Old Age Insurance, Prepare Carefully Before Retirement

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Old age insurance is an important thing that must be carefully prepared for those of you who are currently the backbone of the family. This type of insurance is also closely related to happiness in retirement.

Living comfortably, happily, and independently during retirement is clearly the dream of many people. Happiness is not merely about money, but when someone already has financial security, then his life is relatively calmer.

This is because with financial security, parents will not depend on other people or even their own children. Therefore, you must also think about insurance for old age after not working like young.

Recognize the Difference between Old Age Insurance and Pension Funds

Actually these two products have differences. The pension fund itself will be given by the company to employees who can be used when retiring. Pension fund products also cannot be disbursed carelessly, you must reach retirement age to find them.

It is different with old-age insurance, which you can use at any time even though you have not reached retirement age. In addition, this type of insurance company will guarantee the risk after the customer pays the premium.

Why is Old Age Insurance Very Important?

If you are old and no longer productive at work, then old-age insurance can provide financial security. This type of insurance turns out to provide a lot of benefits to its customers.

Later, you can freely choose the type and product of old-age insurance according to the benefits you want to get. Here are some reasons why you should prepare for retirement insurance, among others:

1. Avoid financial difficulties in old age

It needs to be understood that the risk of financial difficulties can occur at any time and for anyone. For example, when you reach retirement age and you cannot actively work, all kinds of costs ranging from tuition fees and so on will tend to increase.

In order to handle these financial problems, one of them is old-age insurance that can provide financial security when you retire. You can prepare this insurance from an early age.

2. The existence of compensation for the risk of disability to death

When entering retirement age, the risk of illness and death is much higher than in productive age. Therefore, it is very important that you have pension insurance that can provide compensation for total permanent disability and also death.

The purpose and benefit is to provide guaranteed living expenses for the family left behind. Maybe you can also register yourself for old age insurance.

3. Become an investment for old age

For this old age insurance, you should choose with investment benefits in it. So, for example, unit-linked life insurance can provide ideal long-term retirement savings benefits for its customers.

However, the premium cost of unit-linked insurance is relatively more expensive than pure insurance. Perhaps you can choose separate types of pension insurance and investment so that you can maximize both benefits.

Best Old Age Insurance Product Options in Indonesia

Most of the insurance companies in the country have offered old age insurance with the best benefits to prospective customers. This is proof that it is very important that you prepare yourself much more carefully before entering old age later.

With the various choices of pension insurance products, it is hoped that people will be more aware of the importance of insurance. Below are some of the best retirement insurance product options that can be your choice, including:

1. Manulife MiGolden Retirement

This old age insurance product from Manulife can provide benefits in the form of investment to customers. The normal retirement age has been set at a minimum of around 40 years. Then, for the benefits of an accelerated retirement period, it can be 10 years faster than the normal retirement age.

2. AIA Protection Income Plan

The next retirement insurance product from the AIA insurance company. Here, you can start an old age preparation program early.

Flexible features have been presented by the AIA company so that customers can plan old age funds according to their respective financial goals. For insurance premium periods ranging from 5 to 20 years with the age range of customers entering 1 month to 70 years.

3. iPension

iPension is one of the pension insurance products issued by Generali Indonesia. This insurance product is voluntary with the amount of premium determined by the customers themselves.

The age of entry into the insurance starts from 18 years or married, and the normal retirement age is 40 years. The premium fee each month is at least 50k rupiah or based on a percentage of the customer’s salary.

This old age insurance is indeed very important, considering that if you are no longer productive at work and do not want to trouble your family or others financially.

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