Crypto Payments, Towards the Future of Transactions

Pembayaran Menggunakan Crypto, Menuju Masa Depan Transaksi

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Crypto payments are increasingly popular in modern times like now, as technology develops, payment methods are increasingly diverse and crypto is at the forefront.

It is not surprising considering crypto has many advantages such as fast transactions, safe, and not bound by regulations. Even from banks or governments of any country.

However, is it safe to use it? You can see more clearly about it in the discussion below. We explain the ins and outs of crypto.

What is crypto payment?

In Indonesian it has the name crypto, what exactly is it? In short, it is a new form of digital currency. It uses cryptographic technology to secure transactions and control the creation of new units.

It is not regulated by the government, but distributed across the world’s internet networks on a blockchain system. It is the reason why many people are starting to choose to use it in terms of transactions.

In other words, crypto is a new form of digital currency that is decentralized and uses special technology to guarantee transactions. Guaranteeing security and validity in use.

However, its use is currently limited. It can only be used as currency on platforms that are willing to accept it. Because everyone is not yet aware of the many advantages of it.

So it is used more for short or long term value storage. The cool name is trading and investing, because it can add value if you do it right.

You can get it from buying and selling or buying on crypto exchanges. Often named by people as mining. Already understand a glimpse of it? Let’s move on to how crypto payments work.

Details of How Crypto Payments Work

Understanding how a payment or transaction system works is important. Especially when it comes to crypto, which can easily boom in a short time.

It is necessary to know what causes many people, especially abroad, to switch to it. So, we provide information about the intended details. You can see how it works in more detail in the following explanation:

  1. First, transactions made will be automatically recorded on the ledger. The decentralized ledger is called the blockchain. While it is a collection of blocks that are connected to each other.
  2. Each blockchain contains a number of crypto transaction records, when a transaction occurs, the related info will automatically be sent to the entire network of crypto users’ computers, which will then verify the transaction.
  3. Third, once the verification is complete, the transaction is recorded on a new blockchain. Each block is linked to the previous block using cryptography. Clearly making everything more securely distributed.
  4. Once recorded on the blockchain, the crypto owner will receive digital tokens that can be stored in a digital wallet. Of course, the choice of wallet is free as long as it is connected to the system.
  5. The digital tokens you get can be used for payments using crypto. It’s just that you have to exchange it into fiat money or according to the approval of the relevant party.

However, you need to remember that this process cannot be done instantly like conventional processes, especially banks. Where indeed the process only takes a few seconds, while crypto takes days.

So as a prospective user, you must consider carefully about it. Whether the benefits and risks of use will be worth the interest in using the mode.

Advantages and Risks of Using Crypto as a Payment Method

Continuing about the considerations in choosing payment using crypto, of course it will not be far from the advantages and risks. you can see a more complete explanation here.


  • Anonymity, of course, transactions will be carried out anonymously and transparently at the same time. Users of cryptocurrencies can maintain their privacy in conducting transactions.
  • Security, of course, transactions use blockchain technology which makes transactions guaranteed security. Because all records are stored neatly on a network connected to the blockchain, thus creating a secure distributed block chain.
  • Ease, crypto payments are easy to make even for international transactions. Without the need to worry about currency restrictions, it will be easier for many parties.
  • Low cost, without a third party in the transaction process. Obviously it will make the burden of transaction costs inexpensive, although there is still but it is definitely much smaller.


  • Volatility, if you want to use crypto as a payment process. You need to consider high volatility. Because crypto prices can go up and down and are prone to manipulation by the elite.
  • Security risks, it is true that there is a guarantee from the blockchain system, but the storage is done on a digital wallet. Making it vulnerable to theft by skilled hackers.
  • Unclear regulations, in some countries even Indonesia still does not recommend using crypto. However, there are still those who have used it for payment or investment.
  • Limitations, not many parties are willing to accept it. There are still many traders, especially conventional ones, who prefer dollars and euros. So that the users are still not felt to be maximized in the near future.

As a user you must be smart in considering payment methods. In order to make everything run more smoothly, including payments using crypto that you have to explore.

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