How to Delete BPJS Service History Through an App

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How to delete BPJS service history is very easy. Users can directly delete data through the official application, namely Mobile JKN. BPJS itself is a legal entity that organizes social security in the health and employment sectors.

This program has been held since 2014 and is favored by the community because it is very helpful. Hearing the word BPJS, of course the most attached is about health.

The community is required to pay a small contribution as savings for treatment when one day they fall ill. The BPJS health system is quite similar to insurance.

However, the cost is much lighter and is intended for the middle to lower class community. There are many services that can be obtained through the JKN application. The availability of excellent features also makes things easier.

How to Delete BPJS Service History

In fact, BPJS service history cannot be permanently erased. Hospitals, health centers, or local governments certainly have their own track record on the health of their people.

However, if you do not want your BPJS service history to be seen by others, you can delete it through the application. Of course, the first step is to download the JKN application.

Then on the service menu, there will be information about service history. Immediately clear the history until there is nothing left. That way, the BPJS service history on the application is gone.

BPJS Service Facilities

Deleting BPJS service history can only be done by people who have used this health service. The service facilities have a very wide scope, as they include:

1. Level I Health Services

First, BPJS health provides first-level services by paying for several administrations, such as:

  • Preventive or promotive services, such as health counseling, routine immunization, counseling, family planning, health screening, and others that can detect the risk of disease in order to prevent its impact.
  • Medical examination or consultation and treatment.
  • General medical treatment, whether or not surgery is required.
  • Medication services and other medical materials.
  • Supportive examination through laboratory diagnosis.
  • Blood transfusion by considering medical needs.
  • Conduct hospitalization based on doctor’s recommendation.

2. Advanced Referral Health Services

In addition, BPJS health also provides advanced health services which include:

  • Administrative fees for all health services.
  • Medical treatment through a specialist doctor, whether or not it requires surgery according to the doctor’s referral.
  • Conduct examination, consultation, or treatment to subspecialist and specialist doctors.
  • Serving various types of medical materials such as infusion fluids and medicines.
  • Medical rehabilitation.
  • Blood transfusion services, such as providing blood bags.
  • Providing supporting services with a doctor’s diagnosis.
  • Mortuary management if the patient loses his/her life after hospitalization.
  • Inpatient care in the intensive room or ICU.
  • Forensic medicine service.
  • Hospitalization in regular room.

3. Labor

Childbirth is a happy moment that is also covered by BPJS. That way, mothers and children can get proper delivery according to applicable health standards. In fact, BPJS provides labor services from the first child to the third child.

This health service can be utilized by all pregnant women who have BPJS regardless of whether the child is born alive or dead. In addition, mothers will also receive inpatient care in ordinary rooms and ICU according to postpartum conditions.

4. Ambulance

The last facility that can be obtained is an ambulance. An ambulance is a transportation unit complete with medical equipment that is specialized in handling patients in emergency conditions.

To call an ambulance, you usually have to spend money first. However, if you use BPJS health, the service can be free or much more affordable.

Features of BPJS Service Application

How to delete BPJS service history cannot be separated from using the JKN application. This is because the service history feature is in the application directly.

In addition to this feature, users can also use other features. When entering the main page, there are immediately 4 menus offered by the application, namely:

1. Participant Menu

This is a menu that is specifically for participants to see details related to themselves. This feature is divided into four sections, namely:

  • Participant, contains an explanation of the participant’s data. It contains date of birth, health facility, data of the insured person, and others.
  • Participant, contains an explanation of the participant’s data.
  • Participant card, displays an image of the participant’s participation card in JKN-KIS.
  • Edit participant data, a feature to view data and make changes. For example, if you want to change health services, BPJS number, address, phone number, and others.
  • Edit participant data, is a feature to view data and make changes to it.
  • Participant registration, used for new participants who want to register for BPJS health services.

2. Bill Menu

Contains various payment information and history. In this menu, there are 4 features offered, including:

  • Premium, is information that can be accessed by independent category participants, i.e. workers who do not receive wages or are not workers. This feature will display the payment bill.
  • Payment record, a feature that contains the amount of payment and penalties.
  • Payment, contains information about contribution payments. In this feature, it will also explain the payment method through cooperating networks, such as BRI, BTN, BNI, Mandiri, and Tokopedia.
  • Check VA, is a feature that displays VA number information for all participants, except participants who are not workers or not wage earners.

3. Service Menu

This menu is related to how to delete BPJS service history. Users can register for services, screenings, and check their history.

  • Service history, is a feature that allows participants to find out health service records. How to delete BPJS service history is quite easy, just clear history.
  • Service registration, is a feature to register yourself if you want to get health services.
  • Screening, is a feature that detects disease symptoms by answering questions. This feature can detect diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and others.
  • Screening, is a feature to detect disease symptoms by answering questions.

4. General Menu

This is a menu that discusses BPJS health or JKN applications in general. This general menu offers a number of features, such as

  • Info JKN, contains an explanation of how to register, rights, and obligations of participants. It also provides information on the facilities and benefits participants may receive, along with office addresses, phone numbers, and BPJS sanctions.
  • Location, useful for finding the nearest health facility that works with BPJS health. To activate this feature, turn on the GPS first.
  • Complaints, is a feature that is directly connected to the BPJS call center. This can be used to notify complaints of illness or complaints about services.
  • Settings, serves to delete notifications, change settings, change passwords, or exit the application.

As time goes by, people are increasingly concerned about health. The government is also trying to provide the best service in the health sector through the BPJS program. This is suitable for middle to lower class people, who do not have health funds.

BPJS services are also increasingly modern with the existence of a mobile application called JKN. It has various features and can be utilized for various purposes. This application provides a simple display, so BPJS participants can use it easily.

The service history feature will be very helpful for participants in tracking their health conditions. This is also important as legal evidence if something goes wrong one day. Even so, if you feel bothered by this feature, you can do how to delete BPJS service history.

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