How to Check KUR BRI Installments Easily and Safely

cara cek angsuran KUR BRI

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If the user is a BRI Bank customer and gets a KUR loan, it is mandatory to know how to check BRI KUR installments. Because it is important to do, in order to know for sure, how much the remaining installments must be paid.

Many say that someone who gets a KUR loan is very lucky, because there are many benefits in the loan. One of them is that the amount of interest per year is quite low, so it will ease the users.

In addition to understanding how many remaining installments must be paid, there are also several other needs that require checking KUR installments. So how do you do it? Check out the following explanation.


Before entering the discussion on how to check BRI KUR installments. First, users must understand what KUR BRI is? How many types are there? And what are its advantages?

So, KUR BRI stands for people’s business credit loans. This loan will be given by BRI specifically for the needs of small communities in order to create their own businesses. KUR BRI is also the result of BRI’s collaboration with the government.

KUR loans are famous for their long tenor and small interest rate, which is 6 percent per year. It also has several types such as KUR Retail, KUR Micro, KUR TKI, and KUR Super Micro.

BRI KUR Loan Requirements

The business that will be given this loan must also fulfill various conditions set by Bank BRI. Some of these conditions are:

The business is feasible. This means that it is clearly feasible to be developed. This can be seen from the possibilities that can be obtained with the help of loan capital such as this KUR loan.
The business is productive. This means that the business has actually produced goods or services that are profitable for the owner.

Those are some of the requirements so that a business can get a loan from KUR BRI. Strive for the user’s business to meet these requirements so that there is a great opportunity to get a BRI KUR loan.

Then if you have met some of the requirements above, then users need to take several important steps such as the following:

  • Make sure the user’s business has proven to meet the feasible and productive requirements. Because later BRI will test the feasibility of the business.
  • Prepare various necessary documents such as KTP, KK, TDP, Business Establishment Deed, SIUP, and domicile certificate. The domicile certificate is needed if the place of business is different from the place of residence.
  • In addition, also prepare financial data from the business, both monthly and annually. Also include a BRI KUR loan application letter.
  • If everything has been collected, then submit it to Bank BRI so that it immediately enters the data verification process.
  • After that, Bank BRI will survey the user’s place of business. This process will test the feasibility of the user’s business.

If it meets all the requirements, then BRI Bank will consider providing a KUR loan. The most important thing is the preparation of the business and all the files that will be submitted, try to meet all applicable requirements.

How to Check KUR BRI Installments

After knowing what KUR BRI is, users must also understand how to check KUR BRI installments. This method is useful if the user is one of the recipients of this loan. Because it is important to check the remaining installments regularly.

As for being able to check it, there are various ways that users can do. Then the user just needs to see there, how many bills have been paid and how many remaining installments need to be paid off. So how are the steps? Check out the following:

1. Via ATM

The first way to check BRI KUR installments is by using an ATM machine. The method is also simple and not complicated, just follow the following steps:

  • Come to the nearest BRI ATM.
  • Then insert the user’s ATM card.
  • Then type the PIN correctly.
  • Next, select the “Payment” menu on the ATM machine screen.
  • Then select “Bill”.
  • After that, select the “Bank BRI” menu.
  • Then enter the user’s KUR BRI agreement code.
  • Done, the amount of installments that must be paid by the user has been displayed on the ATM machine screen.

2. Via BRImo

Check the next installment is by using the BRImo application. The method is no less easy than before, even very flexible (can check anywhere). The step by step is:

  • Download and install the BRImo application on the user’s mobile phone.
  • Next, enter the username or cellphone number and then enter the password. Then click Log in.
  • After that, enter the “Payment” menu.
  • Then enter the “Loan” menu.
  • Then select the “BRI Bank” menu.
  • Then type in the KUR loan account number belonging to the user.
  • Done, there will be information about the number of installments that must be paid by the user.

3. Via Internet Banking

The third way to be able to check installments on KUR BRI is to use Internet Banking. This method is also flexible like the previous one, as for the steps are:

  • Open the browser on the user’s cellphone.
  • Then open BRI’s internet banking, or you can directly type
  • Next type the Id and password of the user’s account.
  • Next type the validation code found on the screen. Make sure you have entered the code correctly.
  • Then click “Login”.
  • Then select the “Account” menu.
  • Next select the “Loan Details” menu.
  • Then type in the user’s KUR BRI loan number.
  • Done, the number of installments that must be paid by the user will be displayed on the screen.

4. Via Email

The next trick is to use email. The method is very easy, which is enough to send an email message to the address using the subject check the remaining BRI KUR installments. After that, type a message in polite language.

The content of the message is information related to the user’s personal data and BRI KUR contract number. Make sure to type in correct Indonesian according to spelling to make it easier for BRI to verify the data.

5. Via SMS Banking

SMS Banking is a service that can be utilized by BRI Bank customers, including to check KUR BRI installments. However, users must activate this feature first before using it.

The method is quite easy. That is, just type SMS with the format BRI (space) Name# KUR number# Date of birth# Email. If you have sent an SMS to number 99333.

6. Via WhastApp BRI

The next way is to use BRI’s official WhatsApp number service, as for the number is 08121214017. Make sure the WhatsApp number has a green check, because if not then the number is fake.

Then users just send a request message to check the remaining KUR installments. Wait a minute, until the BRI admin replies to the user’s message. Only then will the results of checking the installments be sent quickly and safely.

Those are the various ways to check BRI KUR installments. There are many ways to be able to check it, please choose which method you want to use. It is recommended to always check installments regularly, so that users do not forget about their installments.

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