How to Change from BPJS Mandiri to Indonesian Universal Health Coverage

Begini Cara Pindah BPJS Mandiri Ke UHC, Mudah

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There is actually a way to move BPJS Mandiri to uhc that can be done if you are too burdened with the cost of contributions. So currently BPJS itself also opens a program called UHC. Unfortunately there are still not many who know about uhc.

Basically UHC is one of the programs in the JKN system. So it must pay more attention as well as utilize it. Especially for lower-class BPJS users who have difficulty paying contributions.

So later below will be described regarding how to move from independent BPJS to this UHC program. But of course there are also requirements and procedures that must be carried out. So in order not to be wrong, you can pay close attention.

What is UHC?

Before discussing anything else, now recognize what UHC is. UHC itself stands for University health coverage. Or if transferred in Indonesian, it becomes universal health insurance or JKS.

UHC itself was introduced in 2014 and included in the JKN system. So this has been implemented since January 2014. But for now there are still many who do not know about it.

Systemically, UHC is to provide access to every citizen fairly related to health services. Be it promotive, curative, preventive, and also quality rehabilitative. Where in it has a more affordable cost.

In UHC itself there are core elements, one of which was mentioned earlier. That is providing equitable access to health services. While the second is the protection of the third financial risk of citizens utilizing a health service.

By definition, uhc itself has three most important objectives, among others, by providing equality in accessing health services. So that every individual can get the health services they need. Not just limited to those who can pay.

Then the second goal is related to the services provided that must be good enough. This way the recipients of this health service will be better. Of course, at a much more affordable price.

Then for the third purpose is related to the financial protection of people who receive services. So the costs that must be incurred do not damage the recipient’s finances. So it’s not really free.

BPJS Mandiri

After discussing UHC, this time we will elaborate on the meaning of independent BPJS. Please note, that this independent BPJS is a card owned by people who are not wage earners. Because on the other hand there is BPJS employment.

Independent BPJS requires this card holder to pay a nominal amount as a contribution for each month. So that for the middle to lower class people feel objections. Moreover, the nominal to be paid is also not too little.

As mentioned above, that independent BPJS card holders must pay monthly contributions with their own money. So this BPJS is not paid by the government. Although initially the BPJS card was obtained from the government.

So the system used by BPJS is like insurance. So if you don’t pay the monthly fee, it will be considered in arrears, especially if this is done for too long, the card will be blocked. Also of course with the billing letter that comes.

Fortunately, there is now something called UHC which is intended for people who are less fortunate. This can also be obtained for people who already hold a BPJS card. With this UHC, the costs will be covered by the government.

How to Switch BPJS Mandiri to UHC

It is said that to open the service is the same as PBI. So this time it will also be described how to move bpjs mandiri to uhc like when going to PBI. So of course there will also be some requirements needed in this process.

  • The first thing to do, of course, is to prepare all the necessary requirements.
  • For the requirements, among others, are photocopies of KK cards, as well as photocopies of ID cards of all family members.
  • Then must also include a certificate of incapacity that can be obtained from the urban village.
  • This is because both UHC and PBI are programs that are intended for underprivileged citizens.
  • Then users must also obtain a letter of introduction that can be obtained from the puskesmas according to their domicile.
  • Then don’t forget to bring a photocopy of your previously owned independent BPJS card.
  • Then the next thing to do is to visit the social service office in the area or in the district.
  • After that make sure that while having an independent BPJS there are no arrears at all, if you have one, then you must pay it off first.
  • There will be some procedures involved, including filling out a form.
  • So first is to fill out the form for transferring how to move bpjs mandiri to uhc, because it does require some data in it.
  • After that, you must also fill out a verification form and also validate the transfer that has previously been authorized by the village.
  • Then also include a photocopy of the ID card of the one whose BPJS will be transferred, if it is for a child then you can use a photocopy of the birth certificate.
  • Then don’t forget to include an independent BPJS along with a KK in the form of a photocopy.
  • There will be several procedures that will be carried out by the officer, including whether you are eligible for this program and system or not.
  • If you meet the required qualifications, then the application for transfer from BPJS mandiri to uhc is naturally approved.
  • This is the same way to apply for BPJS mandiri to PBI or contribution assistance recipients.

Things to Remember from UHC

After knowing how to move bpjs mandiri to uhc, then this time will be reviewed about what to remember. In fact, UHC is not as simple as one might think. Or just limited to health services only.

  • First thing to remember, according to WHO, UHC is not free treatment.
  • Besides that UHC is not just about health financing.
  • But also as the management of various components that are still related to the health system.
  • Then UHC is not only about the financing of health services.
  • But it has to improve data resources that improve.
  • In addition, UHC is also related to working on public health, for example health promotion, mosquito control, providing clean water and so on.
  • It is not only about health but also taking good steps towards equity, development priorities and also CID.

Such is the review related to how to move bpjs mandiri to uhc that can be done. As said earlier, that indeed to open this service the same way as PBI. Namely in the way that has been described earlier.

It has also been explained about the definition of UHC which can be understood by switching languages as well. So that UHC is also known as JKS or universal health insurance. Where this program is included in the existing system in JKN.

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