Simas Life Insurance: Products, Advantages, & Tips for Choosing Insurance for Customers

Asuransi Simas Jiwa

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The advantages of Simas Life Insurance today have saved many people’s lives. Simas Jiwa Insurance is an insurance that provides protection with economic value so that and provides comfort and security for you.

For those of you who are just trying life insurance, it seems suitable to know this Simas Life Insurance. In general, life insurance is a protection program if something unwanted happens in life.

Some people are often complacent with a sense of security so that this life insurance is often overlooked. So using insurance products is important, one of which is Simas Life Insurance. Many advantages of Simas Life Insurance can be used as an option.

The Advantages of Simas Life Insurance for Customers

Simas Life Insurance offers several advantages compared to other life insurance. This insurance is the largest local insurance in Indonesia with an active premium of RP 32 Trillion with more than 9 million insured.

This shows the superiority of Simas Jiwa Insurance by gaining the trust of the people, especially Indonesia. Simas Jiwa Insurance has a lot of experience so that it has a good reputation since it was founded in 1995.

PT Asuransi Simas Jiwa is part of the Sinarmas Group. Sinarmas Group is a business conglomerate in Indonesia that has been established for more than 80 years and has more than 50 corporate entities engaged in financial services.

The excellence of Asuransi Simas Jiwa is proven by several awards obtained. From 2020, Simas Jiwa Insurance has won more than 20 awards, especially in the life insurance category.

One of the awards obtained is Excellence Good Corporate Governance Implementation on Developing Digital Business Transformation. Category: Life Insurance.

Besides being experienced in processing finances, Simas Jiwa Insurance will serve you with an advisor. This advisor is ready to help you when you have problems while using this Simas Jiwa Insurance.

In contrast to some other insurance that sometimes uses chatbots where chatbots are definitely different from humans so that they do not serve optimally.

The advantages of the next Simas Jiwa Insurance, this insurance not only provides protection such as death and disability but also offers protection during hospitalization, critical illness, accidents, and so on.

Then, the advantage of Simas Jiwa Insurance is an easy claim submission process. In 2021, a total of 63 billion claims have been processed so that this performance figure has reached 95%.

Simas Life Insurance Products Make Calm

Simas Life Insurance has many products that you can choose according to your needs. For those of you who want to prepare for old age or after retirement, Simas Jiwa presents the Defined Contribution Pension Program (PPIP).

More than 100 million workers do not have pension funds, even though pension funds are important as preparation for old age.

This product provides many benefits such as normal retirement benefits, accelerated retirement benefits, disability retirement benefits, and postponed retirement benefits.

Furthermore, there is a Critical Illness Utama product that provides protection against 3 critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, and kidney failure. You can start protecting yourself and your family against these dangerous diseases.

In addition to maintaining health, you can also use this insurance while you are still healthy and capable. Don’t let you burden your family when you are sick even if you don’t get sick later.

One of the advantages of Simas Jiwa Insurance is that it has a death benefit product for any reason and can be given at once without any hassle. This product is called TermLife Premier.

Everyone will definitely die so this insurance can be used as an option to maintain family economic stability. Simas Jiwa Insurance will pay directly to the heirs without any tax.

Have you ever thought of not buying life insurance because you feel the loss of paying premiums every month but not getting results? Simas Jiwa Insurance offers products with a guaranteed return premium of up to 122%.

With 5 years of protection, whether claimed or not the premium will definitely return. In addition, there is a bonus return on premium of up to 22% at the end of the insurance period.

Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing Insurance

There are several things to consider when you want to use life insurance.

  1. First, make sure you know the protection objectives of the insurance you choose.

Do you use it for protection for your family or as a long-term investment vehicle.

    1. Second, reconsider the insurance period. Make sure the insurance period suits your needs, for life or within a certain period of time.

<Third, your health condition is also important to consider in choosing insurance. Provide accurate information regarding your health condition because it can affect the premium to be paid and the eligibility to get it.

  • The last is the credibility of the company. Make sure you choose a company that is reputable and has experience in having healthy financial services management. This is because many insurance companies ultimately do not provide satisfaction because they do not meet expectations.


Before buying insurance, you can see the company’s profile and experience. Like Simas Jiwa Insurance, the various products above and the advantages of Simas Jiwa Insurance can be considered to provide protection for you and your family.

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