How to Pay Traveloka Tickets via Mobile Banking Mandiri

cara bayar tiket traveloka via mobile banking mandiri

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Mandiri account holders who buy travel tickets at Traveloka, don’t need to be confused anymore. Traveloka provides convenience for Mandiri customers in making payments. But apparently, there is a way to pay Traveloka tickets via Mandiri mobile banking quickly and easily.

Traveloka is one of several travel websites or applications that make it easy for users to book hotels, plane tickets, trains and others online. Traveloka also supports payments from various banks, one of which is Mandiri bank.

Overview of Traveloka and Livin Mandiri

Traveloka is one of the leading travel platforms in Southeast Asia. This travel platform provides access for travelers to find and purchase various types of ticket needs to support traveling.

The products provided by Traveloka are very complete, ranging from bus tickets, trains, airport transfers and access to various accommodation options in Southeast Asia. This travel application has also been downloaded by more than 114 million users.

Traveloka also provides 24/7 customer service in the sense of 24 hours in 7 days with various language options, and serves more than 30 ways of transaction payment. Including one of them is payment through Mandiri mobile banking. Meanwhile, Mandiri mobile banking or better known as Livin Mandiri.

It is an m-banking provided by Bank Mandiri, to help its customers more easily make various types of transactions. With the ease of payment provided by Traveloka, as well as the convenience provided by Mandiri bank for its customers. So Mandiri bank customers can directly make Traveloka order payment transactions, through Mandiri mobile banking.

Order Payment Methods at Traveloka

As mentioned earlier, Traveloka provides a large selection of payment methods. The large selection of payment methods, of course, Traveloka prioritizes the convenience of its users in making transactions at Traveloka. Traveloka provides ticket order payments ranging from credit card payments, cash or cash, e-wallets and others. Here are some transaction payment options at Traveloka that can be selected according to your needs:

  • Traveloka accepts cash payments directly through minimarkets such as Indomaret or Alfamart.
  • Credit card. You can pay for transactions at Traveloka by using credit cards from various banks such as Mandiri, BCA, BRI and other banks.
  • E-Wallet. Another payment method selection provided by Traveloka is payment by e-wallet or digital wallet such as LinkAja, Gopay, OVO and other e-wallets.
  • Online debit. Payment by online debit is also supported by Traveloka.
  • Mobile banking. Payment with m-banking is indeed very easy, such as for Mandiri bank users who can make transaction payments at Traveloka through Livin Mandiri.
  • Virtual account. Another method of paying for transactions in Traveloka is with a virtual account. The choices include Mandiri Virtual Account, BCA Virtual Account, BRI Virtual Account and other bank virtual accounts.

How to Pay Traveloka Tickets

As previously known if Traveloka provides convenience by accepting various types of payment methods including through Livin Mandiri. Here’s how to pay Traveloka tickets via Mandiri mobile banking quickly, including:

1. Through Traveloka Website or App

There are two types of Traveloka ticket purchase and payment methods, either directly through the Traveloka website or directly through Mandiri m-banking. Here are the steps to purchase and pay for tickets, if you make a booking through the Traveloka website:

  • The first step is to open the Traveloka website or app.
  • Next, select the ticket to be purchased. Either airplane tickets, bus tickets, trains or any tickets needed.
  • After selecting the appropriate ticket, select Livin Mandiri on the booking confirmation page as the payment method used.
  • Next, you will be redirected to the Livin Mandiri payment page. On that page, add your Livin Mandiri card number and select Pay Now.
  • Wait until you get a payment confirmation message via SMS or Email from Traveloka. That means, the order has been processed and the ticket has been obtained.

2. Through Mandiri Mobile Banking or Livin Mandiri

In addition to the Traveloka website or application directly. Mandiri customers who will buy Traveloka tickets can also make transactions directly through Mandiri mobile banking. For that, here’s how to pay for Traveloka tickets via Mandiri mobile banking:

  • The first step is to open the Traveloka website, then select and determine what tickets are needed. Users can choose a variety of tickets, from airplane tickets to hotel tickets.
  • Choose book now and select the Mandiri m-banking payment method. After that, you will get an invoice for the tickets you have booked.
  • Next, log in to the Mandiri mobile banking application.
  • Then, select the Transfer menu, enter the company account number in the name of PT Trinusa Travelindo as PT from Traveloka.
  • Add the transfer amount according to the invoice obtained from the ticket booking up to the last three digits.
  • Once done, add the order number to the reference number field in Mandiri mobile banking.
  • Next, wait for the payment process to be confirmed and completed.

How long does it take to pay and what if I am late?

Traveloka’s payment time depends on which payment method it uses. Some payment method options take a long time and some methods are fast too. For example, for debit payments, the payment process will be completed within a few seconds after pressing the pay now menu. As for payment via mobile banking or digital wallet, it can take several minutes for the payment process to be completed.

The internet speed used can also affect the ticket payment process through mobile banking. For cash payments, the payment process will be completed after making a transaction at a minimarket either Alfamart or Indomaret. In general, online credit or debit card payments will be faster than payments via internet banking or cash.

However, make sure to check the payment time specified when making a booking at Traveloka.

What happens if you pay your ticket late at Traveloka?

If you ask this question, the answer is automatic cancellation from Traveloka. In addition to automatic cancellation, Traveloka also imposes a fine for those who are late in paying the order invoice. To avoid this from happening, make sure to pay the invoice bill on time. In order not to feel disadvantaged. If you experience difficulties during the payment process, do not hesitate to contact Traveloka’s customer service which is available 24 hours a day. With many easy ways to pay Traveloka for Mandiri customers, it is certainly very profitable.

How to pay for Traveloka tickets via Mandiri mobile banking is also reliable when you need to order Traveloka tickets in a short time and quickly. The various choices of payment methods provided by Traveloka will certainly make it very easy for travelers to find tickets that match the funds used for traveling. So that travelers do not experience over budget or excess spending on traveling.

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