How to Disburse AEON Fast Limit, Practically Without Obstacles

Cara Mencairkan Limit AEON Fast, Praktis Tanpa Kendala

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This credit card owned by PT AEON Credit Service Indonesia provides special services for online shopping enthusiasts with a variety of interesting product categories in installments. However, how to cash out the AEON Fast limit can be done easily.

A variety of interesting products that can be owned with AEON Fast credit cards start from electronic equipment, household appliances, to car accessories. The ease of ownership of these products will certainly attract customers from various circles.

Of course, the people in question are those who are interested in applying for multipurpose financing quickly, easily and safely. Previously, users can register using a smartphone before applying for credit to purchase goods at AEON partner stores.

Introduction to Some Terms for Disbursing AEON Fast Limit

To know how to cash out the AEON Fast limit, credit card users should understand some important terms. In particular, the terms related to the AEON Fast limit withdrawal.

For example, the terms cash withdrawal and cashout. The general difference between cash withdrawal and cashout lies in the machine used to withdraw the available limit.

  • Cash withdrawal is a popular term for AEON Fast credit card cashouts when taken at an ATM machine.
  • Cash swipe is the term for cash withdrawal if done through a merchant credit card swipe machine provider.

For reasons of security and mistakes in using credit cards that are often not in accordance with the rules, it is highly recommended to cash out credit cards through the cash withdrawal method at ATMs. Actually, cash swipe is prohibited by credit card issuing banks, including AEON Bank.

Merchants who allegedly continue to provide cash swipe services will definitely have their licenses revoked, so they will be able to become credit card merchants for all banks. Meanwhile, credit card holders who are caught deliberately swiping cash will be penalized by the credit card issuing bank.

How to cash out your AEON Fast limit

How to cash out the AEON Fast limit is inseparable from some of the necessary requirements. These requirements are important to know in order to facilitate the process of disbursing the AEON Fast limit.

The general requirements that need to be met are having an AEON Fast credit card and the card must of course still be active. Also make sure that the credit card still has a limit. Next, follow these steps:

  • Come to the nearest AEON ATM or ATM. It is important to ensure that the ATM machine is suitable for the type of card you have.
  • Please insert your AEON Fast credit card into the ATM machine.
  • Select the “Transaction” menu and type in the correct PIN number.
  • Choose the “Cash Advance” menu.
  • Determine the amount of money you want to withdraw after selecting the “Cash” menu.
  • Make sure to choose a nominal with a multiple that matches what the ATM machine will issue.
  • Select “Yes” or “No”, depending on whether or not you want to print a receipt.
  • The ATM machine will automatically dispense the money.
  • Collect the money, receipt, and credit card after the transaction is completed.

After understanding the step by step to cash out the AEON Fast limit, of course, there are some things that need to be known if you want to cash out the limit. This is mainly related to withdrawal fees and also interest at the time of repayment.

  • Cash Withdrawal Interest Rate is around 21% per year.
  • Cost for cash withdrawal is 4% for Regular Card and 6% for Visa Infinite of the cash withdrawal amount.
  • Maximum advanced cash withdrawal is 60% of the existing limit on the credit card.

Obstacles in Disbursing AEON Fast Limit

How to cash out the AEON Fast limit is easy to do. However, there are times when there are some obstacles beyond the control of the authorities. So, if the user has done the withdrawal procedure but still has problems, you should know what obstacles are the causes.

There are at least six (6) things that most often become obstacles in failing to cash out the AEON Fast limit. The six obstacles are as follows:

1. Insufficient AEON Fast Limit

Each AEON credit card has a different limit amount. The same applies to the AEON Fast limit. For customers who are members, the limit for the credit card has been obtained at the beginning of becoming an AEON member.

The limit will appear immediately after successful registration on the AEON Fast application. However, if the limit is insufficient or exceeds the capacity, of course the AEON credit card cash withdrawal will not be processed.

2. Credit Card Temporarily Blocked

It is common for credit cards to be blocked. The reasons vary. For example, because the customer delays paying the bill so that it does not match the agreement.

Failure to enter the PIN number can also result in the card being blocked. The tolerance for entering a PIN error is three times. More than that, the credit card will be temporarily blocked. The next effect is that cash withdrawals cannot be made.

3. ATM does not match the credit card used

It is important to know that each ATM has a different logo for each type of card. One of the purposes is to make it easier for card owners to adjust the compatibility of the cards they have with the system on an independent cash machine.

This can be seen in the example of the AEON MasterCard credit card. Cash withdrawals on the card must be made at ATMs that have the MasterCard logo. The AEON Fast credit card can be withdrawn at all ATMs with the “VISA” or “PLUS” logo.

4. The Amount Withdrawn Does Not Match the Available Money

In ATM cash withdrawals, there is a nominal amount that is supported in the process. The minimum nominal that is recognized is a multiple of the applicable money unit. For example, a multiple of Rp100,000.00.

Thus, if you want to withdraw an amount that is outside the provisions, the cash withdrawal will not be processed. For example, typing the number Rp155,000.00 to withdraw, of course the number does not match the available money units.

5. The money supply in the ATM runs out

ATMs are known as automated service machines. Even so, the money supply in the ATM machine will not be available automatically. It still needs to be refilled by officers manually and periodically.

It is not uncommon for the ATM machine to run out of cash, while the officer has not refilled it. So, when a customer wants to withdraw cash, the ATM machine will not be able to issue the amount of money the customer wants.

6. ATM Machine Error

ATM is a man-made machine that needs to be maintained. Negligence in the maintenance of ATM machines can cause the machine to error or malfunction.

This problem can only be handled by skilled technicians. If you want to cash out the AEON Fast limit, it is certainly not recommended to use an ATM machine that is in error.

How to cash out the AEON Fast limit is basically not as difficult as imagined. Many AEON Fast users have practiced it.

If the above description can be understood, it will be clear that withdrawing the AEON Fast limit can be done by credit card cash withdrawal.

Just like cash withdrawals in general, cash withdrawals for the AEON Fast limit can be done through the help of ATM machines. This is one type of service convenience that AEON Fast credit card users love.

AEON credit card is one of the cards that supports cash withdrawal method. So, the limit in the form of cash is not only obtained using the AEON debit card, but the AEON credit card can also be used.

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