How to Change Mobile Phone Number at BRI ATM

cara ganti nomor hp di atm bri

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Every BRI bank customer must include an active cellphone number when opening an account. If the number is lost, there is a way to change the cellphone number at BRI atm that can be done. It’s easy and doesn’t take long.

The cellphone number used for data on an account at the bank must indeed be updated. Because, old numbers that have been inactive for a long period of time will be traded again by telephone operators.

In addition, one of the functions of an Cellphone number is for BRI SMS Banking. Changing the previously registered cellphone number can be done through the BRI ATM machine. But before that, customers must also contact the call center.

How to change cellphone number at BRI ATM easily and quickly

Changing cell phone numbers via BRI ATMs is easier and does not take long. However, before visiting the ATM, customers can contact the call center first. The goal is to complete your personal data as a customer.

1. Contact the Call Center

Before you can change your phone number at a BRI ATM, you must contact the call center and remember not to give your ATM PIN to anyone. The call center will not ask for the ATM PIN because it is related to the security of the customer’s account.

  • Prepare some necessary data first before contacting the call center. The required data such as ID card, ATM card or debit card and savings book. This method is to avoid the length of the phone time due to lack of preparation.
  • Contact the BRI call center at 14017 through a telephone device.
  • If already connected, customers can follow the instructions to select the available services.
  • Select extension 9 for M-banking and wait for the connection to take place. Customer service will connect and ask for the caller’s or customer’s interest.
  • Convey the purpose of changing the previously registered mobile phone number.
  • Customer service will ask several questions about the correctness of the data for customer security. For example, such as the full name and address according to the KTP. Including asking the name of the biological mother, account number to the estimated last balance owned.
  • Wait until the customer service verifies. Given that this process is quite time-consuming, make sure that the credit used for the call is not exhausted or the call is not disconnected.
  • If the verification process is not constrained, the old number will be deleted through customer service. Customers can use the new mobile number to re-register.
  • If there are difficulties in using the new number, customers can ask for customer service assistance.

2. Visit the nearest BRI ATM

Make sure that contacting the call center to change the mobile number has gone smoothly. Next, take the verification step via BRI ATM. Choose the nearest ATM and understand the following steps carefully.

  • Conduct transactions in general by inserting the BRI ATM card into the machine.
  • On the screen will appear the choice of language to be used such as Indonesian or English. Choose the language you prefer to continue the transaction.
  • Enter the BRI ATM pin correctly.
  • Choose the registration menu that appears on the screen then select the SMS Banking menu.
  • If there is a page to enter the number, please enter the new mobile number that has been verified through the call center before.
  • Customers must also create a new six-digit pin, then repeat the steps. Make the ATM pin unique so that it is not easily guessed.
  • Wait until the ATM pin replacement process is complete.
  • The receipt will come out of the ATM machine. The receipt will contain information about the replacement number. Make sure the number entered is indeed correct and there are no errors.
  • Select the finish option on the ATM machine.
  • Select the finish option on the screen if the customer wants to end the process.
  • Wait until the ATM card comes out and how to change the cellphone number at the BRI ATM is complete.
  • Customers can already use SMS Banking services using the new cellphone number.

The Importance of Updating Mobile Number

Telecommunication operators will sell mobile phone numbers that have been inactive for a long time. This allows the number to be used by someone else. It is important to be vigilant when your number is misused by irresponsible people, such as:

  • Criminal acts of fraud on behalf of the number owner. Especially for credit card and bank account matters because the cellphone number is still connected to the account.
  • Fraud during online shopping, fraudsters can easily get payment approval using OTP or One Time Password.
  • E-banking transaction abuse.
  • Changing mobile phone number must be accompanied by an update or data update for mobile banking because mobile banking funds can be drained by criminals.

If the cellphone number that was previously registered in the account but lost or scorched should immediately do how to change the cellphone number at BRI ATM. In addition to the convenience of transactions, the safety factor must also be considered.

Although it is fairly easy, but how to change this cellphone number must be done by the person concerned. It cannot be represented for the sake of customer security, including when making changes through the BRI call center.

Function of Mobile Number in BRI Account

The security of each customer’s banking data is a high priority. Especially to prevent customers from becoming victims of harmful skimming. This is one of the functions of the cell phone number in the account, other functions such as:

  • Cellphone number can function as SMS Banking. Customers can perform banking activities such as transfers, check mutations to make various types of payments by simply sending an SMS to 3300. However, each transaction is subject to credit charges.
  • Cellphone number can also complement the data of the account owner. So when there is a banking interest, the bank can contact the customer directly through the number. This is one of the reasons why updating a cellphone number is necessary.
  • Phone number is also required.
  • Mandatory requirements when making an account. Of course the bank will ask customers to fill in an active cellphone number for various purposes. So that later the number can be directly connected to digital banking services.
  • For BRImo activation, Please note that the BRImo application is a digital financial application. Customers can carry out banking activities such as transfers without having to come to the bank, so an active cellphone number is needed.

If the mobile phone number used in the BRImo application is lost, the replacement number cannot be done manually. But customers must come to the branch office with some requirements and not represented.

The importance of data completeness from bank accounts serves as a security support. Although it looks trivial, the cellphone number registered to the bank account should be ensured to remain active. Given the number of skimming crimes that threaten banks.

Although the way to change the cellphone number at the BRI ATM is easy, the replacement application cannot be represented or through other people. For transaction security, avoid giving your ATM PIN to anyone.

How to change the cellphone number at the BRI ATM can be started by contacting the call center first. Convey the desire to update the cellphone number, verify the data via telephone and wait for the process to be completed.

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