14 Mobile Phone Credit Applications With Just a KTP, Guaranteed Safe!

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There are many applications that offer cellphone credit with just an ID card and even without a down payment. In this day and age, cell phones are an important necessity that is inseparable from daily human activities. In addition to being used to communicate, cell phones are supporting jobs that make money. No wonder, many people are willing to buy cellphones even with a credit system. Here are 14 cellphone credit applications with uncomplicated and easy requirements.

1. Shopee Paylater – Cell Phone Credit App with Only KTP Requirements

The first cellphone credit application with sufficient KTP requirements is Shopee Paylater. This service is available in the Shopee application which allows users to buy cellphones with an installment system. Its hassle-free requirements make this service even more popular. However, to use SpayLater, users need to apply for service activation to Shopee. In addition to low interest rates, users can also view installment simulations and choose installment tenors ranging from 30 days to 12 months.

2. Kredivo – Mobile Phone Credit with KTP

The Kredivo application may be a cellphone credit application with sufficient KTP requirements that is already popular among Indonesians. Kredivo offers various installments with interest rates below 3% and various tenor options. To apply for cellphone credit through Kredivo, simply install this application on a smartphone. Then do the account registration process and follow the process process by process. Once the account has been verified, users can purchase HP with an installment system.

3. Home Credit – Install Smartphone with ID Card KTP

The next application for cellphone credit with sufficient ID card requirements is Home Credit. Various smartphone brands can be selected through this application. Simulation of installments and the amount of HP installments to be purchased can also be seen through the Home Credit application. There are various installment tenors to choose from. The terms and conditions for applying for HP credit through this application include being at least 21 years old, having a monthly income, being an Indonesian citizen, and having an address within the Home Credit coverage area.

4. Akulaku – HP installment with just your KTP ID card

If you want to apply for cellphone credit with just a KTP, Akulaku is the right solution. The process of applying for cellphone credit is very fast and easy. There are various installment and tenor simulations that can be selected as desired. In addition to the requirements that are not complicated, cellphone credit through Akulaku is also without DP or credit card. The limit provided is also adjusted to the monthly income of 2 million rupiah up to 9 million rupiah.

5. Indodana – Take Easy HP Installment without Down Payment

Indodana is a cellphone credit application with sufficient KTP requirements that is popular among the public. Although the installment limit is only 6 months, Indodana offers cellphone credit without using DP with easy conditions. Simply with an ID card, and a monthly income slip with a minimum salary of 3.5 million rupiah, the desired cellphone can already be owned. Wait 1 to 3 working days for the credit application to be approved by Indodana.

6. Cicil – Cellphone Loans Without Down Payment Just Indonesian ID Card

Cicil is a cellphone credit application with sufficient KTP requirements that is popular among students. There is no age limit and monthly income requirements, making many students take advantage of the various services available, one of which is cellphone and laptop credit. Students can also apply for loans for college purposes with a long tenor of 24 months, so they are not so burdened. However, to make a cellphone credit through the Cicil application, customers are charged an initial down payment fee of 20%.

7. Lazada Paylater – 12-Month Cell Phone Credit App

Lazada Paylater is a solution for those who want to have a cellphone but not enough money. Simply by using an ID card that is anti-complicated, a variety of well-known cellphone products can be owned. Various installment tenors are available, namely a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 12 months, with each interest of 0% to 2.95%. The down payment is 20% with the condition that the product purchased is 1 million rupiah to 20 million rupiah.

8. Awantunai – Loan for Cell Phone Loan for ID Card Capital

The Awantunai application is a solution for those who want to own a cellphone with only a KTP. Awantunai itself is a fintech company with many services that can help people who want to apply for credit or loans. To apply for credit or loans, customers only need to download the application and install it on a smartphone. After successfully creating an account, and start applying for credit or loans with a tenor of 9 months and a limit of 3 million rupiah.

9. Kreditplus – With just an ID card, you can get a loan to buy a cellphone

The next application to be able to do cellphone credit with only KTP requirements is Kreditplus. In collaboration with various e-commerce platforms, Kreditplus offers credit for various types of products, one of which is cellphones. The interest offered is quite low with a tenor of 3 to 12 months. Additional requirements such as KK, email address, minimum monthly salary slip of 3 million, must also be prepared so that the application can be processed quickly.

10. Tokopedia Paylater – Prepare Your Indonesian ID Card to Apply for Smartphone Credit

Tokopedia Paylater is one of the credit or loan facilities available on the Tokopedia application. To apply for credit or loans through Tokopedia Paylater, prepare an ID card as the main requirement. To apply for credit for goods on Tokopedia through the Kredivo, OVO Paylater, and Home Credit applications. Credit approval will be based on one of the three loan providers above. Additional terms and conditions can be seen through the fund provider application.

11. Bukalapak – Application for Phone Credit, Only ID Card Requirements

The Bukalapak application can be used to buy cellphones with a credit system with easy conditions, which is enough to prepare a KTP as a condition for applying for credit. There are 2 loan provider applications that work with Bukalapak, namely, Akulaku and Kredivo. To make an application through Akulaku and Kredivo tenors are available 1, 3, 6, and 12 months and low interest. Download and install both applications so that the credit application process can be done quickly.

12. Blibli – No credit card, just your ID card

The Blibli application can also be used as a place to do cellphone credit with only KTP requirements. Blibli is here to offer cellphone credit without using a credit card at all. There are 3 loan provider companies that work with Blibli. Among them are Home Credit, Kredivo, and Akulaku. These three loan providers have terms and conditions for applying for credit, one of which must have a fixed income, be 21 years old, and so on.

13. FIF Spektra – Anti-hassle Credit for Various Goods

FIF Spektra is not only used to apply for household goods credit, but can be used to apply for cellphone credit. The fast process and hassle-free requirements make FIF Spektra trusted by many people. To apply for cellphone credit through FIF Spektra, simply download the FIF Spektra application and register your account by filling in the correct data. If it has been successful, make a credit application. The credit application will be approved in less than 24 hours.

14. Adakami – Mobile Phone Loan with KTP ID Card Limit Rp 20 Million Tenor 12 Months

The last cellphone credit application with KTP requirements is called Adakami. This application helps apply for cellphone credit with a limit of up to 20 million and a tenor of 12 months. Adakami is guaranteed safe because it is registered with OJK. In addition to KTP, salary slip is also the main requirement for applying for credit through Adakami. How interested to try it? What are you waiting for, download the application immediately and apply for credit and get the cellphone you want.


Those are 14 smartphone credit applications with sufficient KTP requirements that are safe and reliable for online HP credit. Choose an online application that suits your wishes and according to your abilities.

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