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pinjaman online 24 jam langsung cair tanpa bi checking

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A 24-hour online loan without BI checking is not uncommon when you need to borrow funds quickly without a complicated process. However, it is better not to just look for a loan source even though you need it.

The increasing needs and costs of living often cause problems in terms of finance. Therefore, it is not surprising that to fulfill it, the prospective debtor is looking for convenience in related matters. Here is the review.

What is BI Checking? And Its Relation to the Online Loan

Online loans 24 hours immediately liquid without BI checking, of course, are often questioned by people who do not know it. So what is BI checking? And its relation to online loans?

BI checking or what is now also known as SLIK (Financial Information Service System) is a record of information relating to the history of debtors/borrowers at banks or other financial institutions. In other words, it is related to the smoothness of payments.

So, what is the relationship with online loans? It can be interrelated because with BI checking, the history of previous loans can be seen, especially if it is problematic. Later, it can also affect the next loan application.

In the BI checking, there is also a scoring/collectibility/assessment of the debtor in terms of loan payments. Starting from a smooth payment score to bad debt or arrears within a certain time limit. The lender will also consider it.

Know the Online Loan Requirements

Although some online loan providers have different requirements from one another, they almost have similarities in general requirements. Some of these requirements that need to be known and considered include:

  • Attach your identity. Identity that is attached when applying for an online loan. Usually in the form of e-ktp or other documents that prove the valid identity of the debtor.
  • Age Limit. On average, online loan providers have requirements related to age limits, which are generally around 21 years old for the minimum limit, and 60 years old for the maximum.
  • Preparing a Bank Account. This requirement point is almost often found in most online loan providers. Debtors must have a bank account to be used later in the disbursement of the proposed loan funds if successfully approved.
  • Having an income. Prospective borrowers must have an income as one of the requirements that generally apply in many online loan providers. Usually, income data such as salary slips are included as well, or income from the business he is engaged in.
  • Include other documents. In some online loan providers, there is also a need to include other documents. Starting from business deeds or information related to other business identities, npwp, and so on.
  • Other. Another requirement or provision that can be found when applying for an online loan is the coverage area. In this case, prospective debtors need to pay attention to the coverage area or range of access to loan funds from these service providers and so on.

Recommended Online Loan Institutions 24 Hours Direct Liquid without BI Checking

It has been previously reviewed that the history on BI checking can be one of the determining factors for online loan applications and disbursements. However, here are some recommendations for online loan providers without BI checking.

1. Tunaiku

The first recommendation from this online loan platform is already on the OJK list. With loan limits and tenors that are quite tempting, namely tenors of up to 20 months, limits of up to twenty million rupiah. The requirements and conditions are quite easy.

The loan application can be accessed through the Tunaiku application that can be installed on a cellphone. On the other hand, it can be accessed on the Tunaiku website. The process is easy and fast, including the approval and disbursement of the loan.

2. Modalku

Next, there is a 24-hour online loan instantly disbursed without BI checking such as Modalku. This online loan is certainly technology-based, including the fast application process because it can be done online.

Modalku loan services are prioritized for funding or capital assistance from debtor businesses, especially MSMEs. Some of the advantages include: loans without collateral, adjustable funding time so that the acceptance process is fast and easy.

3. Smart Credit

The next 24-hour online loan without BI checking is Smart Credit. This lending service with an easy application process and fairly fast disbursement has also been officially registered with the OJK.

Of course, anyone who wants to apply for a loan is guaranteed not to be in trouble. Especially considering that there are many tutorials on how to borrow, either through the application or the official website.

4. Akulaku

This online loan platform does not only provide cash funds, but Paylater which can be used at several Akulaku partner merchants. The process of applying for and disbursing loan funds is easy and fast. Of course, it is very suitable if you need sudden funds.

5. Danafix

Accessible through its app and website, Danafix also provides online loan services that can be disbursed within 24 hours. Interestingly, the platform can also provide a larger loan limit for new borrowers. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Tips to Clear BI checking Data for Online Loans

Although there are several online loan providers without BI checking, there is nothing wrong with doing a “name clearing” or deleting BI checking data for the convenience of the next online loan. Especially if you have paid off the previous loan. Some tips are:

  • Make smooth payments. By making smooth loan payments, debtors can create a good BI checking track record. So that later it can also be useful in making the next loan as well as speeding up and simplifying the data change.
  • Pay off the loan. The next most important thing is loan repayment. So, if the debtor in question has not repaid the loan, it is better to make the repayment as soon as possible.
  • Make data changes. If the debtor’s name has been included in the blacklist category, but has made repayments, it is also better to contact the loan provider to make data changes, including reporting data updates to OJK.
  • Waiting for data updates. Usually, data updates or BI checking history will be erased automatically in the following year since the last loan repayment. Especially if the repayment has actually been made. Then the user name will be “clean” BI checking.
  • Ensure again. The user or debtor can make sure the data has been updated by the loan provider and OJK. Of course, by continuing to contact or communicate with related parties so that later there will no longer be problems with BI checking.

By knowing information related to online loans 24 hours immediately liquid without BI checking, users or prospective debtors can later choose an online loan provider that suits their wishes and needs. Of course by complying with each of its provisions.

Whether or not there is a use of BI checking in a fund lending service, prospective debtors should still follow and accept whatever the decision of the online loan provider is. This includes the acceptance or rejection of a loan application.

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