How to Disburse Tapenas BNI Before Maturity with 2 Easy Ways

Cara Pencairan Tapenas BNI Sebelum Jatuh Tempo Dengan 2 Cara Mudah

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How to withdraw Tapenas BNI before maturity easily? Given that many have used this savings as a funding investment in the future. Starting from teenagers to adults, many have also used it.

As one of the savings intended for future investment, of course Tapenas has its own advantages and benefits. Just like the forms of savings in several well-known banks in Indonesia such as BRI, BTN, and others.

By saving, it can be used for financial security in the future. However, there are still many who do not know about Tapenas and also how to withdraw it. Therefore, this article will review them one by one.

What is Tapenas BNI?

Before discussing how to cash out Tapenas BNI before maturity, it is necessary to first understand what Tapenas is and its advantages. Why many people utilize the tapenas feature as their savings for future financial needs.

Tapenas stands for Future Planning Savings. As the name implies, it can be ascertained that this savings is indeed to prepare for future finances. It is defined as a term deposit that makes finances more organized and secure.

With BNI Tapenas, of course the bank will provide insurance facilities for its customers. However, customers must be diligent in depositing money each month according to financial procedures and also the specified time.

Even so, not just anyone can save through Tapenas because there are special terms and conditions. Customers must be at least 17 years old when they want to save, and the maturity of savings when the customer is 65 years old.

Judging from the type of Tapenas savings, there are two types used, namely Tapenas BNI IDR and Tapenas BNI USD. The IDR one means BNI taplus while the USD one is BNI Dollar. Both refer to the type of currency.

How to cash out Tapenas BNI before maturity

How to cash out Tapenas BNI before maturity can be done in two easy ways which will certainly disburse the funds immediately. The disbursement can be done through Mobile Banking or directly visiting the nearest BNI bank branch.

1. Through BNI Mobile Banking

The first way that can be done to make this disbursement is through Mobile Banking or BNI’s digital wallet application. This method is quite easy to do because customers do not need to bother coming to the nearest branch office.

  • The first step is to open the M-Banking application first through the cellphone used. If you have not downloaded it, please download it first through the App Store or Play Store.
  • Please enter the application using the correct password and username so that the disbursement process does not take too long.
  • When you have entered, look for the Other Products and Services menu on the application dashboard. After finding the menu, click the Life Goals menu.
  • Then on the menu will be given several slides about the tapenas such as the goals and benefits of the Tapenas.
  • To skip it, please swipe left until you find the last slide. On the last slide, look for the Choose Your Own Destination menu. please click on the menu.
  • On the menu, it will display a form containing a financial plan intended for customers.
  • Please fill in the form following the instructions given. If it is all filled in, please click Calculate Simulation to find out the amount of money saved.
  • Not long after, the application will provide information on the amount of monthly deposits and Projected Funds available.
  • Then the customer can withdraw the savings by clicking Agree after reading the terms and conditions.
  • Wait a few moments until you get a notification that the disbursement was successful.

Things to remember, that Tapenas has a tax that must be paid by customers. The tax amounts to a maximum of 20% of the total balance available. However, this tax fee may change at any time according to the bank’s latest procedures.

2. Through the nearest BNI Bank Branch

How to cash out Tapenas BNI before maturity can also be done by visiting the nearest BNI branch office. This method is easier for people who do not have the M-Banking application so they have to go to the office directly. Then how to disburse it?

  • Need to know, that before visiting the nearest branch office, customers must prepare the important documents needed. These include ID card, Tapenas savings book, BNI debit card, and account book.
  • When the documents are ready, please visit the nearest BNI branch office which is still open at that time.
  • When you arrive at the office, please state the purpose of arrival to the bank security guard to be directed to the next step.
  • The security guard will then direct the customer to take the queue number first to wait for his turn to be called by the bank.
  • When you have been called, state the purpose of your arrival that you want to disburse Tapenas BNI.
  • Along with that, the bank will ask for the files that have been brought earlier. Please give them to the bank for inspection.
  • Then the bank will ask for the documents that have been brought earlier.
  • Then the bank or teller will immediately verify the disbursement of the requested savings.
  • Wait for a while until the savings disbursement is given by the bank to the customer. However, because the disbursement is made before maturity, the money will be deducted 1% or at least Rp. 100,000 as a penalty fee.

Please note, that the penalty fee does not apply to deceased savings owners. So the family or anyone who will look for it can come directly to the office by bringing the documents needed to cash out.

The documents that are brought are the same as in general. However, because the account owner has died, additional documents are needed in the form of a death certificate and family card. KK is used to ensure that the person withdrawing the money is still a relative.

Excellence of Tapenas BNI

After understanding what Tapenas is, how to withdraw Tapenas BNI before maturity, it is time to discuss its advantages. This is necessary so that people who want to save money should know what facilities Tapenas BNI will provide.

  • Tapenas BNI is available in two currencies, IDR or Rupiah and USD or Dollar. So customers who have Dollar money can be saved through Tapenas.
  • Customers are free to determine the savings period with a minimum period of 3 months to 216 months.
  • Cheap initial deposit of only Rp. 50,000 only.
  • Customers are free in making how many monthly deposits with a minimum deposit of Rp. 50,000 or multiples. However, the maximum deposit is Rp. 25,000,000.
  • Customers are also free if they want to deposit funds outside of the monthly deposit or can be said to be additional funds.
  • Can open more than one Tapenas BNI account for more than one prospective beneficiary.
  • Customers automatically get accident insurance facilities and are also free of premium fees.

This is a glimpse of information on how to withdraw Tapenas BNI before maturity that can be done by customers. Customers can make disbursements through the BNI Mobile Banking application online or visit the nearest BNI branch office directly.

With the existence of Tapenas BNI, it is certainly hoped that it can help customers in managing their finances as future savings. Customers can do financial planning and management easily without having to think about the risks obtained from this savings.

But before saving, it must be understood in advance what things are needed so that savings can be processed properly. Please also note, that every month you must be diligent in depositing money so that the savings are not revoked by the bank.

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