How to Claim BPJS at Bank BJB and Its Requirements

Cara Klaim BPJS di Bank BJB dan Syaratnya

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For BPJS users who are Bank BJB customers, they can make the claim process easily. How to claim BPJS at Bank BJB is not difficult and can even be run by several different methods.

But if you don’t know how to do it, then this article will explain the methods thoroughly. Not only that, details of the requirements will also be given so that the preparation process will be easier.

The requirements and methods that will be described are interrelated. So all parts must be well understood so that the claim process can be successful. If you are curious about all these explanations, then see this description:

Conditions for BPJS Claims at Bank BJB

Before discussing how to claim BPJS at Bank BJB, the required claim requirements will be explained first. So to make a claim, Bank BJB will ask for a series of documents for submission.

For that in this section will be explained one by one the requirements needed. Be sure to understand and complete all of them for a successful process. Here’s how the process will work:

1. Personal Documents

The first requirement is personal documents. These are your ID card and family card. Make sure to submit the original KK and KTP if it is done offline, and a clear scan if the process is online.

2. BPJS Card

Submit the original BPJS membership card as well. This document can also be replaced with a Social Security membership card. Just customize the required documents and submit the original to the officer.

3. Bank BJB Savings Book

Bank BJB savings book must also be submitted. Make sure this passbook is still active and has no problems. Without the Bank BJB passbook, the disbursement process cannot be done because there is no place to disburse it.


Submit your personal NPWP as well. For this NPWP, the condition is that it must have a balance above 50 million rupiah. If it is less than this value, it will not be able to disburse because the requirements are incomplete.

5. Photo

Lastly, provide a recent personalized photo. Both online and offline processes require this document. So make sure to provide a recent photo that can later be used for the disbursement process.

Method of BPJS Claim at Bank BJB

After all the requirements are complete, then the BPJS claim method at Bank BJB can be directly applied. For the choice of the method itself there are three types. It can be through the Lapak Asik website, the JMO application, or come directly to Bank BJB.

In order to make the selection easy, this section will be explained one by one for each stage. Thus, the process of applying the method will also not be difficult. Check out the following steps to get it done:

1. Through Lapak Asik

The first option that can be followed is to utilize the Lapak Asik site. Actually, this site belongs to the government and is an official site. So users do not need to be afraid and anxious about the security of their data.

But to utilize this site, it must be adjusted to the existing conditions. The claim process allowed with this site is only for claims above 10 million. While those below that cannot use Lapak Asik.

As for the process itself, it is not complicated and only requires a few steps. Curious how to claim from the Lapak Asik site? To find out, see the following arrangement:

  • First, open the Lapak Asik website on the internet via the address
  • If you have entered the first page, then fill in the data completely. The data that needs to be filled in is the name, NIK, and BPJS number.
  • After that, click “Ok” and wait for the system to verify until it’s done.
  • When the verification process is successful, the user will be redirected to a new page for document upload.
  • Upload documents as requested by the system such as account books, BPJS cards, and ID cards. Make sure the document size is below 1 MB for a successful process.
  • If so, then click the “Ok” button and wait for the system to run the process.
  • Later, the system will provide a notification which contains the VC schedule with Bank BJB.
  • Then follow the VC process according to the schedule and answer all the officer’s questions well. Don’t forget to follow all instructions as well.
  • After all the process is successful, the officer will inform you when the funds will be disbursed.


2. Through JMO

If Lapak Asik is only for claims above 10 million, then the JMO application is only for claims below 10 million. How to claim BPJS at Bank BJB with this application is easy because the menu is clear.

In addition, the use of this application is also practical and does not require a long time. Even novice users will have no trouble using it. Here’s how the steps are organized:

  • Download the JMO app at an authorized download site.
  • Then wait for the system to run the installation process until it’s complete.
  • Once installed, open the app and tap the “Sign Up” button.
  • Fill in all the data, then wait for the system to verify.
  • When the account has been successfully created, go to the main page and click “Data Update”.
  • When there is a new dialog box, just click the “Ok Continue” button.
  • Check the personal data that appears in the application. Make sure everything is correct with no errors.
  • If everything is correct, then press the “Already” button.
  • Take a selfie by tapping the “Take Photo” button.
  • Follow all the instructions given by the system until it’s done.
  • Then press the “Next” button to complete the personal contact information.
  • For data that has been completely filled in, be sure to double-check.
  • If it is correct, then press the “Confirm” button and wait for the disbursement notification from Bank BJB.

3. Through Bank BJB Direct

If you cannot carry out the two methods, then the claim can go directly to Bank BJB. This method is also suitable for people whose residence is close to BJB bank. So later, the claim process will be carried out offline.

The advantage of using this method is that there is a direct BJB Bank officer. For people who are easily confused, it will be very helpful when the claim process is carried out. The process will also be fast and straightforward.

Directly come to Bank BJB with all the existing documents, then follow the process directed by the officer. With this process, the officer will run the claim process until it is completed.

That’s the most complete explanation of how to claim BPJS at Bank BJB. The choice of methods above will certainly be very helpful in the settlement process. Just choose the most appropriate way to then follow.

Make sure all the steps are executed without missing any part. If something is missed, then the claim process may fail. This must be avoided so that the claim process does not run for a long time.

In addition to the method, the details of the requirements must also be considered properly. Do not let the submission requirements be lacking or incomplete. Conditions like this will only make the process fail because it does not comply with Bank BJB rules.

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