Online Loan Scams, Here are the 5 Characteristics You Should Recognize

Penipuan Berkedok Pinjaman Online

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Even so, there are many people who take advantage of this with fraud under the guise of online loans. Therefore, if you are interested in this kind of credit, you should be more vigilant and recognize its characteristics.

Transactions with electronic media do provide many conveniences, including online loans. You can do credit online more easily without having to have collateral or collateral.

Recognize the Characteristics of Online Loan Fraud

There are several characteristics that distinguish between genuine online loan app and fraud. This will help you not to be easily tempted by fake offers so as to avoid fraud. Here are the criteria or characteristics.

1. Does not include requirements

Basically online loan app will provide access for anyone who needs funds. However, for this access, customers are required to include various kinds of requirements needed.

So you should always be vigilant if you find online credit that allows prospective customers to access loans without applying conditions. Because there is a possibility that the online loan app is illegal.

Generally, people tend to be afraid to borrow money due to a number of requirements. This is one of the weaknesses then utilized by bad people to commit fraud under the guise of online loans.

Even customers will be facilitated to access credit only with a cellphone number. So check in advance regarding these requirements. In addition, also check the credit history of Slik or BI Checking.

Never want if the input process is done via short message or SMS. Because in legal online loan app the process of inputting the required data will be carried out on the official website and application.

2. Down Payment System

The next characteristic of fraud under the guise of online loans is the down payment system at the beginning. It feels very strange that you will borrow money but have to be asked for a down payment of so many rupiah.

Although usually there is a fee for administration. But the amount is not much. At most only Rp. 50,000. Fraudulent online loan app utilizes this moment to ask for funds but the amount can reach millions.

The reason is that loan funds can be disbursed immediately. So you should not be too hasty to apply for credit without certainty. Indeed, you need money but don’t be deceived by fake credit easily.

3. Payment Made with Personal Account Number

All legal online loan activities will usually go through an official application or website. Starting from the application, disbursement process, data input to information related to bills is also available on their official website.

So when there are people who contact you via text message or various other social media with the name online loan app, you need to be aware. Especially when asking for payment to a personal destination account.

The legal online loan app certainly never asks its customers to make payments to personal accounts or digital wallets. You should always make sure that the bill payment is in accordance with the website or application info.

4. Invalid Organizer Information

One way or to find out the characteristics of fraud under the guise of online loans is to look for company information. Because the completeness of information is a benchmark for you to assess official or fake companies.

The completeness of the organizer’s information will usually appear on the website and social media used for promotion. On the other hand, fake online loan app will try to cover information from the company from the owner to its employees.

If the fraud under the guise of online loans includes information, it is certain that the information is fake. Some of them are using personal emails such as Gmail or Yahoo and phone numbers with cell phone numbers.

One of the tips you can use is to always ensure the truth of the company’s identity. The trick is to look at the company address on Google Map and make sure if the phone number or email is officially owned by the company.

5. Forceful Product Offerings

As explained earlier, the submission process will only be carried out on the website or application of the loan company. So when you have some questions, you should only contact through the official website and application.

You will only receive answers to the questions you ask later. Quite different from fraud under the guise of online loans, usually they will offer credit products via text messages and telephone.

Even the details of the credit are not clearly explained, they only focus on luring you to be interested. When they are following up, they seem pushy so that prospective customers agree.

You should always be careful with unfamiliar numbers. Do not be easily tempted by the lure of credit whose benefits are not yet known. The official online loan app will only offer its products correctly without any coercion.

Even though you really need a loan, you should always be vigilant and careful because the possibility can happen. Knowing the characteristics of fraud under the guise of online loans is one of the tricks to avoid losses.

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