KUR BRI Rp 50 Million: Requirements, Installment, and How to Apply

kur bri 50jt

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Kredit Usaha Rakyat, commonly known as KUR by BRI, is a program for cooperatives and micro to medium enterprises. KUR BRI 50jt is very suitable for those seeking additional capital, for business development. Business owners with limitations in holding collateral or collateral for loans will be helped by this program. But of course prospective KUR borrowers must understand about this type of program first.

Get to know BRI KUR Loans

Prospective borrowers who want to apply for funds in KUR BRI 50jt need to know that this program is available in several types. Everything can be chosen, if the prospective borrower does have a business with good prospects. Business prospects with profitable profits will make borrowers have the ability to repay loans. Timely refunds will enable greater cooperation with BRI. The KUR program offered by BRI has loan types with different limits, where the largest is 500 million. For business people who are interested in making KUR loans, they can choose KUR BRI 50 million, the types are.

  • Working Capital Loan, also known as KMK, has a maximum loan period of up to 3 years without any administration fee and provision.
  • Investment loans called KI have a maximum loan duration of 5 years, both types of loans have the same interest burden of 6% effective interest rate in each year.

In addition to KUR Mikro with a limit of fifty million, there are also KUR loans with funds ranging from 50 to 500 million. The type of KUR in question is KUR Kecil BRI which also has two types of loan funds, including:

  • KMK loans have a repayment period of one year longer than KMK from KUR Mikro, which is up to 4 years.
  • Investment Loan (KI) with the same loan limit as KUR mikro’s KI, which is 5, the effective interest rate is also the same, but the difference is in the limit that can be taken.

Another difference is that specifically for KUR Kecil, prospective borrowers must have a license for micro and small class businesses. Whereas in KUR Mikro the requirements regarding proof of business ownership are only a business license.

KUR Loan Requirements

After knowing the products that provide loans in the range of fifty million, it is also necessary to know the requirements. Although the amount of interest that will be charged is set the same each year, the application requirements are not the same, here are the requirements for KUR BRI 50 million:

  • Individuals who are undertaking a productive and viable business activity.
  • The business has been actively run for at least 6 months.
  • The individual is not a person who still receives other credit except credit for consumptive needs such as KKB, KPR, and Credit Card
  • Have an official and complete identity from KTP to Family Card and a document in the form of a business license.

In business KUR Micro loans and also investments that are suitable for taking KUR are those whose profit range is in the tens of millions. Profit at this figure, it is not recommended to take KUR Mikro because the limit tends to exceed profit. For prospective borrowers who do have more profit or ability and needs, they can choose a small KUR. As previously discussed, KUR Kecil and its funds are up to 500 million, the requirements include:

  • Have a business that is sufficiently productive, meaning that it operates well, is healthy, and has a decent income or profit.
  • Not having any type of business loan from BRI or other banks, the only credit that can be considered is the consumptive type such as Credit Cards.
  • The minimum operation of the business in question is 6 months.
  • Have a document in the form of a Small and Micro Business Permit (IUMK) or a similar letter that is appropriate and can be equated.

How to Apply for KUR BRI

After obtaining an overview of which type of KUR is the most suitable and appropriate, then immediately complete each of the existing requirements. After all the requirements have been completed, both documents and criteria, the next step is the KUR application stage. The application can be made directly by visiting the BRI office and bringing everything required. In addition, prospective borrowers can also take advantage of online submission on the Kur.bri.co.id page, here are the steps:

  • The first step is to open the website mentioned above, then look at the main page of the site to find and click on “Apply for KUR Loan”.
  • Next, log in according to the instructions, namely using the email from the account you already have, if you don’t have an account, create it first by clicking “Register Now”.
  • Then from the several options that appear, choose “Sign in with Google”, wait for some time to complete email verification, if the process has been completed, log in.
  • Read the terms displayed, if you agree, press “Agree and Apply for Loan” and then check “I’m Not a Robot”.
  • Fill in the complete information on the command displayed, if you are also asked to upload documents, then pay close attention to the suitability of the documents requested and those uploaded.
  • After everything is complete, continue by tapping “Next”.
  • Then you will be directed to the submission page where the data including the submission nominal and the KUR tenor chosen will be questioned, fill in according to the initial submission plan.
  • After that, look at the data again, if necessary, prospective borrowers can see the amount of installments later by clicking “Calculate installments”.
  • If you feel that you have not missed anything and everything is appropriate, immediately tap the “Apply for Loan” option and wait for confirmation of approval.

Tips for getting your BRI KUR application approved

If you look at the requirements, this type of loan is not so complicated, but some prospective borrowers have experienced problems. To expedite the application, prospective borrowers need to pay attention to the following tips:

  • Ensure that there is no ambiguity in identity data, meaning that in all documents the data is the same, absolutely nothing is wrong.
  • Always behave well to people in your neighborhood in case the KUR lender conducts a survey.
  • Maintain all company documents cleanly and according to the most updated rules.
  • Prepare a plan to use KUR clearly and have reasonable prospects or benefits.
  • Prepare all evidence of real business activities such as activities during the production process, distribution, product packaging, and so on.
  • Ensure that the borrower has no outstanding loans at all except for loans for consumptive needs.
  • Also ensure that the prospective borrower’s name has never been blacklisted by any lender, because even though the lender is different sometimes the blacklist is also known by other institutions.

It should also be noted that for the sake of financial health, the loan amount should be smaller than the profit earned. This will also relate to the sustainability of the business and the smoothness of KUR payments.


Thus the discussion of various things about KUR BRI 50 million, starting from the type of product, requirements, to tips for getting accredited. The requirements mentioned above can change, so it is important for prospective borrowers to always check them.

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