How to Register DAPENBUN Online: Easy Step by Step Guide

cara mendaftar dapenbun online

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How to register DAPENBUN online is very easy to do with the presence of an android application that can be accessed through a smartphone. The increasing number of participants in the Plantation Pension Fund has made the online system created so that participants can communicate directly without limits.

Unfortunately, there are some participants who do not know how to register DAPENBUN online because of their ignorance. Therefore, here is a guide on how to register DAPENBUN online along with other explanations.

Overview of DAPENBUN

The Plantation Pension Fund or abbreviated as DAPENBUN is one of the bodies that manages the pension program for employees of PT Perkebunan Nusantara. Starting from employees, founders, and partners, since employees are registered as participants until participants do not work again.

DAPENBUN aims to accommodate and manage funds so that the balance of income can improve the welfare of its participants at retirement. To get to know DAPENBUN better, here is an explanation of its history, vision and mission, as well as its founders and partners:

1. History of DAPENBUN

Before discussing how to register DAPENBUN online, let’s first know the history of the establishment of DAPENBUN. DAPENBUN was established on January 8, 1976, DAPENBUN was present as a pension fund foundation which later changed to the DAPENBUN corporation. This change was based on the emergence of the 1992 law no.11 which discusses pension funds. It is recorded that in 2021 DAPENBUN has 284,396 participants consisting of active participants, retired participants, and postponed pension participants.

2. DAPENBUN Vision and Mission

DAPENBUN comes with a vision and mission that is used as a foundation to continue to advance and make better innovations in the future. The vision of DAPENBUN is to become a pension fund that is trusted, independent, and develops continuously. While DAPENBUN’s own mission is to professionally manage pension funds for the entire scope of PT Perkebunan Nusantara companies. And various related institutions, in order to maintain the balance of old age income for all participants.

3. Getting to know the Founder of DAPENBUN

DAPENBUN was established by a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) called PT Perkebunan Nusantara III. Which is engaged in the processing, management, and marketing of plantation products. Plantation products are managed in various kinds. These products include rubber, sugar cane, oil palm, coffee, tea, cocoa, various vegetables, and tobacco.

4. Reference Values for DAPENBUN in Carrying Out Its Duties

In carrying out its duties and maintaining the trust of many participants, DAPENBUN has values that are used as a reference for carrying out its duties. These values include synergy, which means always working together between teams and prioritizing the interests of the company. Integrity means high commitment in every job. Accountable which means working precisely and accurately. Agile means being responsive in all matters, and professional means working fully.

How to Register DAPENBUN Online

How to register DAPENBUN online can be done using a smartphone. Armed with the DAPENBUN online application, participants can already register at home. Here are the steps to register DAPENBUN online as follows:

  • Download the DAPENBUN online application, then install the application on the official website.
  • Open the DAPENBUN application, select the “Start” menu, then select the “ACTIVE/PENDING” menu.
  • If you already have an account, enter your user ID and PIN, click “Login”. However, if you do not have an online DAPENBUN account, please click “Register”.
  • On the “Register” menu, fill in your personal data correctly and completely. Then click “Save”.
  • Next, if the registration is successful, please enter the user ID and PIN, then click “Login”.
  • Next, click on the “Self-Certification Letter (SKD)” icon.
  • Check the Reporting Year and Reporting Status. If you have not registered manually or online, then the status is “Not yet registered”.
  • Check Participant and Heir Data. If the Payment Status is MP, the caption “PAYABLE” means that regular pension benefits are paid every month.
  • However, if the MP Payment Status is “SUSPENDED”, then retirement benefits are not routinely paid every month.
  • Next, click on the “Face Photo” area to take a photo of yourself. Position the camera by taking 80% to 90% of the face photo while holding the ID card.
  • Enter a photo of the ID card by clicking “Photo of ID Card”. Position the camera over all parts of the ID card.
  • After successfully entering the face photo and ID card photo, the face photo and ID card photo will appear on the online SKD DAPENBUN form.
  • Then click “Submit” to end the process.
  • The SKD will then be verified by DAPENBUN officers.
  • The reporting status will change if SKD has been received from “Unregistered” to “Under Verification”.
  • If the SKD has been verified and accepted by the DAPENBUN officer, the status changes to “APPROVED”, and the pension benefits will be paid to the account of each pension participant.
  • However, if the reporting is rejected by DAPENBUN, then the online SKD reporting status returns to “NOT REGISTRATED”, and the photo and KTP are blank again.
  • Please press the “CONTACT US” menu, if the SKD is rejected by DAPENBUN officers.

Benefits of DAPENBUN for Participants

Please note that the benefits of DAPENBUN for participants are numerous. Given the pension fund will be very helpful in all matters in the future, especially in old age. The following are some of the benefits of DAPENBUN for participants, among others:

  • DAPENBUN for participants or employees will be very helpful for life provision at retirement.
  • DAPENBUN for participants or employees can be used as business capital when they retire from work.
  • Then DAPENBUN can be used as savings for medical treatment, if at any time seriously ill in retirement and hospitalized.
  • DAPENBUN is a money reserve in old age that prevents neglect in old age. At least the pension fund can be used for daily living expenses.

Benefits of DAPENBUN Online for Pension Participants

In addition to knowing how to register DAPENBUN online, there are many benefits that can be obtained from the existence of an online DAPENBUN application for pension participants. The online DAPENBUN application is very helpful for participants to be able to find out various other information available. Not only used as an expansion of media, various interesting features can also be accessed through this online DAPENBUN application. The following are some of the benefits of DAPENBUN online for pension participants, among others:

  • First, participants can find out their personal and beneficiary data.
  • Participants can conduct simulations and estimate benefits for active participants through smartphones.
  • Then participants can find out the benefits of DAPENBUN directly.
  • Participants can create a Self-Certification Letter (SKD) online via smartphone.
  • If there are any problems, participants can contact the call center number by clicking the “CONTACT US” button.
  • Participants can easily get the latest information and activities of the Plantation Pension Fund.
  • Participants can find out information about banks that cooperate directly with the Plantation Pension Fund.


This is an explanation of how to register DAPENBUN online along with other complete information about DAPENBUN online. What are you waiting for, immediately download the DAPENBUN online application with a smartphone through the Play Store and App Store applications, and enjoy the convenience of its features.

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