Advantages of QR Code Transactions, Fast, Safe, and Efficient

Keuntungan Transaksi Kode QR, Cepat, Aman, dan Efisien

In this modern era, various kinds of payments are available ranging from transfers, debit, credit, and even QR code transactions. A progress that you can’t deny anymore, because with this help.

Everyone is made easier to do their daily activities. However, of all the options, QR seems to be the most potential choice. Because of the ease of use, it is felt that it will be suitable for a future without cash later.

For more details, let’s see what QR code transactions are, the benefits, and the obstacles to doing so in Indonesia. In order to make you better understand the concept.

What is a QR Code Transaction?

A QR code transaction is a transaction that uses a two-dimensional matrix code. In the code, there is information that can be read by a smart phone camera.

Of course, only on smart phones that are equipped with a QR scan feature. Various kinds of information such as text, url, telephone, address, email and others.

Of course it is very popular to be used in your various daily activities. Starting from advertising, business, even payments on all kinds of transactions in direct purchases.

When used for payment, users simply scan the code at the merchant store that provides it. Then the code will be read with detailed transaction information.

Users can make payments through the application of choice, either mobile-banking or digital wallet. Free according to choice as long as it is connected to the QR code transaction.

Advantages of Using QR for Payment

Continuing about the advantages of using it as a payment method, such as speed, convenience, and transaction security.

Of course, it must also be explained in more detail, in order to make you better understand the current innovations regarding digital payments. So here are some of those advantages.

1. Transaction speed

Fast transaction is one of the main advantages of QR code transactions. In fact, it only takes a few seconds to complete the corresponding payment.

Compared to other methods, it will obviously take longer. Just look at credit, debit, or even bank transfer cards. It takes a long time because you have to enter the pin first.

Of course this will not be effective for use in crowded places, QR is the most popular choice because all you have to do is take a photo and everything will be automatically paid if the balance is sufficient.

2. Provide convenience in payment

Furthermore, the ease of making payments will also be provided by QR code transactions. As already explained, users only need to take photos.

Thus, users do not need to physically carry cash or debit and credit cards. Easy to use and reduce the risk of loss or even theft.

Especially now that it is heading towards a recession, making activities outside if still using physical mode. Provoke criminal acts that harm many people.

3. Security of transaction

Compared to other methods, only displaying the code will make things more secure. Displaying only limited transaction information also makes it more secure.

The code inside cannot be manipulated at all so it will be safer to use. It’s just that just like with any other technology, there is always a threat behind it.

Threats in the form of phishing or directing someone to a malicious site, so you must be careful in making QR code transactions so that in the future nothing unwanted happens.

Tips to Use Safe QR Payment

Although there are benefits that can be obtained, but there are always losses that will arise. Therefore, it is important to explore also about safe tips in using it. Here are some tips that you can do to get safe payments

1. Check the source of the QR code

Make sure the scanned QR code comes from a trusted source, such as from an authorized store or merchant. In addition, do not ignore it, especially if it looks suspicious from an unknown source.

2. Use the official payment app

You yourself must use an official payment application from a trusted payment service provider. Use payments from banks or digital wallets that already have a big name.

3. Verify the information from QR

Before making a payment, make sure the relevant information such as the payment amount and merchant name are correct. This is important to avoid mistakes that could be intentional by other parties.

4. Check internet connection

Make sure the internet connection is more secure, don’t use a free vpn that gives full access. Instead, use internet access from Indonesia’s best internet service providers for guaranteed security.

5. Personal information is not needed

Suppose you make a QR code transaction at a certain location, if someone asks for a credit card number or even a password, don’t give it. Because the transaction does not need to use it.

6. Make sure to log out after using the app

Always make yourself log out after completing a payment, because it is a security procedure provided by financial service providers in the wider world.

This new payment innovation is indeed a viable option. However, in order to get the best QR code transactions, it still has to be developed further for the general user knowledge side.

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