7 Benefits of Using OVO for Online Businesses

Keuntungan Bertransaksi dengan OVO untuk Bisnis Online

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There are many benefits of transacting with OVO, especially for those who like to make cashless payments. Millennials love this payment method because it is more efficient and practical.

On the other hand, the application also provides many attractive offers for its users. No wonder many online business people have also started downloading it on the play store.

In addition, users also find it easy to make non-cash payments at various merchants that work with OVO. Thus, you don’t need to carry a lot of money when shopping.

7 Advantages of Using OVO for Your Business Transactions

There are many benefits that you will get if you make transactions using the OVO application. A more detailed explanation will be discussed in the following discussion.

1. Easier to Manage Business Finances

For entrepreneurs, the presence of this application makes it easier to manage the finances of many business units. The reason is because you can track all transactions you make digitally.

The way to track it is also very easy, namely by looking at the transaction history. Thus, it will facilitate the process of recapitulating the amount of expenses and income for each business unit.

The advantage of transacting with OVO is that you can manage your own finances. Thus, you do not need the services of a professional accountant to help take care of business finances.

Especially if you use the premium version, you can access the expense management feature. Various conveniences can also be accessed by OVO club users. This is because all transactions will be stored as data.

2. Easier and Faster Payments

Transactions can be done easily and hassle-free. The process is also fast because you just need to enter the registered cellphone number or bank account number.

In addition, users will also get an ID that can be shown to OVO merchants when making transactions. You can use it to pay electricity bills, insurance at Lippo Insurance and BPJS health.

The advantage of transacting with OVO is that it can be used to buy data packages, credit or pay environmental fees. However, these fees only apply to residences in the Lippo Group.

3. Easier to Track Business Progress

It is also easier for you to track business progress. In this case, OVO can facilitate entrepreneurs who want to develop their business to be more advanced.

The reason is because OVO can present a detailed financial track record. This information can be used as a reference for calculating capital when developing a business.

4. Expanding Marketing

The advantage of transacting with OVO is that you can collaborate to expand the marketing of your business products. Later you will receive orders from new customers who use the OVO application.

These new customers can find out about business products not from the marketing you have done. However, customers can find out from promos posted by OVO.

This is certainly very beneficial for business development because it can expand marketing reach. Thus, you can also save money on marketing expenses.

5. Potential to Increase Users

Another advantage of transacting with OVO is that your business has the opportunity to reach more customers from various generations. This is because nowadays many people are happy to make cashless transactions.

Especially for millennials and gen Z, they usually prefer a cashless payment system rather than using cash. This is what encourages many people to download the application.

6. Many Attractive Promos Available

So far, OVO often provides promo offers for its users. The existence of these promos is very profitable because your product has the opportunity to be seen by many consumers.

This is because consumers usually like to hunt for attractive promos. Promo can be accessed on the Deals page. An example is a bonus of 5,000 OVO points if you fly using an airline from Lion Group.

The benefits of transacting with OVO can be obtained if you use Wings, Batik and Lion airlines. Usually the promo is limited to a certain time.

The way to get the points is very easy, namely by scanning the boarding pass using the application. Then, there is a 10% cashback offer when shopping at Hypermart and so on.

Special users who make their first transaction will usually get 100% cashback. For example, if you make a minimum purchase of Rp 25,000 using OVO cash, you will get 25,000 points cashback.

7. Online Business is Growing by Becoming a Merchant

The benefits of transacting with OVO have collaborated with many merchants throughout Indonesia. Examples include First Media, Hypermart, BIG TV, Matahari Department Store and Maxx Cofee.

In addition, it also works with Siloam Hospital, Foodmart Fresh, MatahariMall.com, Foodmart Gourmet, books & beyond and others. In this case you can make payments using OVO cash or points.

The seven benefits will only be obtained if you make various kinds of cashless payments. No wonder people prefer to make non-cash payments considering the many benefits of transacting with OVO.

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