5 Rarely Known Advantages of Sharia Insurance

5 Kelebihan Asuransi Syariah yang Jarang Diketahui

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Maybe you still rarely hear about the advantages of sharia insurance. Indeed, currently most people only use conventional or general insurance. In addition to the large number of choices, you can get several benefits from general insurance.

But for Muslims, of course, they still cannot use conventional insurance. Especially if the interest is quite high or there are some other rules that are not in accordance with religious teachings. So there should be other types of insurance that are suitable for Muslims.

If you are Muslim, of course you will understand this correctly. If you are not ready to use conventional insurance, you can use sharia only because it is already available in Indonesia. Of course, by understanding what are the advantages or advantages of sharia insurance.

You should not underestimate this type of insurance in advance. Sometimes there are still people who feel that sharia brands are not as modern as conventional or general brands. Even though there are many advantages that can be obtained from the type of sharia.

5 Major Advantages of Sharia Insurance

Generally, people use the type of sharia in accordance with the teachings of their religion. Indeed, this is a true and appropriate reason. It’s just that if you know more about the advantages, of course you will be more interested in using it. note the following advantages.

1. Suitable for Muslims

The main advantage is that it is suitable for people of Islamic faith. If you are Muslim, of course you have to follow the existing demands, including in terms of economy and insurance. Ulama in Indonesia have also deliberated on this matter in order to provide solutions.

Maybe at first you always think that Muslims have many restrictions. So they cannot apply for loans or even prepare for all possibilities for the future, for example by buying life, health, education and other insurance products.

This is wrong, because Indonesian scholars are always looking for solutions so that all Muslims can live easily. So you don’t need to worry because even though you are Muslim, you are still suitable and can use insurance, namely by using the sharia type.

2. No usury

Then another advantage of sharia insurance is that there is no usury. In Islam, usury is a very heavy penalty. There are even some understandings that say this usury is very haram. Of course all Muslims will stay away from it as a form of obedience to religion.

By using sharia insurance, of course you don’t need to worry about being ensnared in usury. The reason is because the type of sharia insurance does not apply the usury system. There is no story of paying interest if you use this type. Of course it is profitable.

Meanwhile, if you have to pay interest, you will definitely have trouble. Moreover, there are still insurance brands that have considerable interest. With this type of insurance, you only need to pay the principal fee in the insurance so you don’t lose too much.

3. There is a helping hand feature

Many people still don’t know the advantages of this sharia insurance. There is a helping hand feature that can benefit all users. This helping feature is very similar to charity, because you will share your income with others.

It’s just that the income in this case is the income used to pay for insurance costs. If there is an excess of the fee, it will certainly not be used to pay interest or others, but will be given to other users who are much more in need.

This excess is quite in line with the teachings of the Islamic religion of sharing with others. So all insurance users can benefit equally from preparing for the future. In other words, everyone can use this type of insurance even if they are less well-off.

4. There is profit sharing

Not to mention there are advantages of sharia insurance in the form of profit sharing. This sharing is based on other excess costs that are positive. If there is an excess, it will not only be given to people in need but also shared with other users.

So by using this type, you will feel many benefits in the form of future preparation as well as additional income. Although this excess is not obtained every time, but of course you will feel happy if you can get a share of the results.

5. Supervised by sharia supervisory board

Then the last advantage of sharia insurance is that it is closely monitored by the sharia supervisory board. The goal is to ensure that all practices in insurance are still in accordance with the principles of Islam.

Supervision by the sharia council is certainly safe and will certainly prevent other practices that are not in accordance with the teachings of Islam. So you can be much calmer.

By understanding what the advantages are, you don’t need to be confused anymore by forcing yourself to use conventional types. This is because you can take advantage of sharia services that are more in accordance with religious demands and feel the joy of the advantages of sharia insurance.

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