How to Save Pocket Money for School: 9 Easy Ways

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How to be frugal in spending pocket money is not as difficult as people imagine. On the contrary, simple ways are even a powerful way to be more efficient in spending pocket money.

A student or college student who is still rationed pocket money from parents may be very important to understand these methods. This is to avoid the pocket money running out or even not enough until the end of the month.

Frugality or reducing expenses alone is not effective enough to save pocket money. Here are some simple yet effective ways to make spending your pocket money more efficient.

1. Draft a Budget First

Once you receive your allowance, the first thing to do is to draft a budget. This budget plan should be as detailed as possible, according to the period of pocket money given.

For example, if the pocket money is given monthly. Then, the draft budget should be made for the next month. The more detailed the budget, the better. Budget the pocket money for important needs first.  For example, to pay for boarding fees, food costs, transportation costs, and essential costs.

Allocate these funds in advance and separate them so that it is clear which money will be used for certain needs.  Not only separating money for needs, but also budgeting money for emergency needs. In addition, separate the money for savings in advance so that the money is saved at the beginning of the receipt of pocket money.

2. Record Every Expenditure

The next way to save money on spending pocket money is to record every expense carefully. Unrecorded expenses can be a financial trap for students or perhaps school students who still get pocket money.

Because they do not remember every expenditure made, eventually financial records and track records cannot be examined in detail and completely. Therefore, it is a good idea to record every expenditure made carefully.

To minimize errors, students or school students can immediately record expenses as soon as they are made. To make it easier, students or school students can use a financial recording application.  That way, expenses and income can be recorded more automatically and more organized. Recording is also more detailed and nothing will be missed.

3. Compare Prices to Consider Buying

If you want to buy something, especially important and essential items. For example, rice, toiletries, or groceries. It is better to do a survey first and make a list of prices from different stores.

One store with another usually provides different prices for its customers. In fact, there are stores that can provide cheap and affordable prices.

If students or school students want to buy online. Don’t forget to compare prices after considering shipping costs. Don’t compare prices by involving vouchers or discounts first.

By doing a survey first, you can get the same item at a more affordable price.

4. Utilize Mass Public Transportation

For students or school students who often use online motorcycle taxis. It is better to change the habit by utilizing mass public transportation. At first using an online motorcycle taxi will seem cheap.

However, within a month the expenses used for online motorcycle taxis can accumulate and eventually cost more than the budget provided. Therefore, to save money, it is better to use mass public transportation.

For example, buses, trains, angkot, and various other public transportation. Public transportation fares are usually much cheaper. Users sometimes have to walk a little to the bus stop or station. Walking becomes a healthy habit.

5. Bring Snacks from Home and Reduce Snacks

Bringing lunch from home or boarding house can be a way to save money on spending pocket money. Because it reduces the possibility of food costs exceeding the specified budget.

In addition, because it is full with lunch from home or boarding house.  So, students and school students can avoid unnecessary snacks. In addition, bringing lunch from home is healthier and cleaner than buying food from outside.

Bringing lunch can also hone cooking skills and the ability to save groceries. There are also many lunch inspirations that can be tried from the internet or people nearby.

6. Bring Your Own Drink from Home

In addition to bringing snacks from home, a frugal way to spend pocket money can also be by bringing your own drinks at home. By getting used to bringing drinks from home.

So, it can reduce the budget for buying drinks outside.  Try to bring water to drink in a large enough drink bottle container.

That way, the water can last long enough, it would be more beneficial if there is a gallon place to refill drinking water at school or campus.  So, just provide a drink bottle. In addition, the habit of drinking water can make the body healthier. Because people tend to buy sugary and flavored drinks if they buy drinks outside.

7. Make the Most of Discounts

If you want to buy an item, especially a tertiary item. Such as shoes, bags, or other items. It is better to make the most of discounts. Big discounts are usually given at certain times.

For example, on weekends or holidays such as holidays or new year. These times are the ideal times to buy your desired items. Don’t forget, to budget the cost of buying the items you want in advance.

That way, the expenses to buy the desired items do not affect the budget that was planned initially. It’s a good idea to separate savings for desired items and savings for savings.

8. Always Keep Coins

Although it is a small denomination, never underestimate coins. Always keep your coins neatly organized. Because if collected, the amount can be quite large and can be an additional savings or used for sudden needs.

Because of its small size, one can easily lose coins and feel that it doesn’t matter. In fact, the number of coins lost if collected is quite large. Moreover, coins are still much needed in various transactions.

9. Don’t Follow the Trend Too Much

Being updated about the latest trends is sometimes a good thing. However, it must also be adjusted to the ability to buy the desired item. If the costs required cannot catch up with the latest trends.  Then, it’s better not to follow the trend. Adjust your lifestyle to your existing financial capabilities.

Because, if you force yourself to follow the trend, the pocket money given will not meet the needs for the trend itself.  By saving money in spending pocket money above, students or school students who still get pocket money. Certainly can save a lot of pocket money. The above method is very easy to apply in everyday life.

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