7 Differences between BRI Simpedes and BritAma

perbedaan bri simpedes dan britama

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Simpedes and BritAma are two types of BRI savings that are widely used by people. Even so, there are differences between BRI Simpedes and BritAma that need to be known. Where these differences can help people in choosing the type of savings.

In this review, customers can get information about what aspects distinguish Simpedes savings from BritAma savings. Starting from the difference in the nominal aspect of the initial deposit, transaction limits, to the facilities that have been provided.

Curious about the details of the Simpedes and BritAma differences? No need to worry, see the following description of the 7 aspects that are the difference between BRI Simpedes and BritAma savings that can be used as a comparison:

1. Minimum Initial Savings Deposit

At the beginning of the process of opening a new savings account, the bank will generally ask customers to deposit a certain amount of balance to activate the account. Likewise, BRI savings have their own provisions regarding the initial deposit nominal.

For Simpedes savings, BRI sets a minimum initial deposit amount of Rp50,000 while for BritAma savings it is higher at Rp250,000. If the customer wants to deposit an amount of money above the minimum limit, it can be done.

As a reminder that the balance that has been deposited by the customer into his savings account is not an account creation fee. The money that has been deposited can be withdrawn from the customer’s account within a maximum of 1 x 24 hours.

2. Types of BRI ATM Debit Cards Obtained

BRI savings ownership is generally always accompanied by ownership of a BRI ATM debit card which functions as a tool to carry out various types of banking transactions. This is where there is a significant difference between BRI Simpedes and BritAma.

BRI provides a blue private label BRI ATM debit card for Simpedes customers. For BritAma customers, BRI provides a choice between a black premium BRI ATM debit card and a green classic BRI ATM debit card.

BritAma customers who deposit Rp250,000 will get a classic ATM debit card. Meanwhile, for BritAma customers who deposit an initial balance of Rp500,000, they can choose between classic or premium BRI ATM debit cards.

3. BRI ATM Debit Card Monthly Administration Fee

The next difference between BRI Simpedes and BritAma is in the aspect of monthly administration fees. Where these fees are generally listed in the initial information when an account is created. BRI sets administrative fees to manage banking transactions.

Starting from maintaining ATM facilities and online banking such as m-banking applications and so on. The withdrawal of monthly administration fees will be taken automatically from the balance in the customer’s savings account once a month on a certain date.

For the nominal administrative fee, BRI sets a different amount for each type of savings. Simpedes customers will be charged a monthly administration fee of Rp5,500 while BritAma customers will be charged a monthly administration fee of Rp10,000.

4. Daily Transaction Limit on BRI ATM Debit Card

In general, each type of ATM debit card has different transaction limits or limits determined by the bank. Likewise, BRI applies a limit to transactions for both Simpedes savings and BritAma savings.

Simpedes and BritAma classic ATM cards have the same transaction limit, which is Rp5,000,000 per day for cash withdrawals and Rp10,000,000 per day for interbank transfers. However, BritAma excels at the inter BRI transfer limit of Rp50,000,000 per day.

For the BritAma premium ATM card, customers are subject to a maximum transaction limit of Rp10,000,000 for cash withdrawals, Rp25,000,000 for interbank transfers, and Rp100,000,000 for inter BRI transfers per day. These amounts are among the highest compared to other BRI cards.

5. Protection Insurance for Personal Accident

The next aspect that makes the difference between BRI Simpedes and BritAma is personal accident insurance. This insurance is a facility offered by the bank to its customers with different nominal and conditions based on the type of card owned.

In fact, not all types of savings have offers in the form of personal accident insurance facilities. As with BRI Simpedes savings that do not get the insurance facility offer. Unlike the BRI BritAma savings which provides personal accident protection insurance.

BRI BritAma savings owners who have deposited an initial balance of Rp500,000 will be automatically registered into the BRI personal accident insurance program. The amount of coverage that will be covered by the insurance is a maximum of Rp150,000,000.

Of course this can be a very significant consideration for customers who want to save their money at the Bank. Choose according to your needs and also the features and services it has whether it is profitable or not.

6. Savings Interest Rates and Lottery Programs Offered

The interest rate is determined by the total balance range that the customer has in his savings account. BRI sets the same interest rate for Simpedes savings and BritAma savings in certain ranges and different in other ranges.

For the balance range between Rp1,000,000 – Rp1,000,000,000 both Simpedes and BritAma savings will be charged the same interest rate. If you exceed this range, BritAma savings will be charged a higher interest rate than Simpedes savings.

In addition to offering a fairly large interest rate, BRI also offers a lottery program. For BRI Simpedes savings, the lottery program is Panen Hadiah Simpedes while for BRI BritAma savings the lottery program is BritAma FSTVL.

The more often the customer makes transactions in his savings account, the more offers will be given by the bank. In addition, there are also other benefits such as discount vouchers and cashback from merchants who work with BRI.

7. Settled Balance Nominal Limit and Penalty Provisions

Settled balance is a balance that cannot be used or withdrawn. That means the Simpedes and BritAma savings balance cannot be spent until Rp 0. If the remaining balance is below the set limit, a fine will be imposed.

The Simpedes settling balance is Rp25,000 and for BritAma it is Rp50,000. The BritAma settling balance is larger but is not fined if the balance is less than Rp50,000 while Simpedes is fined if the settling balance is less than Rp25,000.

The bank will automatically deduct the fine from the savings balance once the customer has topped up their savings account. To monitor the balance deduction, it can be seen through the savings book printout or mobile banking account mutation.


That’s an explanation of the 7 differences between BRI Simpedes and BritAma that are worth knowing together. Based on the description of the aspects above, BRI Simpedes and BritAma savings have significant differences.

Even so, both BRI savings offer a variety of services and features that excel in their respective segments. Recognize the needs to then be matched with what conveniences are contained in the facilities offered by Simpedes and BritAma.

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