How to Transfer from ShopeePay to BCA the Easiest Way

cara transfer dari shopeepay ke bca

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Nowadays, money transfers can be done more easily and quickly. There is even a way to transfer from ShopeePay to BCA. Although ShopeePay is an e-Wallet and BCA is a bank. However, transfers can still be made.

This feature is ideal for users who may not have an account number. However, it is still necessary to make transactions and transfers to the BCA account. As is known, that ShopeePay is one of the e-Wallet services.

The e-Wallet service is easier to set up than maintaining a BCA account. So, one can more easily create an account to transact. The following is information about the ShopeePay to BCA transfer process.

Get to know ShopeePay e-Wallet

Before knowing how to transfer from ShopeePay to BCA, it is better for users to first know about the ShopeePay e-Wallet. As explained earlier, the variety of e-Wallets in Indonesia is increasing and varying.

One of them is ShopeePay, users may be familiar with an application called Shopee. Because indeed this e-Wallet has something to do with the e-commerce application.

ShopeePay is the official e-wallet and is directly affiliated with Shopee. Users can make transactions and payments in the Shopee application directly with ShopeePay.

Previously, the use of ShopeePay was limited to the Shopee application only. However, its use is now more widespread. Users can transact using this app.

Both for purchasing items on Shopee and outside of Shopee. In fact, users can use it to make transfers to other bank accounts such as BCA Bank. In fact, the feature is now enriched with loan applications.

Terms and Conditions for Transferring with ShopeePay

To transfer to BCA through ShopeePay, there are several terms and conditions that users must fulfill. Actually, the terms and conditions are not too difficult. Here are the terms and conditions that must be met:

  • Have activated ShopeePay Plus feature on ShopeePay account.
  • Pay an admin fee for the transfer of Rp500. This fee will be deducted by the balance receiver.
  • Make a minimum balance transfer of Rp10,000.
  • Maximum transfer transaction of Rp20,000,000.

The terms and conditions are very easy. Users even have a large limit to make transfers. So, users can make large transfers in a single transaction.

Activating ShopeePay Plus First

As stated in the terms and conditions above, users must first activate ShopeePay Plus. Then you can transfer to another bank. The way to activate ShopeePay Plus is very easy.

However, users have to prepare some personal data. Because activating the plus feature requires some data confirmation. Here is how to upgrade to ShopeePay Plus.

If users successfully upgrade. Only then can users transfer from ShopeePay to BCA.

  • Download and install the Shopee application on the smartphone used.
  • Login with the Shopee account that you want to upgrade to ShopeePay Plus.
  • Click the ShopeePay Plus notification on the banner.
  • Select ‘Upgrade Now’ to start the upgrade process.
  • Take a selfie with your ID card facing the front of the camera.
  • Upload the photo in accordance with the provisions.
  • After that, complete the rest of the data.
  • Confirm if all data entered is correct.
  • Verify the filling then, wait until there is a notification from ShopeePay.

The account may not become a ShopeePay Plus account right away. It takes time to verify and get used. The verification time required is about 3 to 7 working days.

How to Transfer from ShopeePay to BCA

If the ShopeePay account has been verified and has become a ShopeePay Plus account, then users are ready to make transfers. How to transfer from ShopeePay to BCA can be done through the application only with the steps below:

  • Open the Shopee app that is already installed on your smartphone.
  • Make sure you have logged in to your Shopee account with ShopeePay Plus status.
  • After that, on the ShopeePay banner, select the ‘Transfer’ option.
  • Select the ‘Transfer to New Bank Account number’ option if users are transferring to a BCA account number for the first time.
  • Select ‘Saved Account Number’ if you have previously made transactions with the BCA account number.
  • Then, complete the details of the recipient which includes the name and ‘Recipient’s Destination Bank’.
  • Enter the amount of balance to be sent.
  • Then, click ‘Continue’.
  • After that, confirm by pressing the ‘Transfer Now’ button.
  • Verify the transaction by entering ShopeePay Pin.
  • Wait for the transfer process to complete.
  • If the transfer is successful, the users will get a notification from the Shopee app.

Actually, transfers from ShopeePay cannot only be made to BCA Bank. These e-Wallet users can also make transfer transactions to other banks. Provided that the choice of bank is in the ‘Receiving Bank’ option.

The transfer method is the same as the steps described above. So, users can take the same steps even if the bank destination is different.

Advantages of BCA Transfer Through ShopeePay

After discussing how to transfer to BCA from ShopeePay. Next, we will discuss the various advantages of doing this transaction. As mentioned earlier, with ShopeePay, users can easily make transfer transactions.

Even if you don’t have an account number, besides being easy, it turns out that transactions using ShopeePay are also very profitable. These are some of the benefits that users can get. If you choose ShopeePay e-wallet to transfer to BCA Bank.

1. No monthly fees like an account

The first thing that ShopeePay e-wallet users benefit from is that there is no monthly fee like a savings account. So, however long the users keep the balance in the e-wallet will not be deducted.

In addition, certain transactions are used. Of course, this will make ShopeePay customers more profitable if they save funds and transact with this e-wallet.

2. Very Low Transfer Fee

As mentioned earlier, the fees for transferring to BCA from Shopee Pay are very affordable. At only IDR 500 per transaction, this is much cheaper than transfer fees between different banks.

The transfer fee between different banks is usually Rp6,500. If through BI Checking, it can be only IDR 2,500. However, it is still cheaper to use ShopeePay than a regular account.

3. Get Special Bonuses and Discounts

Shopee often gives special discounts or bonuses to its customers who make many transactions with ShopeePay. Even transfers include transactions that are calculated using ShopeePay.

Rewards that can be obtained such as discounts when shopping at Shopee. Discounts on billing transactions and various other discounts. The more transfer transactions made, the more bonuses and rewards.

That’s all the information about how to transfer from shopeepay to BCA. ShopeePay users can experience easy transactions like having a savings account at the Bank. However, only capitalizing on e-wallets is clearly more accessible.

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