Guide on How to Create a BRI Credit Card (Via Bank & Online)

Panduan Cara Membuat Kartu Kredit BRI (Via Bank & Online)

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Credit cards have now become a necessity for everyone. By knowing how to make a bri credit card, customers can use the card service for various transactions. Starting from shopping for goods or products, paying bills and others.

Requirements for BRI Credit Card

Before making a BRI card, you will definitely need some files as requirements that must be met.

This is normal and reasonable, because the customer service will record the personal data of all customers to be able to make an ATM card / savings book.

The following, we will explain the requirements for making a BRI credit card.

  • Minimum age 21 years old. Maximum 45 years
  • Citizenship of Indonesian and foreigners
  • Bring a photocopy of ID such as KTP
  • Don’t forget to also bring a photocopy of NPWP
  • Photocopy of savings about the last three months
  • Salary / income certificate that has been signed by a superior
  • Photocopy of salary slip that has been delegated
  • Minimum salary, according to the type of credit card you choose

How to Make BRI Credit Card Directly / To Bank

After collecting the required files, you can directly make a credit card by visiting BRI bank directly.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar, you can read about credit card functions in our previous post.

Back to the discussion, later the process of making it will be fully assisted by the customer service, even guided until the credit card is completed.

Here is how to make a BRI credit card directly to the bank.

  1. First, visit the nearest BRI bank
  2. Take your queue to queue to customer service
  3. If you have been called, go forward to customer service
  4. Then you will be directed to fill out the form
  5. Fill in accordance with the instructions on the form / help from CS
  6. The files that you have brought, will later be submitted directly to BRI center
  7. You only need to wait for confirmation from the bank, after which the interview
  8. After the interview, you only need to wait for the card proposal
  9. The process of creating a BRI credit card has been completed and successful

How to Make BRI Credit Card Online

With the sophistication of technology in this day and age, you can rely on the internet to be able to create a BRI credit card.

Even the method is much easier, because it is done online or from home. So, there is no need to go to the bank to apply for the card.

There are several ways you can do to make a BRI credit card via online, including the following

  1. First, open a browser on your smartphone
  2. Visit the official BRI website at
  3. After opening it, you will get card creation instructions
  4. Just follow them until the instructions are complete
  5. You will also be asked to fill in a form, fill in your phone number and email
  6. From both contacts, it will be used to confirm
  7. In the process of making a credit card, you will be contacted through the contact earlier
  8. The process of making a BRI credit card via online is complete

Main Features of BRI Credit Card

When creating a BRI credit card successfully, you will get a lot of facilities that are specifically provided by the credit card.

Like one of them by being accepted anywhere to make transactions in several places that have the master card or visa logo. Here are some of the advantages of BRI credit cards.

  • Free airport lounge at several airports
  • BRI points at merchants
  • BRI travel service, easy to book tickets, hotels, tour packages
  • BRIng, light shopping program with 0 to 0.79% installment
  • Call center for 24 hours to provide information
  • SMS and internet banking

Types of BRI Credit Cards

Please note, that before you decide to make a BRI credit card. Know the various types of cards first.

The goal is to be able to determine the services and features of the card with the needs. Given that BRI has many types of cards to choose from.

1. BRI Touch Credit Card

One of the many types of BRI credit cards, the BRI Touch. It is a card that is suitable for beginners or those who have never experienced having a credit card before.

Not only that, employees can also use this card. Especially those whose salary is at least 3 million.

By using this BRI Touch, you will get special services such as free from annual fees.

For cash withdrawals, it can be 40% percent of the limit, while for over limit it can reach around Rp 75,000. The limit of this credit card is 5 to 150 million.

2. BRI Easy Card Credit Card

For the BRI Easy Card credit card type, it is suitable for an employee who has a salary of at least 3 million.

Almost similar to the previous BRI Touch, but the difference is in the credit card limit which can reach around 5 to 25 millions.

However, unfortunately you will not be free from the annual fee. However, the over limit fee only reaches Rp 50,000.

The advantage of this card is that all customers can get cashback opportunities for various transactions / withdrawals.

3. BRI Corporate Card Credit Card

Credit cards with this type of Corporate Card are perfect for those of you who are business people / entrepreneurs.

There are so many interesting promos, such as getting services in the form of an executive lounge at the airport.

There is an annual fee that only reaches Rp 50,000 and the maximum withdrawal is around Rp 5,000,000.

As for the over limit of this BRI Corporate Card credit card, it can reach around Rp 400,000. Even customers will get BRI Points.

4. BRI Premium Card and JCB Platinum Credit Card

The next type of card is called BRI Premium, this card still consists of several more kinds. Such as BRI Platinum, Platinum, Infinite and World Access.

This card will be very suitable for customers whose hobby is traveling. The credit limit is around 25 million to 150 million.

The last type of BRI credit card called JCB Platinum is also intended for customers who like to travel.

There are several kinds of interesting services that can be obtained, such as hotels, shuttle buses, airport lounges and others – lin. There is also an annual fee of around 300 thousand.

Those are some detailed explanations of how how to make a BRI credit card. Along with a discussion of the types of credit cards, so you can choose the card first before making it.

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