How to Turn Off and Restart BCA EDC Machine

Cara Mematikan Mesin EDC BCA dan Menghidupkan Kembali

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BCA EDC machines are essential tools for merchants and business owners who want to provide cashless payment services to their customers. With an EDC machine, you can easily accept credit and debit card payments.

However, there are times when you may need to turn off your BCA EDC machine, such as when your store is closed or experiencing technical difficulties. In this article, we will discuss how to turn off BCA EDC machines correctly and safely.

Introducing BCA EDC Machine

BCA EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machine is a device used to make payment transactions using debit or credit cards. This machine is directly connected to the banking system so you can process transactions quickly and efficiently.

EDC BCA is equipped with chip and PIN technology that provides extra security when making transactions, both for you and your customers.

Reasons for Turning Off BCA EDC Machine

There are several reasons why you may need to turn off the BCA EDC machine, such as when the store is closed, experiencing technical problems, or needing to replace the battery. Turning off the BCA EDC machine properly will help maintain the machine’s performance and avoid unnecessary damage.

Steps to Turn Off BCA EDC Machine

Shutting down a BCA EDC machine is not difficult, but you must follow the following steps correctly for a smooth and safe shutdown process.

1. Ensure Transaction Completed

Before turning off the BCA EDC machine, make sure all ongoing transactions have been completed. If there are pending transactions, complete them first to avoid errors in the system.

2. Accessing the Settings Menu

To turn off the BCA EDC machine, you need to access the settings menu on the machine. To do this, press the ‘Menu’ button located at the bottom of the BCA EDC machine screen.

3. Selecting the Shutdown Option

After accessing the settings menu, look for the ‘Power Off’ or ‘Shut Down’ option and press the ‘Enter’ button. This will take you to the BCA EDC machine outage confirmation screen.

4. Confirming Machine Outage

At the confirmation screen, press the ‘Enter’ button again to shut down the BCA EDC machine. Wait a few seconds for the machine to completely shut down and the screen to go dark. Once the machine is off, unplug the power cord or charger (if any) to save energy and preserve the battery life of the BCA EDC machine.

How to turn on the BCA EDC machine

After you know how to turn off the BCA EDC machine, it is also important to know how to turn on the BCA EDC machine again. The process of turning on the BCA EDC machine is very easy and fast. First of all, make sure the BCA EDC machine is connected to an electrical power source or charger.

Then, press and hold the ‘Power’ or ‘On/Off’ button located on the side of the BCA EDC machine until the screen lights up. Wait for a few moments until the machine finishes booting and is ready to use again.


Properly shutting down your BCA EDC machine is important to maintain its performance and longevity. By following the steps above, you can shut down your BCA EDC machine safely and efficiently. Always make sure all transactions are completed before turning off the machine and don’t forget to turn the machine back on when you are ready to use it again.

With proper maintenance, your BCA EDC machine will continue to work well and support your business in accepting cashless payments.

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