How to Disburse Shopee Paylater to ATM [+Requirements]

Cara Mencairkan Shopee Paylater ke ATM beserta Syaratnya

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Shopee already provides a Paylater service with a certain limit for its users. Supposedly, this Paylater limit is only for shopping at Shopee. But apparently, there is how to cash out Shopee Paylater to ATM so that the limit can be used for other shopping.

The way to cash out Shopee Paylater is not difficult and including easy to run. But if you have never done it, you will still be confused about the process. Therefore, in this article, we will explain several ways.

Each method given will be explained in detail for each stage. Curious about how to cash out Shopee Paylater and other information? To find out, refer to the following explanation:

Requirements to Cash Out Shopee Paylater

Before discussing how to cash out Shopee Paylater to an ATM, you must know the series of requirements first. So information about this requirement is indeed very important. If the conditions are not complete, then the cashout sequence cannot be done.

There are at least five requirements that must be understood and prepared properly. Curious what conditions are on the list? To find out, refer to the requirement points described below:

  • The buyer’s account has already activated Shopee Paylater.
  • If using two accounts, the seller and buyer accounts must have been verified.
  • There are two different devices when the disbursement process is carried out (if using two accounts).
  • The seller account used must have posted more than one product.
  • The number of transactions made must be below the Shopee Paylater limit.

How to Cash Out Shopee Paylater

After the conditions are met properly, then how to cash out Shopee Paylater to ATM can be applied immediately. For the process itself, there are two different paths that can be chosen according to the wishes of each party.

For the first method, you can use two different accounts. Meanwhile, the second way is to use gestun services. If you want to know the explanation of these methods, then see the following explanation:

1. Disbursement Process with Two Accounts

The first method that will be presented is with two different accounts. For this process, two different devices are required. As for doing it, it does not require the help of others or can be completed by yourself.

However, the process itself is quite complicated and detailed. So before doing it, be sure to understand all the parts well. Here are the steps that must be done from start to finish:

  • First, prepare two Shopee accounts to use. These two accounts are useful for the product buyer and seller accounts respectively. While the identities of these two accounts make sure to be different.
  • Then post the product on the seller account. All data on the product must also be clear like a normal product. Even though the goods are fictitious, all parts must be considered properly.
  • If so, then do the product ordering process with the buyer’s account. The product purchased is the product uploaded on the seller’s account earlier. While the payment method is Shopee Paylater.
  • Then in the seller’s account, confirm the order from the buyer’s account.
  • To avoid violations, then carry out the process of shipping goods as usual. Just use light items so that the shipping is cheap and send it to the house of the closest family or friends.
  • When the item arrives, change the order status to received.
  • With this process, the product payment will go to the seller’s account.
  • Lastly, please transfer money from the seller’s account to your personal ATM.

2. Disbursement Process with Gestun

Apart from two different accounts, the disbursement process can also be done with gestun services. This process is much simpler and less complicated. This is because there will be a third party that helps the settlement process.

It should be noted that this process will require a transaction fee according to the service. So later, the money disbursed can be cut in the transaction process. As for the settlement method, it is as follows:

  • To start the process, immediately log in to your Shopee account with the available limit.
  • Then search for the product “AVAST anti Virus balance all can II” in the search section. This product is actually a top up service. But if you have other options, then you can use it.
  • If you have entered the store, then click the first product at the top.
  • After that, first ask the admin regarding the transaction method of disbursing the limit.
  • If you have received a thorough explanation, please continue to place an order.
  • The next step is to select the number; the desired Shopee Paylater disbursement.
  • Continue the process by pressing the “Buy Now” button.
  • In the next section, choose a payment method with Shopee Paylater.
  • Also choose the tenor as desired, and press the “Confirm” button.
  • Next, click the “Create Order” button and enter Shopee PINK.
  • When the order has been submitted, tap the “Order Accepted” button.
  • Lastly, the admin will send the money to your personal ATM according to the amount entered earlier.

Tips to Cash Out Shopee Paylater

All the ways to cash out Shopee Paylater to ATM above will be successful if done gradually and carefully. But besides that, it is also necessary to understand the tips for doing so. If the tips are understood, then the process will be better.

The better the process, the faster and less confusing the disbursement will be. For this reason, in this section we will share three different tips that can be used as a reference. If you want to know the details, then see this explanation:

1. Don’t Hurry

The first tip that must be understood is not to do the disbursement in a hurry. If the process is done in a hurry or not carefully, then later the results obtained will not be as desired.

As you can see, the disbursement process is difficult and rarely done. There are many details that are detailed and require high attention. Therefore, pay attention to everything well so as not to take the wrong step.

2. Make sure to Use an Account with a Different Name

Then for the second tip is not to use an account with the same name. Make sure to use an account with a different name so that Shopee does not find out and give a transaction violation.

It will be safe if the two accounts used use different names and the accounts are also not the same. Even if you use gestun services, make sure that the accounts are not the same so that Shopee will not suspect you.

3. Choose a Trusted Gestun Service

Lastly, make sure to choose a trusted gestun service. Currently, there are many similar services but the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, look at reviews from previous customers to find out.

The list of how to cash out Shopee Paylater to ATM that has been presented above must be well understood. Each method is very clear one by one. So the application process is also not difficult.

Apart from the method, information has also been given about the requirements and tips for doing so. All of this information must be considered properly so as not to affect the process. If the process is not right, then the results will also fail.

In essence, each of the explanations above will be interrelated. If the conditions are not met, then the two processes above also cannot be carried out. This is also related to the tips that can affect all the processes.

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