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List of Illegal Non OJK Online Loans – Until now, online loans (pinjol) are still rampant and operating. In fact, the mode of this illegal pinjol often uses the trick of transferring money suddenly in order to ensnare its victims.

Not a few people claim that they often get money transfers from unknown parties. Investigated, the money transfer was the result of an illegal online loan.

If the money is not returned to the sender, the customer who is listed as a debtor or debt owner in the illegal pinjol will be charged and charged high interest.


Therefore, you must know the list of non-FSA illegal online loans so that you can avoid their mode. Especially, for those of you who intend to borrow money through online loans.

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) always reminds the public to be aware of fraudulent practices carried out by illegal pinjol. If you get an offer in the form of an illegal online investment or loan that is not registered with OJK, then the public must immediately report it to OJK Consumer Services 157 or email konsumen@ojk.go.idand waspadainvestasi@ojk.co.id.

For those of you who don’t know the list of non-FSA illegal loans, then you can see the review below.

What is an Online Loan?

Online lending falls under fintech(financial technology) a platform that provides funds for lending to its customers. Pinjol serves as a financial service provider and operates digitally or online so it is often referred to as fintech lending.

People who need quick cash can apply for loans online without the need to meet face-to-face. In addition, fintech lending is also often called Technology-Based Money Lending and Borrowing Services (LPMUBTI).


In contrast to other financial institutions that tend to set many requirements during the loan application process, people have the convenience to borrow money through pinjol.

Because, the procedure applied by online loans is to provide easy provisions, without collateral and without complicated document requirements. People only need to fill in their personal data and attach a photo ID, then the funds can be disbursed in just minutes.


Thus, many people apply for online loans for financial needs or other emergency needs.

Nowadays, the existence of online loans is increasingly widespread in Indonesia, even some of them are still not registered with OJK, aka illegal online loans. Illegal online lenders often ensnare and make people miserable because their operations are not subject to OJK regulations.


Illegal lenders often apply high interest rates, access customer data and share it, and tenors that are not in accordance with the initial agreement. In fact, the collection is often unethical and scares the public.


Well, so that you avoid illegal non-FSA online loans, make sure you know the list of illegal pinjol that are not registered with the OJK, yes. No need to be confused, below has been provided a list of non-FSA online loans that you should be aware of.

For more information, please contact us.

Don’t borrow money from these illegal pinjol to avoid losses and other problems. If you are already entangled in it, it will be difficult for you to escape. This is because they already have your personal data that should be protected.

List of Illegal Non-FSA Online Loans

In order to avoid all the dangers of non-FSA illegal online loans, you must first examine the fintech that you want to use.

Make sure that pinjol is registered with OJK so that customers can be legally protected. Thus, both borrowers and lenders will conduct transactions comfortably and safely.


Below is a list of non-FSA illegal online loans that you should be aware of and avoid, which are:

List of Illegal Non-FSA Lenders as of April 2022

There are several lists of non-FSA illegal pinjol as of April 2022 that you should be aware of, namely:

  • Karya Utama Finance (karyautamafinance.com)
  • Online Loan – Kilat Rupiah (KSP JAYA RAYA)
  • CashCashNow – Online Loan (KSP RIMBA RUKUN ASRI)
  • Go Uang – Online Loan (jiangz Network Co)
  • Cash Borrowing – Online Loans (lidehui technology)
  • Dana Impian – Online Loan (Dana Impian admin)
  • Money Lending – Online Cash Fund Loans (Wu Mango)
  • Rupiah Ku – Online Loan (Indo Fintech Corp)
  • Aman Dana Cash Loan (sensortech)
  • DanaKita – Online Cash Loan Dana Kredit (Beach Woodrow)
  • Fast Cash Loans (Lovely Flower)
  • Borrow Credit – Cheap Safe KTA (KSP Dana Mas Sejahtera)
  • New OJK 2022 guide (WTA dev)
  • Pinjol Easy Liquid Tips (Whye Imortal)
  • Borrow DANA online fast guide (bosch444)
  • TunaiGo – Cash Credit (cuudo network technology co)
  • Hope Fund (duwen Network Co LTD)
  • Money Loan Pro Liquid Fund (Mark Sally Network Inc)
  • Trusted Loan List Fund (John Zz network Inc)
  • Easy Money Borrowing – Guide App (Dragon Up)
  • Super Cash (xu technology network co)
  • Easy Borrow – Fast Loans (Wilson Hilod Technology Inc)
  • Cash Pro – Money Loans (fully)
  • Dana Go – Low Interest (Dana-go)
  • ONLINE LOANS (Credit Union)
  • LOAN WITH NO ADMIN FEES (pinjaman.online.official.id.go)
  • LOANS TOGETHER (bersama_pinjaman_online)
  • Non.admin.and.deposit (pinjaman.online.tanpa.admin1)
  • REAL & TRUSTED ONLINE LOANS (borrowancepatku)
  • JURAGAN ONLINE LOAN (juraganpinjamjago)
  • LOAN ONLINE (pinjaman.online.real_)
  • Online loan (danajagoku.id)
  • Tips for fast online loans with just a KTP (Diandradevan)
  • Koin Master – Fast credit loans without collateral (PT Indo Fintek)
  • eKredit – Fast Unsecured Online Loans (wilsontan)
  • Cashloan – Cash Loan Platform (cashloan)
  • Gomoney – Fast (Lynsey Koppenhaver)
  • Rupiah Dana Cepat – Need Cash Without Collateral (PT Rupida)
  • Borrow Money – Fast Funds (KSP ANDALAN GEMILANG SEJAHTERA)
  • Quick Funds – Cheap Money Borrowing (KSP can business progress plus)
  • Kota Emas – Online Money Loan Kilat apk (Kota Emas Admin)
  • GetLease – Easy access to money (Stefany Hainley)
  • Easy Money – fast rupiah borrow go online money (Crissy Cipriani)
  • Halo Duit – credit borrow money fast loan funds (Scarlett Forth)
  • Rupiah Loan – Security Quick Quick Money (Ggcnt Game)
  • Wall in – unsecured money loan (Hashem Stroud)
  • Modal Andalan – Easy Liquid Rupiah Fund Loan (PUSAKA KALABA)
  • KSP Dana Saku – Fast Online Money Loan (PT KSP Dana Saku – Fast Easy Online Money Loan)
  • Magic Gloves – Fast money loan fund credit (Jill Rowe)
  • Wall in – Cash loan (Gelles Rusk)
  • Wall in – Fast Cash Loans Online (Alejandra Darko)
  • Wall in – Fast Cash Loans Online (Jalisa Duren)
  • Rupiah Kredit – Borrow Cash Fund Credit Cash (Karen Ware)
  • HoKI (Marceline Glackin)
  • Cash Assistant (Karlishalrwpduh)
  • Cash Emergency Pocket (JACK’SBACK)
  • Online Credit – Easy Loan (KSP Mitra Dagang Bersama)
  • Friend Loan – Personal Loan (MAKMUR INTI SEJAHTERA UTAMA)
  • Quick Cash – Online Loan GUNA USAHA MANDIRI INDONESIA / KSP Guna Usaha Mandiri Indonesia Click Us (Incorporation)
  • KOPERASI SIMPAN PINJAM IDA WELAS RASA PundiPaL – Micro Loan (KSP Cahaya Indo Berjaya Ekakarsa)
  • Rupiah Kurir (Dana Telaga Swara Saving and Loan Cooperative)
  • Kantung Online (GUNA USAHA MANDIRI INDONESIA / KSP Guna Usaha Mandiri Indonesia)
  • Yeah Dana – wallet (PT Yeah Dana Indonesia / KSP Coinku Indonesia Bersama)
  • Cash Loan – KTA Uang (KSP Mitra Uang)
  • Dana Impian – Trustworthy (PT Dana Impian Indonesia / KSP Daun Hijau Sejahtera)
  • Bantu Cepat – Online Loan (PT Bantu Cepat Indonesia / KSP Dana Cepat Cair)
  • Need Capital – Quick Money (KSP DANA JASA KHUSUS)
  • Kredit Easy – Uang Kilat (PT Easy Uang Indonesia / KSP Dana Senja Indonesia)
  • Sukseselalu – Money Loan (KSP Rengas Dengklok Indonesia)
  • Cash Maju – Online Cash Loan (PT CASH MAJU)
  • Pinjaman Kilat – Online Money (PT Pinjaman Kilat Indonesia / Koperasi Bina Sejora / KSP Bina Usaha Maju Plus)
  • DanaRakyat – Convenient loan (PT DanaRakyat Indonesia / KSP Sumber Dana Besar)
  • Pinjaman Now – Fast Money (KSP Usaha Mitra Tani)
  • Safe Wallet – Online Loan (KSP Mitra Rezeki Prima)
  • TemanUang (starla ross)
  • Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Danau Toba Indonesia
  • Easy Borrowing – Low Interest (KSP Bintang Sejahtera Nusantara)
  • Happy Borrowing – Trusted Safe Fund Loan (KSP Dana Aman Pahala)
  • Rupiah Loan – Low Interest (KSP Mitra Dana SeJahtera)
  • My Capital – Rupiah Loan (KSP Sarana Modal Kita)
  • Tunai Rupiah – Easy Online (KSP Satu Digital Sentosa)
  • Fast Funds – Dana Money Loan (Jujube Studio)
  • Punya Uang – KTA loan (KSP Putra Bangun Sentosa)
  • Koi Loan – Safe and Reliable (KPS Sarana Modal Madani)
  • Borrow Funds (Ahmad Nurandika)
  • Borrow Cash
  • Loan Hero (ChevyJorden34)
  • Liquid Click (kilyseriy dev)
  • Borrow Money – Online Cash Loan (Pinjam – Uang)
  • Instant Money Borrowing – Quick and Easy KTA (Hendy Developer)
  • Cellular canton (Quick Snail)
  • Find Rupiah: Borrow more money (wumoka)
  • Kredit Guna – Fast, Safe and Reliable Online Loans (Kredit Guna)
  • Coinku (coinku.service)
  • Kilat Pinjam (Hardy Connie)
  • Daily Cash (JIX LOOIL dev)
  • My Wallet (Rack Spira)
  • Money Wallet (mobile money wallet).

List of Illegal Non-FSA Lenders as of March 2022

Previously in March 2022, the Investment Alert task force had found around 105 non-FSA illegal pinjol.


as for the list of non-FSA illegal pinjol as of March 2022 that has been blocked by the OJK Investment Alert Task Force, which are:

  • Sofi Loan
  • Do-It Productive Loan Online (Glotech Prima Vista)
  • Do iT – list of online loan provider information (insede tech)
  • KreditQ – online loan information list (insede tech)
  • Dana Cepat – Online Loan Provider Information (insede tech)
  • Online Cash Loans Advise (Edsheer Pishier)
  • Online Cash Loan Without Hassle
  • PUCO – Fast Money Loans Online
  • KPS Mekarsari Online Loan (Profiling)
  • Official Online Loan Fund
  • 15th Hokage
  • Cashoku
  • Money Karib Pro
  • Rupiah Fast (PT Avenuew Fintech Indonesia)
  • Rupiah Ajaib
  • Quick Wallet (KSP Dana Senja Indonesia / Joanne C Tweed)
  • Dana Kilat Online Cash Loan (DanaKilat / KSP Dana Senja Indonesia)
  • Dana Lancar (DanaKilat / KSP Dana Senja Indonesia)
  • Loan Duit – Loan money faster (Turene Solution Agency & More LLC)
  • Wang Sakti – Quick Money Loans (KSP Dana Senja Indonesia)
  • Wang Sakti – Quick Money Credit Loan (KSP Dana Senja Indonesia / Joanne C Tweed)
  • Bantu Cepat – Online Loan (KSP Dana Cepat Cair)
  • KSP Detik Punya Uang (marudovvitalij828)
  • DanaMU (Lewis Rakesh)
  • How to Make Money (Dewey Foulkes)
  • Money Me (Xiaoyu Technology Co Ltd)
  • UangMu (People’s Main Fund Saving and Loan Cooperative)
  • Dana Online (Orion Eradinamis Business Cooperative)
  • Easy Funding – Quick Loan (Indo Citra Sejahtera Saving and Loan Cooperative)
  • Uang Ligat – Micro Loan (Sumber Utomo Karimun Abadi Saving and Loan Cooperative)
  • Krediti – Unsecured Loan (KSP Mentari Abadi Sejahtera Indonesia)
  • Lots of Money – Easy and Convenient (ke feng)
  • FivePocket – Cash loan (KSP Orion Applied Ergonomics / Cooperative Commission Orion Applied Ergonomics)
  • Dana Harapan – Online Loan (KSP Orion Terapan Ergonomis / Koperasi Komisi Orion Terapan Ergonomis)
  • Uang Kita – Loan Funds According to Us
  • Loan pedia (dion huang / saving and loan cooperative bintang sejahtera nusantara)
  • Dana Petir – Fast Liquid Online Loan (dion huang / cooperative saving and loan star sejahtera nusantara)
  • Money – Fast online cash loans
  • Let’s Borrow – Easy Money Coming to You
  • Fast Funds – Reliable Online Loans
  • Duit Aman – Convenient Loan (PT Duit Aman Indonesia / KSP Ekasetia Nusantara)
  • Lautan Dana – Convenient Loan (KSP Ekasetia Nusantara)
  • Kredit Kita – Fast Secure Low Interest (Kredit Kita)
  • Uang Bull – Fast Cash Online Loan
  • Orangutan Cash
  • Money Help – Fast Credit Cash Loan
  • Money Machine
  • Release both hands
  • Second wallet
  • Borrow lightning
  • Emergency bag
  • Bee wallet (KSP Warga Husada)
  • Go It
  • Dana Impian – trustworthy
  • Online Fund Borrowing Just ID Card / Info Fund Borrowing
  • Cash Lagi Std – Liquid online cash loan (cash lagi pro)
  • Rupiah Cash – Liquid Online Cash Loan
  • Super Dana – 24 Hour Online Loan
  • Gurita Kita
  • Lending Treasure
  • RG Loans – Fast Online Money Fund 2018
  • How to Credit HP Online Without Credit Card Latest
  • Cash loans – more online loans (well off money)
  • KTA Info – Complete 2020 Money Loans
  • Dana Dompet – Online Money Loan Liquid Fund Wallet
  • Fast Cash – Liquid Cash Online Loans Credit
  • Lightning Light – Quality online loan
  • Treasure Refinery
  • Real Money – Fish & Game Results
  • Online loan cpt liquid guide
  • Kredit Bos – Online Cash Loan Dana Rupiah
  • Credit Plus – Fast Liquid Online Loan Info
  • Loan 360 – Online Money Loans Fast Cash Fund
  • Guide for Online Loans
  • Guide for 24 Hour Quick Liquid Loans
  • KilatKas
  • Jupiter Harta
  • Untung Bayar (Jointly Owned Sovereignty Saving and Loan Cooperative)
  • Kita Danain
  • Kilat Dana
  • Borrow Safely – Best KTA (KSP Sukses Bersama)
  • Key Dana
  • ExclusiveQ – Selected Fast Liquid Online Loans
  • Modal Kita – Cash Loan
  • Pinjam Uang Cepat – Fast and Easy Cash Loans
  • Friend Cash Loans – Easy Money Loans
  • Modalpedia
  • NowRupiah – Online Credit Money Loans (Nowrupiah – Indonesia)
  • NowRupiah – Online Credit Money Loan (Breeze Financial Information S)
  • NowRupiah – Online Credit Money Loan (nowrupiah)
  • NowRupiah – Online Credit Money Loan (Nowrupiah / breze financial information service co ltd)
  • Koin Rejeki
  • KSP Sejahtera Teknologi Bersama
  • Borrow money
  • MariPinjam – Fast Unsecured Cash Borrowing
  • Cash Money – unsecured loan mobile phone loan apk
  • Rasi Bintang
  • Immediate Money
  • Loan more – fast online money loan (loan more)
  • Loan more – fast online money loans (KSP loan more)
  • UangPintek
  • Relatives money
  • Cash Car

List of Illegal Non-FSA Lenders as of February 2022

In February 2022, SWI OJK also found a non-FSA pinjol that you should be aware of, namely:

  • Rupiah Borrowing – Fast Money
  • Easy Loans
  • My Money – Online Cash Loans
  • Uang Ku Online Cash Loan
  • Credit Now – Fast Cash Online Loans
  • Pinjampintar – Online Loans
  • Tunai kilat – cash loan credit fund cash
  • PinjamanKu – Your Loan Solution
  • DanaCepat
  • Lender – Direct Cash Loan Without ID Card
  • World of Credit
  • Rupiah Tunai – Liquid Online Cash Comparison
  • Dana Cepat – Borrow money Online Fast Liquid List Info
  • Pinjol – Online money loan fast liquid Guide
  • Beruang – Online Cash Loan
  • Cash Liquid Funds – Fast Online Cash Comparison
  • HappyLoan – Personal online cash loan platform
  • @ksp_pinjaman_real_amanah “20, @kredit_dana.pinjaman
  • @dana_cepat7722, @pinjaman_online.amanah
  • @jamin_dana
  • @pinjamdana_modal.id
  • @pada_pinjaman77
  • Cash Fund Loan Solo Raya Area
  • Pocket Plus
  • ElasticPinjam
  • Bina Kantong Bersama – Easy Liquid Rupiah Loan
  • Bina Kantong Bersama – Dompet
  • Clever Pouch (Developer Hiedi Schoppe)
  • The Ingenious Bag (Developer Abby Meriman)
  • The Ingenious Bag (Developer Valeri Arechiga)
  • Rupiah Plus
  • SoFi / Sofi – Loan / Isfloan
  • Loan Captain – Financial Services
  • Captain Cash
  • PinjamUang – Online Loan
  • PahlawanPinjaman – money loan
  • Emergency Fund of Hope
  • Specialized Loans – Quick money
  • KSP DanaCepat Cash Loan Credit Dana
  • Dana Cepat – Online Loan
  • Cash Credit – Online Cash Loan
  • CreditNow – Borrow Fund
  • Dana Heboh – Borrow Money Without Doubt
  • Easy Funds – Fast Cash Online Loans.

Characteristics of Illegal Non OJK Lending

Launched from Kompas.com, online loan applications can be said to be illegal if the money lending mechanism carried out is contrary to regulations and harms the community.


So that you do not become a victim, then you must know the characteristics of non-FSA pinjol that do not have legality or are illegal, namely:

  • Not registered or not licensed with OJK
  • Offers made using SMS or WhatsApp
  • High interest rates of up to 1-4 percent per day
  • Other additional fees are high, reaching up to 40 percent of the loan value
  • Short repayment period and not as agreed
  • Requests access to personal data such as contacts, location, videos and photos, as well as a host of other personal data that can be used to terrorize borrowers in default.
  • Unethical billing, such as intimidation, terror and harassment.
  • No complaint service and no clear office identity.

That’s the information about the list of non-FSA online loans that you should be aware of and pay close attention to. Do not let you get caught up in illegal pinjol that will only make you miserable and harm yourself. If you want to check whether the pinjol you encounter is legal or illegal, you can go to the OJK website, namely www.ojk.go.id.

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