How to Cash Out Itemku Balance: Minimum Balance & Processing Time

Cara Mencairkan Saldo Itemku: Saldo Minimum & Lama Proses

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If you have a large balance in my item, then you must know how how to cash out your itemku balance so that you can use it. So my item is not only for buying online products, but also has a feature to withdraw funds. So the balance can be allocated for other things.

Itemku itself is an e-commerce site that accommodates sellers and buyers. Maybe the user is one of the sellers who already has a balance in it. So they want to cash out the funds so they can be used.

So later it will be described about how to cash out the balance that is owned. But before that it will also be explained about what my item is. So that new users will understand the site better.

How to Cash Out My Item Balance: Getting to Know the Virtual Buying and Selling Platform

The first discussion that will be described this time is about Itemku. Itemku itself is a website engaged in e-commerce that provides virtual products. However, Itemku is only a third party.

The meaning of the third party here is that Itemku acts to accommodate funds from customers. So instead of making transactions to the seller directly, it is safer to make transactions through this. Because security is more guaranteed.

Itemku was established in 2014 with its headquarters in Jakarta. It was established as a subsidiary of PT Five Jack which is a start-up company is South Korea. In the past, itemku was not applicable for e-commerce.

Because at the beginning of its operation, this site only focused on MMORPG-type video game currency exchange transactions. But today it is very different. Any user can register and create an account to sell or buy.

Products Sold On Itemku

Before discussing how to cash out my item balance, this time we will first describe the products sold on the website. It has been said earlier, that the products sold are virtual so as the name implies.

  • Other things that are sold on the website are vouchers of various types of purposes.
  • Then the second is in-game items, this is one of the leading products for various types of online games.
  • If you want to buy an account, then there are also various types of accounts available for purchase.
  • Of course there are still products like when it was first released, which is in the form of in-game currency.

Complete Steps on How to Cash Out My Item Balance

After discussing all that, this time it will be directly outlined how to cash out my item balance to do. So at this point it will be described about the steps. Therefore, let’s see the full explanation.

  • The first thing that needs to be done is to open the Itemku application or you can also go through the website that is already on the device used.
  • If you have not registered a destination account, you must first register it so that the disbursement process can be carried out.
  • Open the store account menu in the tokoku bar or after blue just write the account to be used in the column available.
  • The account used cannot be an e-wallet, va, or one that has been registered with itemku.
  • Then there will be a checking process that takes a long time, if it is valid, the verification process will be carried out.
  • Then you will get a verification code that will be given via miscall if you do not receive it, then you can via SMS.
  • When all is done, then that way the account has been registered in itemku after that just click on the balance liquidation menu.
  • After that, just continue by clicking the liquidate button.
  • If so, then there will be various types of disbursement service options that can be used.
  • To make things easier, there are disbursement options via Paypal, bank transfer or personal account and so on, then choose one of them.
  • If you have chosen, then another thing to do is to enter the account number according to the method chosen.
  • After that, just type or write the nominal balance that will be withdrawn from Itemku earlier.
  • If the balance to be disbursed exceeds the maximum limit, it will be directed to verify the user’s identity.
  • If so, then you can continue by clicking submit then it will be directed to the confirmation page to continue the disbursement process.
  • If all processes have been carried out, the balance will be disbursed immediately.
  • To see the continuation of this process, you can see on the notification page that will appear.

Is there a minimum balance to withdraw?

There is no mention of any minimum balance that can be withdrawn. So please note, that not all funds can be withdrawn at any time. But first it must meet the minimum requirements.

In order for the money to be disbursed, the minimum funds owned are 20,000 Rupiah. Likewise for the maximum disbursement of the store balance owned. However, the maximum limit set is also very much.

The maximum disbursement limit is 250,000,000 or two hundred and fifty million rupiah. This amount is specifically for those who use the disbursement method through BCA bank or Bank Central Asia. Different from other banks.

For other bank users there is a maximum of 500,000,000, 50,000,000 or others depending on the type of method chosen. It would be better if the balance disbursement process is carried out during the working day. So that later the disbursement will be made on time.

How Long Does the Disbursement Process Take?

After knowing about how to cash out my itemized balance and the maximum cashout limit, we will also discuss how long the process takes. Maybe this is the first time you will cash out your store funds. So you still don’t really understand about it.

So this disbursement process will be processed within 1-3 working days for all types of banks. But keep in mind, it will be very different when the disbursement process is carried out during the weekend. The same goes for national holidays.

If it is done at that time, then the disbursement application will be made on the next business day. If the disbursement is made through BCA, BRI and Mandiri banks, there will be no administration fee. Unlike other banks.

If the chosen disbursement method does not use one of the three banks, then later even an administration fee of 6,500 is recognized. this is because the money in it is in the form of rupiah. So the disbursement process will not be as expensive as the dollar.

In addition, the disbursement process that is not too long will also make it easier for every sale who wants to cash out the balance. The most important thing is that all the requirements needed have been met. So the disbursement process will be easier to do.

Such is a review of how to cash out my item balance that can be done when the sales funds owned have been fulfilled. Above has also been described how to register for an account. So that it will make the process easier by following the steps.

It has also been explained about how long the disbursement process takes when making a withdrawal. Also, the maximum disbursement limit depends on the account used. So that users will be easier to adjust to their needs.

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