How to Register as a Seller on Shopee in 6 Steps

cara mendaftar jadi penjual di shopee

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How to register as a seller at Shopee, of course, is so easy that anyone can do it. Because by having an account on this platform, you can sell online and make a lot of money.

From there, of course, many want to become sellers, unfortunately, they don’t know how to register at all. For that, consider some steps that can be taken so that you can sell at Shopee, including:

1. How to Register as a Seller at Shopee by Downloading the Shopee App

If you really want to register as a seller at Shopee, of course, you must have the application first because you cannot use the site. If you don’t have the application, you can refer to the following steps:

  • The first step is to open the Play Store.
  • Please directly write in the search field, namely Shopee.
  • If you have found it, please click install.
  • Wait until the install process is complete.

2. Register at Shopee

Because you have installed the application, of course, how to register to become a seller at Shopee, the second thing is to register or create an account first. Because to be a seller, of course, you need to have an account first.

However, it’s a shame that many people still don’t know how to register. To be able to register, consider the following steps that need to be taken:

  • If you already have the application, please open the application on your phone.
  • If so, please look at the bottom.
  • In the lower right corner there is my writing and please click on the menu.
  • After that, of course, the profile page will immediately appear on the phone screen.
  • There will be login and register options. Since I don’t have an account yet, I’ll click register.
  • Here, potential Shopee users will be asked to enter their phone number or email address to create their account.
  • However, don’t forget that the personal data that is registered must be completely valid and personally owned.Or to avoid any errors, you can just double-check again.
  • If so, of course you will be asked to verify first to the email address or the one that was just registered earlier.
    If you have verified it, of course you can now directly enter the Shopee account.

3. Set up a Seller Account at Shopee

Earlier above, of course, it has been completed in creating and verifying an account in the Shopee application. This time is to prepare any things to be able to register as a seller at Shopee.

For those who have never sold online at all, this may be a bit uninformed. But there is no need to worry, because the steps to become a seller on Shopee will be told in full below:

  • Please open the Shopee app again and click on my menu.
  • Then please select the start selling menu.
  • Prepare a Shopee wallet to become a seller on Shopee, so that it will be safe to receive orders and payments.
  • When you start clicking the start selling menu, of course the profile menu will appear.
  • After that, please click the seller balance menu.
  • And then the create wallet window will also open immediately.
  • Copy the verification code into the text box.
  • Then click continue and the verification code will be sent to your phone number.
  • Then to be able to set up a Shopee Pay account, of course you can enter your full name as stated in your passport.
  • Don’t forget to enter your passport ID, then check the T&C box and click next.

4. Create and Register Products

If you have finished completing the seller account, of course the most important part is to be able to create and register the product. Now please think about what kind of product you want to sell.

For how to create and register products in this Shopee account, of course, it is very easy. However, if you still don’t understand how the steps are, please immediately see the full details below:

  • For the first method, please return to the profile menu section in the Shopee application.
  • After that, please select the My menu.
  • Then please select the add new product menu.
  • Here, users can also use Instagram or Hp gallery to upload products to be sold.
  • Not just using Instagram or the gallery because you can directly take a photo.

5. Editing Product Images for Sale

Because you already have a picture of the product to be sold, of course it is not just a makeshift picture. Here too, you also need to make good edits, so that many people can like it.

There is no need to be too over in editing the image because it can be edited simply. However, how to do it and for more details, please see the following:

  • Well, here please find any desired angle where the image appears.
  • Then please click OK and the photo editor will appear immediately.
  • Here of course you can also leave the image as it is or can crop the image, resize the image or use a filter so that the image looks better.
  • Don’t forget that the brightness of the image can be adjusted so that the image looks clear.

In the process of editing product images, of course, product images are one of the selling points. Out there, of course, potential buyers will not be able to touch or feel how the product looks like.

Then, of course here too, the seller can have images that are visually very attractive so that they can convince potential buyers. If necessary, maybe you can take a picture of the product with a white background.

6. Complete Product Description

The next way to register as a seller in Shopee is to complete the product description. This needs to be done so that the products sold can attract consumers. The steps that need to be taken are:

Please fill in the product list content section by adding product titles, descriptions, categories, prices to packaging dimensions.
If you have finished filling in the data, of course this will make it easier to confirm the information and please enter and click send.

From here, of course, you have successfully created the first product that will be sold on the Shopee account. Becoming a seller in Shopee and selling products in it is certainly the beginning of becoming a successful seller.

In order to be able to increase revenue in sales, of course, here you have to be even more creative. Even here, you also need tactics that stand out in order to face increasingly fierce competition.

Because imagine if you just sell without having interesting and unique tactics, of course this is difficult to succeed. In fact, it is possible that the sales product will decrease and will lose to other sellers and novice sellers on Shopee.

That was related to how to register as a seller on Shopee easily that can be done by beginners. If you really want to become a seller at Shopee, of course you can just follow the method above.

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