How to Check Bidikmisi Disbursement & Its Inhibiting Factors

Cara Cek Pencairan Bidikmisi & Faktor Penghambatnya

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The term scholarship in higher education is better known as Bidikmisi. So what is Bidikmisi and how to check Bidikmisi disbursement without requiring the recipient to go to the nearest ATM? Given that there are still many recipients who do not have an M-Banking application.

For everyone, getting a scholarship is one of the things that is dreamed of when going to or even already entering the world of lectures. Because of the scholarship, it will be able to help support the cost of education while still in college.

To get the bidikmisi is not necessarily from all circles, but there are special terms and conditions that are taken into consideration. For more details, please refer to the following description to get information about bidikmisi in Indonesia.

What is Bidikmisi?

Bidikmisi stands for the word BIaya Pendidikan Mahasiswa Miskin Berprestasi. Bidikmisi is one type of scholarship assistance provided by the government to individuals who want to study but are constrained by costs. It can also be given to those who are currently studying.

As it stands, bidikmisi is given to prospective students or students who have academic achievements but are constrained by financing. Someone who has a strong desire to go to college will be given this assistance if they apply to the institution where they study.

But please note, that not all who apply will get this bidikmisi. Because the government will select which ones are entitled and not get according to the documents used as submission. So, there is a possibility of falling in the selection.

With a disbursement system that is sometimes irregular, it makes the recipient confused whether the money has been disbursed or not? To answer this confusion, here will be given how to check the Bidikmisi disbursement by simply visiting the official website of the scholarship distributor.

Bidikmisi Recipient Facilities

With the change of the word bidikmisi to the Indonesia Smart College Card (KIP-K), of course there are several things that must be understood. Before applying for Bidikmisi, you need to know what facilities you get to lower your expectations about the costs and benefits.

  • Exempted from the burden of registration fees for college entrance pathways such as SNMPTN and other entrance pathways according to university regulations.
  • Replaced by the first fee for applicants who are declared accepted by Bidikmisi.
  • A monthly student allowance of Rp 700,000 per semester is provided.
  • Exempt from the responsibility of the Single Tuition Fee (UKT).

Bidikmisi recipients will be given full funding from the government during the specified study period. For undergraduate programs, assistance will only be provided for up to 8 semesters. However, this period can change at any time, if there are things that are violated.

How to Check Bidikmisi Disbursement Without Going Through ATM

Given that not all Bidikmisi recipients have M-Banking that can be used to check financial transactions. With that often makes it confused how to know whether it has been disbursed or not. If seen from the type of distributor, this is how to check it:

  • The first thing to do is visit the site through the browser used.
  • If you are already on the site page, please fill in your personal data first. The personal data includes the recipient’s name, Student Identification Number, and also the account number.
  • Next, please check again whether the data entered is correct or not. If the data entered is deemed correct and appropriate, please click the sentence “See Disbursement Progress” at the bottom of the personal data.
  • Then, the system will display the entire bidikmisi disbursement information starting from the beginning of receiving. The system will show detailed information on disbursements that have been completed, are in process, and even have not been processed.
  • Please check the bidikmisi disbursement that you want to know by pressing the sentence “In Process” for the next step.
  • There is a sentence that reads “Disbursement Instructions”. If there is already this writing, the bidikmisi funds have begun to be disbursed.
  • Please press the menu, if the intended recipient’s name has not appeared, it means it is still in process. However, if it has been disbursed, the recipient’s anam will appear.
  • The last step, please visit the website again about one to two weeks later by doing the same process. The disbursement will sequentially enter the recipient’s account.

How to Check the Disbursement of Bidikmisi KIP Lecture

As you already know, that Bidikmisi has changed its name to the Indonesia Smart College Card (KIP-K). So it is also very necessary to know how to check the disbursement without the need for m-Banking, not even having to go to the nearest ATM.

  • First, please open the browser that will be used to check the disbursement first.
  • If the browser is already open, please type the site in the disbursement column.
  • On the main page of the site, before entering the account, please first enter the KIP-K Registration number and also the Access Code.
  • Then please select the Login menu.
  • The next step, on the main page of the KIP K account, the recipient will be given information about the recipient of the KIP Lecture. The information includes the recipient’s designation, biodata, family, achievements, and also plans.
  • More
  • Then, on the Determination menu at the very bottom there will be information on Disbursement Status.
  • If the disbursement has been processed, it will be marked in the disbursement process. But if it has not been processed, there will also be a statement that it has not been processed.

Recipients can check again, if it is about 2 weeks to 1 month ahead whether the money has been disbursed or not. However, the speed of disbursement of bidikmisi money can be slower than the estimated time depending on several things.

For how to check the bidikmisi disbursement, of course, it does not have to be done by visiting the nearest ATM. Bidikmisi recipients can use the M-Banking application, if they are lazy to visit the official website of the bidikmisi distributor.

Factors inhibiting the speed of Bidikmisi disbursement

If based on the experience felt by the bidikmisi recipient, it is revealed that the money will be disbursed at least one month from the submission. But there are also some things that hinder it so that the disbursement can take a long time, such as the following things:

  • Convoluted application and disbursement process. For example, the applicant must fulfill all the requirements first but after fulfilling them there is still something missing. From there, it will complicate the application process.
  • Colleges are slow in applying for bidikmisi money disbursement. Usually this is because the party who takes care of it is less responsive.
  • It could also be that the disbursement is slow because the state’s financial condition is in a slump so that the bidikmisi recipient’s allotment is also disrupted.

After knowing how to check the bidikmisi disbursement, of course, it will make it easier for recipients to check when it is time to disburse. By knowing the time period when it is usually disbursed, it will reduce cases of violations committed by the government.

Usually, when it is time to disburse but why is it still not disbursed or even not processed, then students will clash. The student will clash through the group either through the intermediary of the management or directly to his college.

In addition, students must also comply with the conditions given by the university as a bidikmisi recipient. When committing a violation, the student will be dropped as a bidikmisi recipient. As a bidikmisi recipient, you must maintain a good image of yourself and your campus.

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