness.

The last advantage is that when the insurance owner is struck by a critical illness, BCA Life Perilindungan Kritis Optima provides financial protection.

There are three main benefits of BCA Life Critical Protection Optima health insurance.

<First, critical illness diagnosis benefits with details: Early to mid-stage critical illness diagnosis.

Late-stage critical illness diagnosis and income support benefits

Second, if at the end of the tenth policy year with the policy condition is still active and there is no claim.

Then the insurance owner gets a No Claim Bonus benefit of fifty percent of the total premium paid by the Policyholder.

<Thirdly, when passing away due to accident or illness, the insurance owner gets compensation.

The features of BCA Life Critical Protection Optima health insurance include:

  • Ease the cost of critical illness including the cost of initial diagnosis and final diagnosis.
  • Light premium payment through an autodebit system from BCA savings account or BCA Credit Card starting from 127,000 per month, can be paid monthly or annually.
  • Get free protection for two years. By paying premiums for eight years get ten years of health protection from BCA Life.

2. BCA Life Bima Proteksi Kesehatanku

BCA Life Bima Proteksi Kesehatanku health insurance from BCA is a health insurance product that offers its main benefit of providing daily hospitalization benefits.

This is provided to the owner of the health insurance and compensation upon death and for the patient if the patient dies due to illness or accident.

This insurance product offers ease of premium payment through telemarketing channels. By paying the premium, you will get insurance protection for ten years.

Among the advantages of BCA Life Bima Proteksi Kesehatanku is that it eases the burden on your mind by helping with the cost of inpatient care when you are hospitalized.

This can certainly give you a sense of security and comfort for customers and their families.

In addition, this BCA product can also provide compensation for health insurance owners when the risk of death can come anywhere and anytime.

In fact, BCA Life Bima Proteksi Kesehatanku has a competitive premium.

BCA Life Bima Proteksi Kesehatanku has two main benefits, namely compensation in the form of reimbursement of hospitalization costs when you are sick.

Also, it provides compensation when you die due to illness or accident.

One of the terms and conditions is First, the policyholder’s entry age is between 21-59 years old and the dependent’s entry age is between 6 months-59 years old.

Second, payment in the form of autodebet for eight years through BCA savings account. Third, the coverage period is ten years since the policy took effect.

Based on these benefits, you can consider the right variety of insurance for yourself and others.

3. Hospital 100% Refundable

Hospital 100% Refundable is a special program for BCA customers.

The protection offered is to cover the daily cost of a hospital room, along with the daily cost of an intensive care unit room due to accidents and illnesses.

This product is marketed through telemarketing channels. The additional benefit of Hospital 100% Refundable is to provide premium refund benefits up to two hundred percent for insurance owners who die.

The additional benefit is a return of one hundred percent of the premium paid within a period of ten years and the policy is still valid. Whether there is a claim or no claim.

The advantage of this Hospital 100% Refundable product is that when health problems come, this product can be a complement to your financial protection.

As for other advantages, namely reducing the cost of hospitalization and reimbursing the daily cost of intensive unit rooms in the hospital due to illness or accident, so that it can ease the burden on the customer’s mind.

The next advantage is to protect the risk when the insurance owner dies.

The main benefit of the Hospital 100% Refundable product is to reimburse the daily cost of hospitalization and intensive care unit rooms due to illness or accident.

Another benefit is the return of premiums and protection benefits when dying due to accidents and illnesses.

The features include a one hundred percent return of premiums paid within a ten-year period and the policy is still valid, whether the insurance owner makes a claim or does not make a claim.

Another specialty is the low and easy premium payment, starting from Rp 109,000 per month.

Premium payments can be made monthly or annually with an auto-debit system from a BCA credit card.

Another feature is that if you pay premiums for eight years, you can get hospitalization benefits in hospitals including intensive care units for eight years and death benefits for ten years from BCA Life.

4. PRU Hospital Cover

PRU Hospital Cover is a type of insurance that reimburses hospitalization and surgery costs at the hospital. This health insurance product is marketed through telemarketing channels.

The main benefits of PRU Hospital Cover health insurance are reimbursement of hospitalization in domestic hospitals, reimbursement of hospitalization in foreign hospitals if the owner of this health insurance has an accident, reimbursement of ICU room costs and reimbursement of medical actions in the form of surgery.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Entry requirements for health insurance participants must be eighteen years old up to sixty years old for the main insured and spouse.
  • For children, the entry age is from the age of thirty days to seventeen years.
  • Payments are made using monthly auto-debit method from BCA card.
  • Up to sixty-five years old for the main insured and spouse and up to twenty-four years old or married for additional insured children.

These are the kinds of BCA Health Insurance that you need to know, as a reference when you want to take out health insurance. Make sure you follow health insurance products from BCA according to your needs and financial condition. Hopefully it will be useful.

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