3 Ways to Delete a Registered Akulaku Account

3 Cara Menghapus Akun Akulaku yang Sudah Terdaftar

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Akulaku is a very helpful online credit loan application, however, if it is no longer used, it is better to delete the account.

It’s just that there are still many who don’t know how to delete a registered Akulaku account.

Even though deleting this registered account can provide many benefits to users.

So be sure to know how to delete a registered Akulaku account.

How to Delete a Registered Akulaku Account

how to delete a registered Akulaku account

The step to delete this Akulaku account is not a difficult thing. Because there are 3 ways that can be done from starting on the cellphone, to going directly to the akulaku office.

For those who still love to deactivate the account, you can read tips to get Akulaku credit points.

And for those who are curious about how to delete an account as well as how to delete Akulaku history, here are the steps that can be done including:

1. Using Cellphone

First, users can directly delete their account from the cellphone by deleting all data owned, and then uninstalling the application.

Of course, this is a very easy step, and can be done directly.

But it is important to know that this method is only temporary.

This means that when the user downloads the application again, the old account can be active and used again, so it is not forever deleted.

Although it is only temporary, this method is still worth trying because it can delete the akulaku account.

Only then will the next step be taken to permanently delete this account so that it can no longer be used in the future.

2. Through Customer Service

This is the next step that can be tried after deleting data and uninstalling applications from cellphones.

Later by directly contacting customer service, the registered account can be permanently deleted.

Of course this makes the account unusable, and ensures the safety of its users.

The steps that can be taken to delete an Akulaku account through customer service, namely:

Contact akulaku customer service. Can be via telephone number at 1500920, and also email at cs.id@akulaku.com.

Wait for the call to be connected, until then there is CS who serves

Prepare the required data related to the account owned, and also the reason why you want to close the account.

Answer all questions correctly, and later the answers will be processed by customer service.

If all the answers are correct, then the akulaku account can be deleted immediately. During this process there will be a phase of account deactivation.

Of course, because of this, many then ask how long the Akulaku account closure process takes. Usually the process takes approximately 1×24 hours, and a maximum of 2×24 hours.

3. Visit Akulaku Office Directly

The next thing that can be done is to visit the Akulaku office directly if you feel that the customer service handling is a little longer.

Or you want to feel calmer, and feel safer because you can immediately see the account deleted, and deactivated on the spot.

This step can also be done for those who live near the akulaku headquarters in Jakarta.

Because indeed the main location of the akulaku head office is in Jakarta, and until now there has been no official notification whether account deletion can be done at the branch office.

The Importance of Deleting Registered Akulaku Account

For those who are curious about what benefits can be felt from deleting a registered Akulaku account, then the following are some of the benefits that can be felt including:

  1. Ensures the account is safe, and cannot be used by random people
  2. Avoid the possibility of account malfunctions
  3. Does not increase credit or loan limits
  4. There are consequences for not paying Akulaku bills

Those are some of the benefits that can be felt if you have deleted the Akulaku account that has been registered.

But for those who later want to use their account again, then you can ask CS how to reactivate the Akulaku account that was deleted.

Seeing that all the processes that must be done are very easy, it would be a shame not to immediately delete the registered account if it is not used.

Because it turns out that deleting an account can provide many benefits.

So make sure to immediately apply the steps on how to delete the registered Akulaku account to be able to delete the account easily. Good luck.

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