How to Credit Used Motorcycle at FIF & How to Pay Installments

Cara Kredit Motor Bekas di FIF & Cara Bayar Angsuran

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FIF is an institution that provides motor vehicle credit services available throughout Indonesia. If you want to know how to credit a used motorcycle at FIF, then you can read this article until the end. In addition to discussing the terms and procedures of credit, this article also discusses tips for applying for used motorcycle credit at FIF.

FIF offers convenience to get a used motorcycle with installments that can be adjusted to your needs. In addition, FIF also provides a wide selection of used motorcycles at competitive prices, so you can choose a motorcycle according to your needs and budget.

The way to credit a used motorcycle at FIF is very easy. You can register online, apply for a loan, and process your loan application in a very short time. FIF also offers customer service assistance that is ready to help you at every stage of the loan application process.

You can also apply for a loan with light installments to help make buying a used motorcycle more affordable. With the ease of these installments, you can buy a used motorcycle at a more affordable price and with a flexible credit period.

Why Should You Credit Used Motorcycle at FIF?

FIF is one of the most trusted used motorcycle credit providers available in almost all provinces in Indonesia. FIF also offers a wide selection of various brands and types to meet your needs.

In addition, FIF offers competitive prices and high quality service. We guarantee that all motorcycles sold at FIF have undergone strict inspection before being sold. So, if you are looking for a quality used motorcycle, FIF is the right place for you! You can be sure that you will get the best used motorcycle at the best price. In addition, we also offer after-sales service, so you can have your used motorcycle without worry! So, don’t hesitate anymore and try buying a used motorcycle at FIF right now!

How to Register at FIF for Used Motorcycle Credit

If you want to register at FIF to get a used motorcycle loan, there are a few steps you can take. This is a simple guide that can help you start the process:

  1. Visit FIF’s website and look for the link to apply for a loan.
  2. Fill out the application form to include personal information, such as name, date of birth, address, and more.
  3. Upload the requested supporting documents, including photo ID, pay slip, and more.
  4. Await for confirmation from FIF. Usually there will be an agent in the area who contacts you.
  5. Once approved, you can take out a used motorcycle loan.

Try to follow the steps above and wish you luck! Don’t forget to stay careful in making transactions. Happy used motorcycle hunting. Good luck!

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Used Motorcycle Credit at FIF?

Advantages of Used Motorcycle Credit at FIF:
1. Easy and fast process.
2. Low interest cost.
3. Flexible and uncomplicated terms.
4. Installment facilities that are tailored to your ability.
5. Can maintain good credit and improve credit rating.

Disadvantages of Used Motorcycle Loans at FIF:
1. There are additional costs for credit processing and maintenance costs.
2. The loan amount given may be limited.
3. Complex application process.
4. Risk of fake or counterfeit.
5. May result in additional fees if you are late in paying installments.

How to Choose Used Motorcycle for Credit at FIF

If you want to credit a used motorcycle at FIF, there are some things you need to do so that you can get the best used motorcycle that is right for you. Here are ways to help you choose a used motorcycle for credit:

1. Make sure the motorcycle has complete documents

You need to make sure that the used motorcycle you want to buy does not have any problems that might cause high costs in the future. Make sure the motorcycle has complete documents. Study the documents carefully and make sure that the physical condition of the used motorcycle has been checked in depth by a mechanic.

2. Check the condition

You should check the condition of the used motorcycle carefully. Check the tires, suspension, engine, and other parts. Make sure that all parts look good and are not damaged.

3. Compare prices

Compare the price of the used motorcycle with the price applied in the market, so you can ensure that the price offered is the right price.

4. Ask for a road test

Ask the seller to conduct a road test before you buy a used motorcycle. This will help you ensure that the used motorcycle you are buying is in good working order.

Those are some ways to help you choose a used motorcycle for credit. By following the steps above, you will get a quality used motorcycle that works well. So, make sure you take all the necessary steps before buying a used motorcycle either in cash or installments.

How to find out the price of a used motorcycle

The way to find out the price of a used motorcycle on the market is to do an internet search. First, you can see and compare the prices of used motorcycles on various online buying and selling sites.

In addition, you can also ask people who are experienced in this field and see the prices of used motorcycles offered at auction houses.

Then, you can also visit a used motorcycle shop to see the condition of the used motorcycle and ask for pricing information.

With these methods, you will definitely get the average market price of a used motorcycle according to its specifications and physical condition.

How to Apply for Used Motorcycle Credit at FIF

If you want to apply for a used motorcycle loan at FIF, you must take the following actions:

  1. Visit FIF website and register as a new member.
  2. Enter information about the used motorcycle you want to buy.
  3. Enter information about yourself, including information about your income and credit history.
  4. Choose the type of credit you want and make a down payment.
  5. Wait for credit approval from FIF.
  6. If your credit is approved, you will receive an access code to access the FIF application to purchase the motorcycle.
  7. After the transaction is complete, you can start your journey with your used motorcycle!

How to Make Used Motorcycle Credit Installment Payment at FIF

These are the steps you should take to pay your used motorcycle loan installments:

First, contact your nearest FIF branch to ensure that you have registered as a used motorcycle credit customer.

Second, determine the amount you will pay. This should be the used motorcycle loan installment amount that has been agreed between you and FIF.

Third, make the payment. You can make payment via bank transfer, or at your nearest FIF branch office using a debit card or credit card.

Finally, make sure to get proof of transaction for each payment.

We hope that this information helps you pay your used motorcycle loan installments easily and smoothly. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the nearest FIF branch office in your city.


Used motorcycle credit at FIF is the right solution for those who want to buy a used motorcycle but do not have enough cash. By using the used motorcycle loan service at FIF, buyers can buy used motorcycles with flexible installments according to their financial capabilities. The credit application process is also relatively easy and fast, so buyers can enjoy their vehicles immediately.

One of FIF’s services is to assist you in buying a used motorcycle in an easy and affordable way. If you need more information about how to credit a used motorcycle at FIF, do not hesitate to contact the FIF branch office in your area.

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