5 Ways to Transfer BNI to BCA Practically and Easily

cara transfer bni ke bca

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The process of transferring between banks can indeed be done easily. For example, if you want to make a transfer from BNI to BCA, then there is already a certain method. How to transfer BNI to BCA, is also not difficult and can be completed quickly.

The media that can be used to make transfers is also very diverse. There are at least five different media that can be utilized. Users can use mobile banking, internet banking, SMS banking, ATM machines, or go directly to the teller.

Maybe for many people this transfer process is very easy. But in fact there are still certain groups who do not know how the process works. For that reason, all the transfer processes will be described in the following discussion:

1. Use Mobile Banking – The Easiest Way to Transfer BNI to BCA

For this first method, we will describe the transfer process by utilizing mobile banking. When compared to other methods, the utilization of mobile banking can be said to be the easiest. This is because the transfer menu is clear.

But to utilize it, make sure there is adequate and stable internet. If the internet is not stable, then it is certain that the process will be long and obstructed. To find out the process, see the following arrangement of steps:

  • To start the process, first open the BNI Mobile application installed on the device.
  • Enter your PIN and ID correctly to enter the main menu.
  • When you have entered the main menu, you can go directly to the “Transfer” menu.
  • After that, select the “Interbank” transfer option in the options.
  • Then press the “New Input” button to make the transfer process with a new number.
  • Later, users will be directed to a new page to fill in the data. Enter the bank option first and select “BCA” in the destination bank section.
  • Then fill in the amount to be transferred and the destination account number.
  • If necessary, also enter a brief name and transfer news.
  • After everything is filled in, check the data again correctly.
  • If so, continue the process by pressing the “Transfer” button.
  • Enter the PIN correctly, and end the process by pressing the “Continue” button.

2. Use Personal Internet Banking – How to Transfer BNI to BCA Online

The second structure of how to transfer BNI to BCA is by utilizing internet banking. If you already have BNI internet banking, then this transfer process can also be done directly at home. The process is also easy and not confusing.

Although the menu is almost the same as mobile banking, there are some distinguishing parts. Curious as to what the process can be? To find out the arrangement, see the following structure:

  • The first process is to open the browser installed on the device.
  • Then enter the BNI website with the address structure https://ibank.bni.co.id.
  • Once you have entered the main page, select the type of internet banking. There are two options, namely “Corporate” and “Personal”. Just choose the most appropriate one.
  • After that, enter the password and user ID into the box provided.
  • Don’t forget to enter the captcha as well.
  • Later, users will be directed to the main menu of the website. Then continue the process by entering the “Transaction” menu.
  • On the next page, there will be three options to choose from. There are RTGS, Online, and Clearing transaction mechanisms. Just choose the one you want.
  • Then fill in the details needed by the system completely. Starting from the destination account number to the transfer amount.
  • Also make sure to agree to the terms displayed and press the “Continue” button.
  • The next process is to enter the PIN with the right combination.
  • Finally, press the “Process” button to complete the process.

3. Use SMS Banking – Use Code for Different Bank Transfer

Another method or way to transfer BNI to BCA can be done by using BNI SMS Banking. If there is no internet network, then this one media can also be used. The process itself can be done with a certain code.

Because it does not require internet, users must prepare credit. If there is no credit on the device used, then the transfer process will not be possible. The transfer process is as follows:

  • First open the SMS application installed on the device.
  • Then type the code as follows: TRANSFER(space)ANTARBANK(space)bank code(space)account number for destination option(space)nominal#reference code#. Make sure everything is filled in completely.
  • After that, check the combination and data that has been filled in again.
  • If it has been checked and is correct, then send an SMS to number 3346.
  • Then do the confirmation process by entering the PIN as directed by the system.
  • If the PIN has been sent, then the transfer process can be said to be complete.

4. Use ATM Machine – Offline Ways to Send Money from BNI to BCA

If there is no internet and no credit, then users can transfer by going to an ATM. Usually, people who are not too familiar with technology will use this method because they are used to it.

How to transfer BNI to BCA with an ATM machine can also be said to be easy because the menu is also very clear. Later, proof of transfer can come out immediately and can be saved. To find out the process, refer to the following sequence of steps:

  • First, visit the nearest ATM machine from your domicile.
  • Then, enter your ATM card and ATM PIN.
  • When you have entered the main menu, then continue the process by entering the “Transfer” menu.
  • If several new options appear, then just select “Transfer from Savings Account”.
  • Later another option will appear and make sure to press the “Other Bank Account” option.
  • Then enter the BCA Bank code 014 into the box provided.
  • Also enter the destination account number with the right combination.
  • When everything is filled in completely, then continue the process by pressing the “Correct” button.
  • The next process is to enter the desired transfer amount and press the “Yes” button.
  • If there is already a notification of the success of the process, then the process can be said to be complete.

5. Go Directly to the Teller – The Classic Way to Transfer Money Between Banks

When all of the above methods cannot be executed due to some constraints, then users can come directly to the nearest BNI Bank. Later, the transfer process will be carried out by the teller on duty.

This one process will have minimal errors because it will be assisted directly by an expert employee. Curious about how the process can be carried out? This is the arrangement of the process that can be examined and followed:

  • First come to the nearest BNI bank from your domicile.
  • Then take the available queue number and wait until you are called.
  • When you are called, go to the teller and tell them the purpose of coming to make a transfer to BCA.
  • Later, the teller will provide a form that can be filled in. Enter all account number and nominal data correctly. If it is filled in, hand it over to the teller.
  • When the teller completes the transfer process, just wait until it’s finished.
  • If the teller hands over proof of transfer, then the process can be said to be complete.


This is an explanation of how to transfer BNI to BCA by utilizing five different media. Because there are many media options, users can make a selection according to their own desires and convenience.

In order for the process to be successful, just make sure that no structure is missed. If all processes have been carried out in a complex manner without missing anything, then the transfer process can be completed without a hitch.

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