How to EASILY Shop at Shopee COD for Beginners, Complete Guide

Cara MUDAH Belanja di Shopee COD bagi Pemula, Panduan Lengkap

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How to shop at Shopee COD for beginners is not difficult to do. As one of the largest marketplaces in the world, Shopee comes with more and more innovations.

Including by providing various payment transaction options or methods. One of them is Cash on Delivery or COD.

Through this payment system, you can be easier and safer when shopping online. Because you can pay for the items you order after the goods arrive.

How to Shopee COD for Beginners

How to shop at Shopee with COD payment

How to shop at Shopee with COD payment you can do easily.

Besides being easy, shopping by utilizing the pay-on-site or COD feature at Shopee can make your online shopping process safer.

Even though it is easy and safe, there are still many people who don’t really know how to make COD payments at Shopee.

To help you facilitate the process of shopping online through Shopee, here’s how to shop at Shopee COD.

  1. Login to your Shopee account through the website or your smartphone.
  2. Choose the products that you need to purchase. In choosing, make sure to look for shops that provide COD services. Find out the information on the photos as well as the description.
  3. Put the product of your choice into the shopping cart or you can simply press the buy now button.
  4. Next continue by tapping the cart logo and select checkout. It is on this checkout page that you can do COD payment method in Shopee.
  5. Select the COD payment method so that you can make payment directly when the item is delivered to your destination address, then confirm.
  6. Check and make sure all the orders you choose are correct. Including the choice of expedition service that will deliver your order.
  7. Lastly, confirm your order by tapping the create order button to complete your shopping process at Shopee.
  8. After placing an order through these methods, you just have to wait for your ordered item to arrive and can pay for it directly at home.

Around Shopee COD

The Cash on Delivery system or known as COD is one of the payment methods that you can encounter when shopping at Shopee.

Before it was popularly used as a payment method in marketplaces, this system already existed and was often done long ago.

Conducting transactions with this system means that both buyers and sellers meet each other.

This transaction is done directly like the sales method between buyers and sellers in conventional markets in general.

Currently, COD is also applied as a payment method in the marketplace.

As one of the marketplaces with various features to facilitate customers, Shopee currently also provides a COD feature.

You can choose to use the payment method to pay at the COD Shopee place.

Since its appearance, COD has become the most popular payment feature. Especially for buyers who are worried about experiencing fraud or failure in making transactions online.

If you choose this payment method when shopping at Shopee, you can make payments after the goods are delivered by the courier.

This is certainly able to increase your safety and comfort when shopping online through Shopee.

But for those of you who are not familiar with this transaction method, you can choose another method, which is the how to pay Shopee PayLater bills.

The Advantages of Shopee COD Pay at Place for Buyers

The ease of this transaction makes the COD feature a superior payment method at Shopee.

After knowing how to shop at Shopee COD for beginners, it turns out that this system also has various advantages for buyers. Some of these advantages include:

1. Ordered Goods Definitely Arrived

The risk that must be accepted when doing online shopping is quite large.

Before there were marketplaces like Shopee, fraud cases when making online shopping transactions were quite high.

One of the biggest fears when making purchases online is of course the concern about whether or not the item will arrive.

Especially if it’s your first time making a transaction at the online store.

This will certainly be different when you make transactions online through Shopee.

With the COD feature, the items you buy will definitely arrive without the risk of being a victim of fraud.

The transactions that you make certainly become safer and more comfortable even though they are done online.

2. Easy to Understand for Beginners

You can easily feel the ease of transaction when purchasing products at Shopee through COD.

For those of you who don’t have an account and are lazy to make payments through an ATM, you can rely on this pay-on-site feature.

This payment method is also very suitable for those of you who do not like online payments through digital wallets, mobile banking and the like.

You also don’t need to queue to make payments through several merchants such as Indomaret or Alfamart.

All you have to do is prepare cash according to the purchase amount stated on Shopee when you confirm the order.

This method can certainly help increase the ease of online transactions for anyone.

This includes those who do not have an account or those who prefer face-to-face transaction methods.

3. Ability to Cancel Orders

As a buyer, you also have the convenience of canceling your order even after it has been delivered.

If you feel that the product ordered is not suitable, both in terms of price and other reasons you can cancel.

The reason for canceling can be because you as the recipient are not at home or because you refuse to pay for the order.

But there is something you should know when you want to cancel an order that has already reached its destination.

The cancellation action that you take when making a COD transaction on Shopee can cause your account to be temporarily disabled by Shopee.

This can happen if within the last 60 days you have canceled a COD transaction.

This policy is carried out to maintain the comfort of fellow Shopee users. Whether it’s when you act as a seller or a buyer who makes a COD transaction.

Benefits of Shopee COD for Sellers

how to make COD payments at Shopee

How to shop at Shopee COD for beginners also has benefits for the seller or the seller.

Of course, this has to do with the popularity of the store and the quality of the products being sold. As a seller, you can also utilize the COD feature to improve store performance and sales.

People are increasingly interested in the COD feature when shopping online as a way to pay at Shopee.

There are several advantages that you can receive as a seller who activates the COD feature, including:

1. Store Can Be Better Known

For those who choose to make purchases on Shopee through the COD feature will definitely tend to return to the same store.

Especially if the quality of the product purchased is also in line with expectations coupled with an affordable price.

It is not uncommon for someone who is already satisfied with the purchase of a product to recommend it to others.

If more and more people recommend your store, it is not impossible that sales turnover will also increase.

For sure, with an increase in store performance, the number of visits, the number of followers, chats, and even sales will also increase.

Maintaining the quality of service and product quality is an important thing that you must do in order to maintain your store’s reputation when it is better known.

2. Able to Increase Sales Turnover

Currently, there are more and more people who choose to change the cod payment in Shopee.

This happens because the cash payment process through the COD feature is the safest payment alternative.

As a shop owner, you are also obliged to fulfill the wishes of the buyers by making the payment system easier.

The number of users of this pay-in-place feature is still quite high so it is not surprising that the performance of stores that provide COD payment services is also increasing.

Increased store performance will also affect the turnover obtained.

To further increase sales turnover, utilize various other features from Shopee. Don’t forget to always confirm the buyer’s order before packing and shipping it.

3. Able to Attract Consumers Who Don’t Have Accounts

Shopee users are not all able to make transactions through bank accounts. Because there are many who do not have a bank account.

Payment options through minimarkets are also not always possible.

Sometimes, there are system constraints and so on that make transactions fail. So do not be surprised if what is often chosen as an alternative payment is COD.

Currently, there are also more and more buyers who understand how to arrange COD payments at Shopee.

Because to choose to use this payment method is also very easy. Of course, this will have an impact on sellers, especially for stores that activate the COD feature.

An increase in sales has a great potential to occur along with the availability of this pay-on-site method.

4. No Return Fee

There is a risk of returns that can be made by the buyer after the order has been shipped. This can also be caused by several factors.

Most often, it happens because the buyer is not at the location when the courier delivers the order.

In some other cases, there are also buyers who simply refuse to pay and return the order unilaterally.

As a seller, you must be worried about the shipping fees charged for returning the order.

But you don’t have to worry, because Shopee will cover the full cost of the return after the cancellation.

It is different if the reason for the cancellation is because the goods received turned out to be damaged or defective products. Then the one who bears the cost of the return is the seller.

Disadvantages of the Shopee Pay on the Spot Method for Consumers

Although it is considered the safest and most convenient way to shop at Shopee COD for beginners, it does not mean that this method does not have its drawbacks.

For you as a buyer, know some of the drawbacks or risks that exist when shopping by means of the COD payment method at Shopee:

1. There is a Shopee COD Handling Fee

This pay-on-site feature is known to be the most popular payment method used by buyers.

COD is considered to be the safest transaction method that can be done when shopping online.

But behind it all, there are actually handling fees that need to be incurred. On the first to sixth purchase through COD, there is no handling fee.

But for the 7th purchase or transaction and so on, a handling fee of 3% will be charged.

The handling fee will be different if you order the product and act as a Dropshipper.

You will be charged a handling fee of 9% if you order the item 3 times and send it to different addresses.

For this reason, it is important for you to understand how to shop at Shopee COD for beginners so that there are no misunderstandings.

2. Must Always Be Present at the Receiving Address

Shipping by choosing the COD payment method at Shopee means that you as the buyer must always be at the recipient’s location.

Because one of the main causes of returned packages is usually because the recipient is not at the location.

In order not to experience the return process and so on which is very likely to happen, try to always be at the location. Especially when the estimated time of your order is received.

3. Risk of Account Penalty

As mentioned earlier, there is a risk of your account being penalized if you unilaterally cancel your order twice.

Although the Shopee COD payment method is the safest and most convenient method, as a consumer you should not be arbitrary.

Because if you unilaterally cancel an order 2 times within the last 60 days, your account can be deactivated.

Shopee will temporarily disable your account for some time.

If the Shopee account that you use is also a store account, of course this will be annoying. Or if it turns out that in your Shopee account there is still an unused Shopee Pay balance.

This will be very detrimental, because during the penalty your account will be limited in activity.

There are even some cases that have led to permanent account deactivation due to this problem.

So, try to always be careful when making COD purchases and want to cancel.

4. Always Have Cash Available

As the name suggests, Cash on Delivery or pay on the spot this payment method does require you to make payments directly.

Estimated delivery times and order arrival times do not always match. That means, you must always be ready with cash.

For the payment process, you can do it directly through the courier who delivers the package containing your order.

This method of shopping at Shopee COD for beginners is often a solution for those who don’t have an account.

But that means, you have to be ready with cash at any time with the right amount for the order. Because not all couriers always bring change when delivering orders.

It’s best to pay with the right amount of money to speed up the transaction process according to how to activate COD payments in Shopee that you choose.

Disadvantages of How to Enable COD Payment at Shopee for Sellers

After buyers do how to make COD payments on Shopee, there can be some shortcomings that sellers feel. Among them are:

1. Need Extra Time and Energy

Known as the prima donna of how to shop at Shopee COD for beginners, this system turns out to have disadvantages for sellers.

One of them is that you have to spend more energy and time. Not to mention if there are product cancellations that result in other losses.

2. Be Prepared for the Risk of Damaged Products

Whether during the shipping process or during the return from consumers, there is always a risk of product damage.

Given the distance that must be traveled and the shipping process that occurs, it is not surprising that the risk of product damage always exists.

We recommend that you choose an expedition service that is equipped with insurance so that there is a guarantee for damage or loss of the products you send.

Although it is considered to provide convenience, you must remain vigilant and careful, both as a seller and buyer. Especially if the goods being sent are quite risky or expensive.

Why Do You Need to Know How to Shopee COD for Beginners?

Some time ago there was a horrendous case involving a COD courier and one of the consumers buying goods.

Hopefully, by knowing how the Shopee COD system works for sellers and buyers, this will not happen again.

Thus the discussion about how to shop at Shopee COD for beginners. Hopefully, there will be no more misunderstandings about this transaction method. Thank you.

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