KUR BRI 100 Million: Know the Terms, Installments and How to Apply!

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KUR BRI 100 million can be applied for by MSME players, to develop their business. Loans that can be useful for business capital are presented by BRI bank with a low interest percentage of 6%.

The loan program for MSME players has become a subscription for entrepreneurs. This is due to the ease of access, speed in disbursing funds, and also uncomplicated requirements.

Therefore, many MSME players use it. In the BRI KUR program, customers also do not need to provide any collateral. Before applying for a loan, it would be nice if MSME players know in detail the requirements up to the following submission method:

Requirements for Applying KUR BRI Rp 100 Million

The application for loan funds or KUR BRI for MSME players certainly has various requirements that must be met. Later these requirements, become things that must be owned by MSME actors in order to get a loan. The requirements that need to be met by MSME actors will not be burdensome, in fact it is arguably easy to fulfill. The submission process will be much faster if all submission requirements can be met.

Therefore, please refer to the requirements properly. If all available requirements have been met, then MSME players will be able to borrow funds of up to 100 million. Make sure to set monthly installments with balanced business profits, so that you can pay it. Let’s look at the requirements below:

  • Conducted by an individual or individuals.
  • Have a business that has been running for at least six months.
  • The business is available on one of the e-commerce platforms such as Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, Gojek, and so on.
  • Not currently active in banking credit activities, except for consumptive loans such as mortgages, credit cards, along with KKB.
  • Complete various administrative requirements such as photocopies of KK (Family Card), KTP, marriage certificate, collateral, NPWP, along with a business license.

All of the above requirements will certainly not be difficult to complete. MSME players only need to prepare the various files needed. The business being run must also be at least six months old so that the loan can be processed.

If you already know carefully the various requirements, MSME players can immediately listen to the review of the installments. The installment period is available from 12 to 60 months with low interest rates. Let’s take a look at the following review:

KUR BRI installment 100 million

After listening to the various requirements that must be met in order to apply for KUR BRI 100 million, now MSME players can find out the installments. The requirements available above are relatively easy and not complicated to fulfill. MSME players only need to complete all of the above requirements in order to get loan funds quickly.

Later the bank will also visit the UMKM location directly to review the feasibility of borrowing. If all processes have been carried out properly, the loan will be disbursed directly to the customer’s BRI account.

An important thing that must also be taken care of is determining the amount of installments every month if borrowing funds of 100 million. The interest rate set by BRI bank for this KUR program is 6% per year. Regardless of the loan amount applied for, you will get an interest rate of 6%.

The interest rate is fairly small, especially for MSME players. Therefore, many MSME entrepreneurs apply for the BRI KUR. Let’s look carefully at the details of the installments that can be paid when applying for KUR of 100 million below:

  • 12 months: IDR 8,606,643/month.
  • 18 months: IDR 5,823,849/month.
  • 24 months: IDR 4,432,057/month.
  • 36 months: IDR 3,042,188/month.
  • 48 months: IDR 2,348,354/month.
  • 60 months: IDR 1,933,604/month.

Installment tenors ranging from 12 to 60 months have been added with an interest rate of 6%. Make sure to choose the loan tenor in line with the profits earned in the business, so that it is easy to pay.

How to apply for KUR BRI 100 million

Let’s move on to how to apply for loan funds for investment or business development of MSMEs through the KUR BRI program. If MSME players already know exactly the requirements along with the installments and interest of KUR BRI, the method of application also needs to be known.

The method can be done through two methods, namely directly to the nearest BRI bank branch or online. The ease of the method provided by BRI bank will certainly save time for MSME players. Let’s look at the two ways below:

1. Through Offline Method

Going directly to the nearest BRI branch office is one way that can be run by MSME players. The advantage of this first method is that it will speed up the loan process to the BRI bank because it comes directly to the office.

MSME players who wish to apply for a loan can come directly to the office by bringing all the required files above. The registration flow can follow the reviews provided below:

  • Prepare all the required documents that must be brought in order to apply for KUR.
  • Check the completeness of the data to be submitted.
  • Visit the nearest BRI branch office.
  • Tell the customer service if you want to apply for KUR.
  • Follow all the registration procedures to get your loan quickly.
  • Wait for the verification process along with a direct review from the bank to the UMKM location.
  • Funds will be disbursed directly to your BRI account after all procedures have been carried out and you are eligible for a loan.

This method can be done when the customer has free time. This is because the procedure will require more time. So, prepare the right time when going to apply for a loan offline or directly to the place.

2. Through Online Method

Not only via offline, how to apply for loans for MSME players can also be carried out online through the KUR BRI website. Of course, the advantages of this one method are more efficient, because you don’t have to queue like when applying directly.

However, customers who will apply for loans online must also prepare various administrative requirements via soft files. Starting from scanned photocopies of KK, KTP, NPWP, to business licensing letters must be clear and valid. These documents must be clearly readable, not blurry, and must be original documents. Later there will be a further review to check the validity of all these requirements. Let’s see the full flow below:

  • Go to the official website of KUR BRI which can be found easily on search engines.
  • After entering the main page of the KUR BRI website, then please click the “Apply for Loan” menu.
  • Log in using the account that was previously created on the official BRI website.
  • If you don’t have an account, you can click the “Register” menu and follow the process.
  • The lending process will be presented with a number of questions and the customer simply clicks “Agree”.
  • Enter the various administrative requirements needed for the loan review to be disbursed quickly.

This is a review of the terms, installments, and how to apply for KUR BRI 100 million that can be understood by customers. By listening to the above review, customers will be able to know for sure about the flow of applying for a loan to BRI.

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