Home Credit Indonesia App Features and How to Use Them

Mengenal Fitur Aplikasi Home Credit dan Cara Penggunaannya

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The home credit application feature is one of the advantages of the application. Perhaps, home credit sounds familiar because most people have used it, to buy various electronic and non-electronic items.

Today’s technological advancements make it easy for everyone to make payments. Home credit can be downloaded easily through the play store or app store. It has user-friendly features that are easily understood by its users.

Must-Know Features of Home Credit Application

PT Home credit Indonesia is one of the financing companies for customers who want to do online and offline shopping. Therefore, it is mandatory to understand the features of the home credit application to make it easier to use.

HCI or Home Credit Indonesia provides financing to various stores for consumers who want to buy cellphones, furniture and other electronic goods. The maximum loan limit is 25 million. So, it can be utilized properly as needed.

Various offers of home credit application features that can facilitate beginners can also be taken into consideration. All the features will help make the disbursement and approval process faster and hassle-free.

There are various excellent features that can be used easily. This feature is the same as the products and types of services offered by HCI. Of course, its function is to facilitate its users. Here are some features that are superior:

1. Business Capital Financing

Business capital financing is one of the facilities provided by HCI to individuals for business development. The loan limit given is looking for Rp. 25 million. This is determined by the credit history of each Home Credit Indonesia customer.

It is very important to know, that business capital financing is an offer, so not all customers can enjoy this one product. Especially for those of you who get an offer, you should not waste the opportunity.

2. HCI pay later

Moving on to the next home credit application feature, which is HCI pay later. This type of feature is a trademark on products introduced in the market. Cooperation with kaspro as the owner of the license on electronic money and also QRIS from various Bank Indonesia.

The paylater product provided is usually used by customers in stores and merchants that have QRIS codes. This will make it very easy for you to use, especially if there is a sudden need, and the funds cannot be sufficient.

3. Multipurpose Financing

The next home credit application feature is HCI multipurpose financing which is one of the leading products in offering cash loans. The product is known as DONA which stands for multipurpose online wallet. HCI provides loans in the form of unsecured cash.

Loan options start from Rp 3 million to Rp 15 million. The tenor period offered is a maximum of 42 months. Financing can be used for various purchases of goods such as cellphones, laptops, tvs, furniture, cameras, electronic goods washing machines, refrigerators and many more.

4. Credit Card

In addition to multipurpose financing, HCI also provides credit cards which are one of the facilities where shopping transactions that can be made using a card are converted to installments based on special conditions that have been approved by the HCI holder’s request.

Credit cards will really help you in meeting your financial needs. So, it can be put to good use if you get a phone or application offer from Myhomecredit. Some offers, can be taken into consideration for new users.

Advantages of Home Credit Indonesia App

Besides discussing the features of the home credit application. There are several advantages offered by the apk. Of course, the advantages can really help you in utilizing the various features provided. These advantages can also be taken into consideration.

1. Fast Verification

In every online loan and credit service provider application, there is data verification that must be done. In Home Credit itself, the process can be done quickly, and does not require a long time. It’s no wonder that many people take advantage of the quick verification process.

2. Low Interest Rate

The loan interest offered for cash is quite low, which is only 2-4% per month, this depends on the period of time you choose to pay off the loan. By having a light interest, it can be used as a consideration.

3. Official and Trusted

In addition, this one apk has also been officially registered with the Financial Services Authority or OJK. No need to worry about the data provided to them, because it will be guaranteed safe and reliable. You only need to apply for credit according to your needs.

The advantages of the apk are also taken into consideration in order to facilitate all transaction processes that run in the apk. Home credit application features will be very helpful if studied and understood properly.

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