How to Receive Money Transfer from Overseas to BRI

Cara Menerima Transfer Uang dari Luar Negeri ke Bank BRI

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Receiving money transfers from overseas to BRI bank accounts can be one solution for those of you who need additional funds or receive remittances from family or friends abroad.

However, receiving a money transfer from overseas to a BRI bank account is not always easy due to the many rules and requirements that must be met. Therefore, it is important for you to understand how to receive money transfers from overseas to BRI bank accounts so that the process can run smoothly and safely.

Receive Transfer from Overseas to BRI Account with Incoming Remittance

Incoming Remittance is a service provided by BRI bank to receive money transfers from overseas to BRI bank accounts. Incoming Remittance can be used to receive money transfers in both foreign currency and rupiah. Here are the guidelines to receive money transfer from overseas to BRI bank account through Incoming Remittance:

  1. Make sure your BRI bank account has been registered as an account to receive transfers from abroad. If not, you can contact the nearest BRI bank branch to register.
  2. Get BRI bank SWIFT code information. SWIFT code is a code used to identify banks and their branches around the world. You can find BRI bank SWIFT code information through BRI bank official website or through BRI bank call center.
  3. Ask for detailed information from the sender of the money transfer, such as the sender’s name, sender’s account number, sender’s bank name, and the amount of the money transfer.
  4. Provide your BRI bank account details to the sender of the money transfer. The information that must be provided includes the recipient’s account name, account number, and BRI bank SWIFT code.
  5. Wait for confirmation that the money transfer has been received by BRI bank and will be immediately processed into your account.
  6. Make sure you have enough balance in your BRI bank account to accommodate the money transfer received. If the money transfer is in foreign currency, BRI bank will convert it into rupiah using the prevailing exchange rate.

This is the guide to receive money transfer from overseas to BRI bank account through Incoming Remittance. Make sure you understand the applicable rules and requirements so that the process can run smoothly and safely.

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