How to Cash Out Money on Flazz BCA to Shopee and to Bank Accounts

Cara Mencairkan uang di Flazz BCA ke Shopee dan Rekening

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FLazz BCA is an e-money card that can be used for many needs. This small card has many functions that are very interesting and make it easier for users compared to ATMs. How to cash out money on BCA flazz is in several ways.

However, this disbursement is not direct because there are certain stages that must be passed. This BCA flazz card is used generally as a fast payment card to be used at various merchants that already support e-money.

What is a Flazz Card

For those who don’t know, flazz is a payment instrument in the form of a card owned by BCA and available to its customers. As for its own presence, it is made deliberately as an alternative payment besides debit and credit cards.

Flazz itself is indeed predicted as one of the alternative digital payments for the future that can replace cash transactions. This is not just any ordinary card because it is embedded with a sophisticated chip that can support transactions with just a touch.

The process is also very fast, taking only a few seconds from the moment contact is made. However, in order to be used as a means of payment, this flazz card must be charged first by transferring or topping up the balance through minimarket outlets.

To be able to have this card, users do not need to come to a BCA branch office. Users simply go to Indomaret and ask whether or not it provides flazz cards. If available, please buy a flazz card with a price of 50 thousand.

The customer or user just needs to pay the fee and can immediately be used to buy something at Indomaret. Make sure that the balance of the card meets the value of the groceries purchased so that payment can be made.

The Advantages of Using a Flazz Card

There are many benefits offered when using this flazz card from BCA. In fact, the benefits offered will greatly help daily activities and speed up payments in a matter of seconds.

1. Save Time

Payment transactions in many places will be much faster and safer. This is because users no longer need to calculate how much money to pay first. There is also no more time-consuming process of handing over money.

Everything has been digitized and the user just needs to attach the card to the device provided. That way the process will be faster and also safe without requiring a lot of time.

2. Efficient

The existence of a balance system in this card makes people do not need to bother carrying a lot of cash which is troublesome. For example, if you want to enter the toll road, you no longer need to bother preparing the right money because it is already available in a flazz card that contains a balance as long as it is sufficient.

Filling the balance is also easy to do because it can be done through the user’s account. Not only that, charging can also be done from various places such as minimarket outlets or even from a cellphone via the myBCA application..

3. Hygienic

For those who feel that holding money is unhygienic, this flazz card can be very helpful. As many people know, money is a really dirty source of germs. This is because money is held by many hands and its origin is unknown.

Even money that just came out of the bank is not completely clean of germs. Therefore, the existence of this card can slightly reduce or even avoid people to hold cash directly.

4. Easy to Use

The use of BCA flazz is very easy and even people who are new to using it are also easy to adapt. All you have to do is top up your Flazz balance first. After that, the card can be placed in the device provided as long as it has sufficient balance.

All transaction processes will be easier because you just need to attach the card to the place provided. So if you want to take a train or pay for other transportation costs, you don’t have to bother setting aside cash. Just by using this one card, you can travel everywhere.

5. Long validity period

This flazz card has an active period given by BCA. Even though it has an active period, this card does not expire easily and can be used for a long period of time. It is even said that this card has an active period of up to 10 years.

How to Cash Out Flazz Balance

Flazz balance can be topped up in many ways and it is easy to do so. But have you ever thought about cashing out a flazz balance? Indeed, BCA itself does not provide a way, but of course this can be tricked by how to cash out money in BCA Flazz as follows.

1. Cash out Flazz balance to Shopee

Based on a lot of information circulating if the balance on the BCA flazz card cannot be transferred or withdrawn directly. This is because the balance cannot be transferred to any account including BCA. Unless indeed the flazz card will be deactivated.

If you don’t want to go to a branch office just to transfer the flazz balance, you can do it yourself. However, the balance is not sent to the account but to a digital wallet such as shopee pay. This is a way to get around the rules from BCA.

  • Open the regular version of shopee app not lite.
  • Go to the shopeepay menu.
  • Fill in the balance and choose to top up via Indomaret.
  • Enter the nominal amount you want to put into shopee pay.
  • Confirm the number.
  • Confirm the number.
  • Visit the nearest Indomaret outlet and make payment via flazz card.
  • Automatically the balance on the flazz card will be reduced and moved to shopeepay.
  • If you want to move again, please transfer the shopeepay balance to the desired account.

2. Cash out Flazz Balance to BCA Account

This flazz card has a validity period or expiration. This means that if it has not been used for a long time, this card can be deactivated and cannot be used again. So if this card cannot be used but there is still a balance in it, it can be cashed out.

How to cash out money in BCA flazz can be by contacting the BCA branch office by bringing the flazz card. Make sure you also have a BCA Bank account which has many services throughout Indonesia. Surely BCA offices already exist in many regions in Indonesia.

For the process itself will take approximately twelve working days or arguably two weeks.

  • Prepare a flazz card that is no longer usable.
  • Also bring the account book that will be the recipient of the balance.
  • Go to a BCA branch office.
  • Take the customer service queue and fill out the form correctly.
  • Wait in the queue until it is your turn.
  • Mention if you want to ask for help to transfer the flazz balance to the account because the flazz card has been deactivated.
  • The officer will ask for data verification first before the request is processed.
  • After completion, wait until the specified time.

That’s the information about flazz card and also how to cash out money in Flazz BCA. Once again, innovation about transactions in Indonesia is quite advanced when compared to several other countries. But behind this progress must be accompanied by caution so that everything remains safe.

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