Proven Ways to Withdraw Money from Traveloka through PayLater

Cara Mencairkan Uang Di Traveloka Melalui PayLater

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How to cash out money on Traveloka via PayLater, of course, many Traveloka account holders are curious about this. Traveloka itself, being one of the Unicorn startups in Indonesia, has the best service for its users.

Traveloka account holders will be treated to various online features that greatly facilitate daily needs such as booking lodging tickets for buses, planes, trains and other vehicles.

Another advantage is that you can buy tickets by activating your Traveloka PayLater account. PayLater Traveloka makes it easy for account holders who don’t have the money to pay for products. So that it can be enjoyed at a later date.

When the Traveloka PayLater balance limit is still a lot and the desire arises to cash it out so that it can be cashed out. So, how to cash out money in Traveloka PayLater?

How to Cash Out PayLater Money in Traveloka to Account

Well, don’t worry, there must be a solution to cashing out Traveloka PayLater money which actually cannot be cashed directly. For more details, follow the following tutorial to find out how to cash out Traveloka Paylater money into cash.

Before starting, make sure you have an account in the name of the account owner and have the following important applications, such as Traveloka, Blibli, Ultra Voucher, Lazada and OVO/Gopay. Make sure you have installed and registered an account in each application to make it easier to disburse money.

1. Use Traveloka App

The first way to withdraw money on Traveloka PayLater can be done directly on the PayLater menu. There are two types of PayLater in the Traveloka application, namely PayLater specifically for shopping in the application and outside the application.

Furthermore, for those who have not verified PayLater Traveloka, you should verify with the phone number that has been registered in the application. Furthermore, there will be an SMS otp code for data verification.

If the application has been verified, a virtual number will automatically appear on the PayLater card and the card’s active period is active within 15 minutes. This way of cashing out money in Traveloka can be tried.

2. Buy Lakuemas Voucher at Market place

Next, buy Lakuemas vouchers at any market place, the most important thing is that the registered email and active number are the same as the application used. Then choose the Lakuemas voucher with the limit you want to cash out. Here are the next steps:

  • If you have chosen a voucher, please pay by debit/credit card payment method and checkout.
  • Enter the Traveloka virtual number card number that was previously created and click to create an order
  • Voucher payment purchase history will be sent through registered email.
  • Check the incoming email containing the code and copy the Lakuemas e-voucher for further use.

3. Redeem Lakuemas E-Voucher Using OVO

How to cash out money on Traveloka by Redeeming E vouchers that have been purchased using the OVO application because the admin fee is cheaper. But if you choose another e wallet application, it can also be used.

Here are the easy steps to convert the Lakuemas Ultra Voucher balance that has been purchased using the Traveloka PayLater Card:

  • Click the Redeem Voucher menu by filling in the 12 digit voucher code that can be copied in the email.
  • Next click use and wait for the gold voucher transaction notification and if it has returned to the application homepage.

4. Sell Gold from Redeem Voucher

The next way to sell gold using the Lakuemas application that has been purchased using Traveloka PayLater. Here are the easy steps that need to be done to sell gold in the application:

  • First Select the nominal gold to be sold and then click continue to make payment.
  • Need to remember that in buying and selling goods there will be a difference that occurs. Usually the items purchased are much more expensive than the items sold.
  • Next type to enter the Lakuemas application PIN and confirm for payment.
  • If you have immediately check the account balance to find out the results of gold sales. If it hasn’t appeared, wait up to 24 hours.

By following the previous steps, you are guaranteed to be able to sell gold easily and quickly through the Lakuemas application. Make sure to always pay attention and check the difference between the selling and buying price of gold before making a transaction.

5. Cash Out Lakuemas Balance to Account

Next, check the balance in the Lakuemas application from the results of selling gold that has been done before. If the gold sale is successful, the nominal balance will appear in the account.

In this application, you can also easily cash out the gold balance in the application to a bank account. Here are the quick steps on how to cash out the Lakuemas balance:

  • To withdraw the balance do the first thing by opening the cash withdrawal menu in the Lakuemas application.
  • Next, enter the desired cash withdrawal amount correctly.
  • Confirm After entering the nominal cash withdrawal, and an admin fee of 5 thousand is charged.
  • Enter the destination account number that has been registered with the same ownership name and confirm.
  • Also enter the security PIN for the transaction process. Keep the PIN confidential.
  • If the transaction process is declared successful, the balance is already in the account.

How to cash out Paylater and cash out in the Traveloka application above by using gold purchase vouchers or other vouchers that are easy to cash out and resell for cash. Therefore it is only necessary to explore what vouchers are easy to cash out.

How to Gestun Traveloka PayLater Money

Not everyone can activate the Traveloka PayLater card, only those who apply and meet the requirements. Actually PayLater is not a cash loan, automatically cannot cheat it out of the balance limit.

There has been a lot of buzz regarding Gestun services as a solution to cash out the Traveloka balance limit. However, Gestun services are not recommended for use, because it is dangerous if you choose the wrong service.

For this reason, there is a safe way to do Gestun by utilizing product purchases at Traveloka. Here’s an easy way that can be done.

Be an intermediary in selling Traveloka tickets for other people and relatives in need. Offer a friendly price until the deal and pay for the ticket with Traveloka’s PayLater limit.

Then the person will pay with cash or debit so that it can be cashed out. Indirectly it is mutually beneficial from both parties.

Other people can easily get transportation tickets and in addition can cash out Traveloka PayLater easily. This is Gestun which is safe to use and definitely does not harm both parties.

From the above discussion related to how to cash out money in Traveloka paylater, it can be concluded that the first way to cash out money to an account is actually easy to do. However, you must continue to understand each step and have several supporting applications.

For the second way, namely Gestun Traveloka PayLater balance limit, although this method or trick will take a little time because you have to look for target friends / relatives who are in need of tickets. But it can be ascertained that this method is legal and not against the law.

So there is no need to use gestun or third party methods to cash out Traveloka Paylater because this is an illegal method. Thus the discussion about how to cash out money on Traveloka Paylater which can be used as a reference.

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