Get to know the PoS payment system in digital transactions

Mengenal Sistem Pembayaran PoS Dalam Bertransaksi Digital

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Today, the PoS (Point of Sale) payment system is one of the financing methods in online and offline transactions. Yes, this method only requires the consumer’s debit or credit card.

However, the seller must have an EDC machine to be able to make PoS transactions. Therefore, sellers must get an EDC machine issued by the bank. This payment method is quite easy.

In addition, payment methods with the PoS system can also be done online through the seller’s website. So, this method is quite easy, fast, and safe of course.

As a consumer, you must understand how the digital financing system works using the PoS method. Because, this method is different from how to pay using digital financial applications, M-Banking, or Micro ATMs.

Knowing about PoS Payment Method and System

In the digital era, there are many payment methods in shopping, both online and offline shopping. One of the payment methods that is quite convenient for consumers is adopting the Point of Sale (POS) system.

This payment method only needs to use the consumer’s debit card or credit card. And then, the seller only needs to have an EDC machine in the purchase transaction process.

You must get this EDC machine by registering your business with the bank. If the transaction is successful, the money will be automatically debited from the customer’s account.

No need to worry, the EDC machine will automatically issue a receipt for a successful transaction. And this receipt is proof that the payment process with the PoS system is considered successful.

By using the PoS payment method, you don’t need to carry cash when shopping. You can simply bring your debit card or credit card to make purchases.

Guidelines for Financing Procedures with the PoS Payment System

You need to know that this PoS payment method is certainly different from other methods. Because, this PoS payment method still uses a physical card in the form of a debit card or credit card.

Indeed, there are still many ordinary people who do not know how to transact using the Pos payment method. Therefore, here is a guide to financing procedures with the PoS payment system. Among them are the following:

1. Calculating the Shopping Cost

The first step, the seller will calculate how much shopping costs belong to you as a consumer. The seller will calculate the cost of the product or service along with the amount of tax value charged by the consumer.

2. Entering the Total Cost Nominal on the EDC Machine

The second step, the seller will provide an EDC machine according to the type of issuing bank card owned by the consumer. Because, there are some types of EDC machines that are not compatible with cards from certain banks.

3. Performing Transaction

In the third step, the merchant will process the PoS payment system. This is done by inserting or swiping the consumer’s debit card or credit card. And then, the consumer will enter the card PIN on the EDC machine.

Wait a few moments until the payment process using this system runs smoothly. If the EDC machine has issued a receipt, then the payment process is declared successful.

If not, then immediately repeat the payment using the EDC machine. It is possible that the payment process failed due to consumer error when entering the credit card or debit card PIN.

Tips for Shopping Using the PoS Payment System

Using the PoS payment method is indeed guaranteed to be quite safe. This is because no one else can make a transaction without using your credit card or debit card.

So, someone can do a break-in just by having the physical card. Well, there are some tips for shopping safely using this PoS payment system. The first tip is to make sure you have enough balance for the transaction.

If your debit or credit card does not have enough balance, the payment process will be declared failed or invalid. Therefore, check the remaining balance on your debit or credit card first.

The second tip, keep your debit or credit card PIN confidential when transacting using the PoS (Point of Sale) system. Because, this PIN becomes an approval authorization when transacting using debit and credit cards using an EDC machine.

If necessary, please change your debit and credit card PIN after the offline shopping process. This aims to maintain the confidentiality of debit and credit cards when shopping.

The third tip, you can also choose the PoS payment method using Qris media. Because, this method is considered safer and more practical. So, you only need to enter the mobile banking menu.

Then, the seller will provide a Qris code. Please scan and enter the payment amount according to the total shopping. Enter the PIN code. And then, the EDC machine will issue a receipt as proof of transaction.

Now, you can use debit and credit cards when shopping online or offline. This method is considered easier, more practical, and safer. For that, know how to adopt the PoS payment system in digital transactions.

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